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Schwartz Declares Java Technology "On Fire!"
Cites $120 Billion Economy, New Markets, Innovations as Fueling the Flames
Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz's keynote address at the 2004 JavaOne Conference defined Java technology as the soon-to-be "de facto standard for the worldwide network." Schwartz's opening speech, delivered to the world's largest Java technology developer and partner conference, touched on Sun's latest product releases and strategic developments.
McNealy Discusses Red Hat, Microsoft and Java Technology
Sun CEO Reaffirms Java is Everywhere

Red Hat and Microsoft were formally invited by Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy to join the Java Community Process during his keynote speech at the 2004 JavaOne Conference, and he stated that greater things would be made possible for the community with these two companies as active participants.

Sun's Future Goals Regarding Tools, Microsoft and Research
Gosling Shares His Thoughts
Deemed the father of Java programming language, Dr. James Gosling spoke with Janice J. Heiss recently about his work as Chief Technology Officer of Sun's Developer Products group, his views on the Sun-Microsoft Agreement and his current research project entitled Jackpot.
Ireland's Largest Banking and Financial Services Organization Selects Sun
Sun Java Desktop System Makes Business Sense to Allied Irish Bank

Allied Irish Bank (AIB) will transition all of its branch staff in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom to the Sun Java Desktop System in 2005, making it the largest financial services enterprise deal for this Sun product.

Sun Java System
Sun Java Studio Creator 2004Q2 New Configurations
Available as a Sun Developer Network Subscription

The Sun Java Studio Creator is currently available as a part of the Sun Developer Network (SDN) subscriptions program. This marks the first commercial release of the Java development environment for the corporate developer marketplace. The SDN is available in both a standard and professional configuration.

"Java Studio Creator Field Guide"
Book Looks at the Next Generation Tool, Formerly Known as Project Rave
In the "Java Studio Creator Field Guide," authors Paul Anderson and Gail Anderson take a look at the next generation tool, formerly known as Project Rave, for Java technology application development. The book aims to allow readers to spend less time on "plumbing," and more time on tasks of higher value.
Sun and iWay Software to Provide Integration Adapter Solutions
Intelligent Integration Adapters for Sun Java Enterprise System
Sun is partnering with iWay Software to deliver intelligent integration adapters to Sun Java Enterprise System customers. As part of the contract, iWay Software will provide optimized adapters for connectivity to mission-critical back-end systems using the Sun Java System Application Server 7 or 8.
Sun Java System Identity Server and ISVs Integrate for Identity Library
Short Development Cycles, Consistent Identity, Web Access Safeguards Result from Effort

The Identity Library ISVs details the integrations of the Sun Java System Identity Server (formerly Sun ONE Identity Server) and Independent Software Vendors' products (ISVs). From Oracle to PeopleSoft to SAP, this library can assist in shortening development cycles, ensuring identity consistency and safeguarding accesses to Web and other resources.

New Sun StorEdge 6920 System
Features Allow System Tailoring to Meet Application Needs

The new Sun StorEdge 6920 System is a customizable system offering the open, modular flexibility of a discrete array along with the robust manageability of a monolithic system. This system is ideal for data-rich, mission-critical environments deploying database, technical computing and messaging applications.

Pay-per-use Storage Solves Unpredictable Storage Demands
Sun StorEdge 9000 Systems are First to Offer Storage Utility Computing Services

Sun offers pay-per-use storage worldwide for businesses wanting a flexible model that accommodates project-driven data volume increases. Storage-on-demand comes with predictable pricing and is part of Sun's commitment to utility computing. The Sun StorEdge 9000 systems are the first to come with storage utility computing services under the new pricing.

Technical Overview Addresses ILM Solutions
White Paper Features Sun StorEdge QFS and SAM-FS Software

Efficiently managing the lifecycle of data, often referred to as Information Lifecycle Management or ILM, is important for businesses today. A recently released white paper addresses how newer generation advanced file systems like the Sun StorEdge QFS and Sun StorEdge SAM-FS minimize complexity and incorporate both volume management and legacy file systems.

Sun StorEdge 6000 Family Host Installation Software Version 2.3
Replaces Sun StorEdge 6000 Host Family Software Version 2.2

Sun StorEdge 6000 Family Host Installation Software Version 2.3 contains a new device management software, Sun StorEdge Configuration Service Version 2.3, for the StorEdge 6000 family and is backward compatible. The last order date for version 2.2 is August 13, 2004.

