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Sun Solutions Boost Supercomputing Power at American Museum of Natural History
Technology Donation Valued at More than USD$1 Million

Sun has donated two parallel clusters to the American Museum of Natural History, one that includes 24 Sun Fire V60X servers, and the other three Sun Fire V1280 servers and one Sun Fire V880z visualization server running the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). The Museum's Department of Astrophysics will use the arrays for research into the formation and evolution of stars, star clusters and galaxies.

Roads and Traffic Authority Deploys Sun Solutions for Email, Calendaring
Largest Open Standards Based Software Rollout in New South Wales Government

The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) of New South Wales (NSW) has chosen Sun solutions for its new email and calendar applications. Some 1,500 RTA users will migrate from the authority's legacy system to the Sun Java System Messaging and Calendar servers. This is the largest open standards-based software rollout in NSW government. Wagers on Sun to Extend its Exchange Betting Architecture
Deploys Sun Solutions in Two UK Datacenters, the world's largest betting exchange, has called on Sun and its iForce Partner Ultima Business Systems to provide a scalable system to handle its weekly turnover of 50 million pounds. Betfair is the trading name of The Sporting Exchange Ltd. founded to commercialize proprietary betting technology.
Belgacom NV/SA Attains SunTone Certification
Datacenter Provider Meets Standards for Scalability, Availability, Reliability
Belgacom Housing and Business Recovery Services, one of the leading suppliers of global telecommunications solutions on the Belgian market, has met the stringent standards that qualify it for certification under the SunTone Initiative.
    Coles Myer, Sun Conduct Australia's First Test of RFID in Retail
    SolarView, SolarWind Track Goods from Distribution Center to Retail Outlet
    Coles Myer, Australia's largest retailer, has selected Sun solutions in a test of RFID technology in its operations. The first such test in Australia, Coles Myer employed SolarWind middleware and SolarView management tools at one of its distribution centers and at the loading dock of one of its supermarkets, learning that the system provides real time asset tracking, as well as the potential to replace existing tedious manual or bar code checks.
      Sun Offers Free License for the N1 Grid Service Provisioning System
      Comes With N1 Grid Tool Kit
      The N1 Grid Tool Kit, now available with a free developer's license for N1 Grid Service Provisioning System 4.1 software, enables developers to write components and plans easily and flexibly, in effect, automating the complex application provisioning process.
      "Porting Guidelines for Solaris Operating System, x86 Platform Edition"
      Learn How to Port From Other Operating Systems to the Solaris OS x86
      Porting an application to the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition) involves a number of considerations, including the nature of the application components, the source code, driver code, version control, etc. If the application is written in Java programming language, however, the value of "Write Once, Run Anywhere" becomes apparent, suggest the authors of this white paper.
      Calendar of Events
      Links to Articles on Upcoming Events

      This article is a calendar of upcoming events, with links to the articles about them. Click on the article numbers in the calendar to get more details about the event and how to register.

      LinuxWorld Conference and Expo
      August 2-5, San Francisco, CA
      Designed for industry leaders interested in the future of Linux and the open source market sector, this four-day event offers eight different tracks, hands-on labs, half-day tutorials and birds-of-a-feather sessions. LinuxWorld appeals to a mix of both technical and business decision-makers wanting to implement, manage and scale Linux into their business infrastructure.
      Internationalization and Unicode Conference
      September 7-10, San Jose, CA
      This four-day technical conference for software and Web internationalization is a training and peer-networking event to keep businesses up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of Unicode and internalization. Registration for this conference includes admission to Transdex, a new event covering localization topics.
      Enabling Single Sign-On with Sun Java System Access Manager
      A Best Practices Guide

      Sun Java System Access Manager (formerly Sun Java System Identity Server) enables enterprises to access applications, whether on the intranet or the extranet, securely and cost-effectively using Single Sign-on (SSO).

      "Best Practices for Running TIBCO Rendezvous on the Solaris Operating System"
      Sun Document Offers Users Best Practices and the Rationale Behind Them

      A recent Sun document aims to explain the best practices for running TIBCO Rendezvous on the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). The document tries to explain the rationale for setting particular parameters where it has and goes on to explain the inner workings of the Solaris OS.

