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The Java-Open Source Debate
Industry Executives Divided on the Issue

Adopting an open source model for the Java programming language is still being hotly debated among the industry's top executives. A formal forum was arranged at the 2004 JavaOne Conference for the IT community to listen to proponents on both sides of the issue.

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Sun, Java Card Technology Win Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Leadership
Early Access of Sun Java Card Enterprise Software Released
Sun and its Java Card technology received the Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award for exhibiting market share leadership through the implementation of market strategy. Sun has released an early access version of the Sun Java Card Enterprise Software. The general availability release is scheduled for this fall.
Sun's Server Market Share in South Africa on the Rise
Predictions Estimate 34 Percent Increase
Intelligence firm BMI-TechKnowledge (BMI-T) reported that Sun has increased its server market share in South Africa significantly over the past few years and expects the rise to continue over the next three years. Research indicates Sun's total market share to increase 34.2 percent in volume through 2007.
JCP and Java Pro Award Exceptional Contributions Made to the Community
Annual Event Recognizes Significant Technological, Community Efforts

The 2004 Java Community Process (JCP) Program Awards and Java Pro Awards were announced at the 2004 JavaOne Conference. Presented annually, these awards recognize community participants with the most significant influence on the community, demonstrated leadership and exceptional dedication to community development, and proposed and developed Java technologies with an outstanding impact on the Java platform's evolution.

Coles Myer, Sun Conduct Australia's First Test of RFID in Retail
SolarView, SolarWind Track Goods from Distribution Center to Retail Outlet
Coles Myer, Australia's largest retailer, has selected Sun solutions in a test of RFID technology in its operations. The first such test in Australia, Coles Myer employed SolarWind middleware and SolarView management tools at one of its distribution centers and at the loading dock of one of its supermarkets, learning that the system provides real time asset tracking, as well as the potential to replace existing tedious manual or bar code checks.
    Sun Offers Free License for the N1 Grid Service Provisioning System
    Comes With N1 Grid Tool Kit
    The N1 Grid Tool Kit, now available with a free developer's license for N1 Grid Service Provisioning System 4.1 software, enables developers to write components and plans easily and flexibly, in effect, automating the complex application provisioning process.
    "Porting Guidelines for Solaris Operating System, x86 Platform Edition"
    Learn How to Port From Other Operating Systems to the Solaris OS x86
    Porting an application to the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition) involves a number of considerations, including the nature of the application components, the source code, driver code, version control, etc. If the application is written in Java programming language, however, the value of "Write Once, Run Anywhere" becomes apparent, suggest the authors of this white paper.
    Calendar of Events
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    LinuxWorld Conference and Expo
    August 2-5, San Francisco, CA
    Designed for industry leaders interested in the future of Linux and the open source market sector, this four-day event offers eight different tracks, hands-on labs, half-day tutorials and birds-of-a-feather sessions. LinuxWorld appeals to a mix of both technical and business decision-makers wanting to implement, manage and scale Linux into their business infrastructure.
    Internationalization and Unicode Conference
    September 7-10, San Jose, CA
    This four-day technical conference for software and Web internationalization is a training and peer-networking event to keep businesses up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of Unicode and internalization. Registration for this conference includes admission to Transdex, a new event covering localization topics.
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