Java Dynamic Management Kit Released in Version 5.1 for J2SE Platform
Enables Building Secure, Interoperable Monitoring, Management Applications

Version 5.1 of the Java Dynamic Management Kit (JDMK) provides a set of Java classes and tools, allowing easy development of secure monitoring and management solutions based on the Java Management Extensions (JMX) Specifications and on the SNMP standards. This minor release, which is fully compatible with the previous JDMK 5.0 major release, updates the product functionality by providing support for the latest set of JMX Specifications.

Merging PDF Files in Linux Without Adobe Acrobat
Try Using Ghostscript, joinPDF or pdfmeld

Scott Nesbitt addresses the issue of combining multiple files from diverse sources into a single PDF file in Linux, which lacks the facility that Adobe Acrobat provides both Windows and MacOS. Nesbitt reviews three Linux command line utilities, Ghostscript, joinPDF and pdfmeld, which he finds bridge the gap nicely.

"A Primer for Aspect-Oriented Programming in Java"
Will AOP Displace Object-Oriented Programming? Maybe Not.

Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) has attracted enough enthusiasts that some developers consider the model a successor to object-oriented programming (OOP). Not so fast, suggests Tim Stevens in his informIT article "A Primer for Aspect-Oriented Programming in Java."

"Better, Faster, Lighter Java" by Bruce Tate and Justin Gehtland
Don't Overlook the Simpler, Possibly Better Solution
Unless you are a developer or programmer in Java programming language who is working on problems involving huge enterprise frameworks, there may be better tools for you to use than BEA WebLogic, JBoss or WebSphere. "Better, Faster, Lighter Java" considers the alternatives.
Education and Research
Stanford University Creates Architectural Model of Information Services
Sun Provides IT Infrastructure for World Class Archival Solutions
The Stanford University Libraries/Academic Information Resources (SUL/AIR) administration recognized early on that its collection was shifting from an assemblage of controllable analog information to an uncontrolled but flexible assemblage of digital information. In response, the Stanford Center of Excellence for Knowledge Management was created to provide a unified architectural view of information services.
Oxford University Theoretical Physics Department Picks Sun, Streamline Computing
Consolidates Three Outdated Legacy Systems, Updates Desktops
When Lory Rice, computer manager of the theoretical physics sub-department at Oxford University, came on the scene in 1995, he found an inefficient and disconnected IT infrastructure that was entirely inadequate to the job required of it. The Sun/Streamline Computing solution that replaced it, at Rice's direction, now enables the department to meet its computing obligations in a way that was impossible ten years ago.
University of Maryland University College Turns to Sun, PeopleSoft Solution
Consolidates Three Legacy Systems onto One UltraSPARC System

The University of Maryland University College (UMUC) -- the world's largest online university, offering 500 courses to students in 28 countries -- has launched plans to consolidate its three disparate legacy systems onto a single Sun UltraSPARC system running its PeopleSoft implementation to host its financial, HR and student administration functions.

Idaho Schools Consolidate 17 Legacy Systems on Sun IT Infrastructure
System Provides Administrative Support, Resources; Enables NCLB Compliance

The State of Idaho until recently had 17 separate student information systems in use. Most of these were incompatible. A Sun IT infrastructure has enabled Idaho to create the Idaho Student Information Management System (ISIMS), which provides resources for students, teachers, administrators and parents while creating a mechanism for the state to comply with the mandates of No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

Java Technology
Java Desktop Network Components API Released as Open Source Project
Sun Invites Developer Community to Help Shape this New Technology
The newly released Java Desktop Network Components (JDNC) application programming interface (API) is available to the community as an open source project. Amy Fowler, technical lead for the JDNC project, explained to JDJ News Desk that Sun hopes to enlist the developer community in shaping the API to serve the needs of that community as completely as possible.
Sun Offers Two New Certification Programs
Mobile Application Developer for J2ME and Developer for Java Web Services

Sun has added two new certification offerings to its learning and certification programs that now include seven career paths encompassing all three Java technology platforms: Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer for Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) and the Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services.

JavaServer Faces v.1.0 Specification, Reference Implementation
Final Release Ready for Download

JavaServer Faces v1.0 Specification and JavaServer Faces v1.0 Reference Implementation are available for download, along with the JavaServer Faces Tutorial.

    "Java Reflection in Action"
    Sharpen Programming Skills for More Effective Application Design
    Design flexible applications that are easily modified and updated. "Java Reflection in Action" starts with the basics and gradually builds a complete understanding of the language. Authors Ira and Nate Forman supplement the basics with reflective concepts illustrated with many short examples that are useful for real-world applications.
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