      Sony PlayStation 2 Offered with any Sun Career Accelerator Package
      Become a Sun Certified Professional and Enjoy an Advanced Game Console
      Individuals who take advantage of Sun's Career Accelerator Packages can become a Sun Certified Professional and also receive a bonus free Sony PlayStation 2. Becoming a Sun Certified Professional is a great way to invest in professional development and can help to boost an individual's earning potential.
        "Solaris OE Guide for New System Administrators"
        Focuses on Graphical Workstations

        This update (v1.20e) of the "Solaris OE Guide for New System Administrators" includes a new chapter on network installation with Webstart Flash and tips on how to use Solaris JumpStart software. Like its predecessor, the volume claims to contain "the 20 percent of Solaris knowledge that solves 80 percent of your needs."

        Java Technology
        The Sun and The Times Launch Mobile Java Technology Portals
        Give Readers Up-to-date Info on Euro 2004

        Both The Sun and The Times launched downloadable mobile Java technology portals for their readers during Euro 2004. The launches are one of the first serious moves by newspapers to explore the potential of mobile Java technology portals.

        Sun Puts Java Technology Concept Map Online
        Macromedia Flash Application Illustrates Language Uses, Interrelationships
        Sun has made the Java Technology Concept Map available as an online Macromedia flash application. The map is an interactive diagram that demonstrates the relationships between various Java technologies and their uses.
        Sun, Agilent Form Java Distributed Data Acquisition and Control Community
        Devoted to Java Technology for Wide-area Distributed Sensors, Controls

        Agilent Technologies and Sun Microsystems have joined forces to create the Java Distributed Data Acquisition and Control (JDDAC) community. It is the first open-source forum for development of Java technology applications and libraries for wide-area distributed sensors and controls.

        Become an In-demand Java Technology Programmer or Developer
        Companies Seek Java Application Developers and Pay Well for the Skill
        The Meta Group's 2004 IT Staffing and Compensation Guide reports that 45 percent of the companies surveyed are willing to pay premiums for IT skills that are difficult to find or retain. Among these are application development skills, in particular Java technology application management, as one of the leading continuing needs in their organization, outranking networking skills.
        Java Verified Program Provides Ease, Speed, Profit for Mobile Application Developers
        Orange and T-Mobile Europe Join Program

        Orange and T-Mobile Europe have adopted the Java Verified Program, which is designed to unify the process for the testing and certification of Java applications for mobile handsets. Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Sun launched the program this year and it has become the standard for mobile Java application testing.

        3-D Software for Mobile Devices Now Accessible with J2ME Wireless Toolkit
        Swerve Client Selected for its JSR 184 Compliance

        Users downloading the Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) Wireless Toolkit will have access to Swerve Client, Superscape's Java Specification Request (JSR) 184-compliant 3-D software, as the standard implementation for the development and testing of 3-D Java applications for mobile phones and other wireless devices supporting the J2ME environment.

        The Power of Java With Next Generation Mobile Ringtone Service
        AIR Media Ringtone ReMixer Service Showcased by Sun
        AIR Media, Inc. has created the next generation of mobile music applications and services powered by Java technology. Introduced during the 2004 JavaOne Conference, this mobile ringtone service allows users to personalize polyphonic ringtones with the Ringtone ReMixer system that is deliverable to users in real time.
        JSR 232 to Increase Control of Java Apps on Mobile Devices
        Middleware Framework Development to Permit On Demand Adjustments

        Many wireless industry leaders are awaiting the final revisions of Java Specification Request (JSR) 232 in anticipation of this next generation Java application standard for mobile devices, reported PMN Publications. JSR 232 requires development of middleware framework so individual components of a Java application can be installed, removed or repaired on demand.

        New Product Marketplace
        BEA Weblogic Platform 8.1 on Solaris OS (x86 Platform Edition)
        Solution Offers Choice, Flexibility for Low-cost Computing Market
        BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1 on the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition) has been released for general availability offering customers support for BEA WebLogic Server, BEA WebLogic Portal, BEA WebLogic Integration and BEA WebLogic Workshop. Sun executives are eyeing the low-cost computing market and making their move.
        Carrier Grade Telecom and Web Services Platform
        Solution Assists Telcos Accelerate Revenue-generating Wireless Solutions
        Sun is integrating Appium-XWay on Solaris Operating Systems (Solaris OS) with its Sun Java System Application Server using Parlay X Web Services. With this solution, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-based applications can interact with in-network Parlay-based services and bring Web Services to the worldwide telecom network.
        Financial Solution Aimed at Federal Govenment Customers
        Sun and Key Equipment Finance Ease Governmental Purchasing Constraints

        Sun and Key Equipment Finance are offering an expanded financial solution through Sun Microsystems Finance offering federal government customers financial options when purchasing Sun solutions under the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule. This extended financial solution will allow these customers to acquire Sun technology using a monthly payment plan without negotiation.

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