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Clearing the Air on the Sun/Microsoft Agreement
The Myths vs. the Reality

Not true, says Sun, that its agreement with Microsoft is all smoke and mirrors. In fact, with $2 billion changing hands and a 10-year technology collaboration framework agreement on record, the obligations and opportunities of both parties are clear.

Never Mind the Chips, Use Some SALSA on Your Software
Sun Develops Software Analysis Tool

A new brand of SALSA is set to enter the market in the next three to six months: Sun Appliance for Live Software Analysis, designed to help Sun Professional Services staff assist clients in analyzing and editing Java programming language code designs and architectures.

Whitfield Diffie on Challenges of Securing Web Services
Controlling the Uncontrollable Complicates Security Issue

Whitfield Diffie, chief security officer for Sun, sees reliably securing Web Services as a fundamental concern facing network security experts. With the advancements in Web technology rapidly evolving and users relying on it as a primary resource, this is one challenge that will take years to conquer.

Top 10 Articles from Recent Issues (Vol 76 issues 1, 2) and Vol 75
Which articles did readers access most frequently?

The Web version of this article lists the top 10 articles for Vol 75 and the first two issues of Vol 76. The top article for Vol 76 Issue 2 was "Semi-finalists in Petaflops Supercomputer Derby Aim for 2006 Finish Line" [13216]; For Vol 76 Issue 1 it was "Sun Confirms Plans to Open Source Solaris Operating System" [13199] ; and for Vol 75 the top article was "Scott McNealy Discusses Sun's Partners" [12865].

StarOffice 7 Nearly Triples in Sales Volumes in India
Sun's Position Continues to Strengthen in Southern Asia due to International Reputation
StarOffice 7 is becoming widely accepted as a primary office suite within the global educational arena, and India is taking notice and following suit. According to Software Country Manager Manish Kapoor with Sun in India, the volume of StarOffice sales has approximately tripled since the software's initial launch.
Hideya Kawahara Calls 3D Technology "A New Frontier"
A Dropped Laptop Opened the Door to Project Looking Glass
Named by InfoWorld as one of its "Innovators to Watch in 2005," Hideya Kawahara, Sun Senior Staff Engineer on Project Looking Glass, shared his insights on the 3D technology on the Web site.
Are Floating Point Operations on the Way Out?
Bill Walster Thinks the Time Is Ripe for Interval Arithmetic
What's wrong with floating point calculations anyway? Not much, unless you're concerned with rounding errors that can result in different answers to the same problem run on parallel machines. Then you're stuck trying to figure out whether the difference stems from rounding, from a software error or a hardware flaw. Bill Walster suggests a better alternative: interval arithmetic.
    Sun and the Changing Look of TV Services
    Sun Labs, Java Community Process Help Shape the Evolving Medium
    For years now, television has grappled with the issue of identity and has come up with little more than a view of itself as an access device for TV channels. For nearly as many years, Sun Laboratories (Sun Labs) has been working on solutions that will enable television to take a broader view of itself and to become a more resourceful provider of services to its viewers.
    Calendar of Events
    Links to Articles on Upcoming Events

    This article is a calendar of upcoming events, with links to the articles about them. Click on the article numbers in the calendar to get more details about the event and how to register.

    CSW Group Holds XML Summer School 2004
    July 25-30, Wadham College, Oxford

    At the XML Summer School 2004, scheduled for Wadham College, University of Oxford from July 25-30, students can expect to benefit from the three-track program that includes an introduction for beginners, a technical track and an applications track.

    Fast Track to Solaris 10 Adoption: N1 Grid Containers
    July 21, Online

    Don't miss the session on Sun N1 Grid Containers, which will debut with the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS). If your company is considering consolidation, you will need the information from this Sun Expert Panel that includes Dan Price, David Comay and Andrew Tucker, all Solaris Kernel Engineers, and Christopher Ratcliffe, Director of Marketing, Solaris 10 OS. It happens on Wednesday, July 21 at 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. PDT (1:00 - 2:00 p.m. EDT). Conference 2004
    Call For Papers
    The Conference is soliciting papers in the areas of software politics, the Open Source movement and corporate involvement in, as well as on development, localization and marketing of
    Sun StorEdge QFS and Sun StorEdge SAM-FS 4.1
    Latest in Sun's Advanced File System Software

    The new versions of Sun's advanced file systems that enable information sharing, distribution and life cycle management have been released. Sun StorEdge QFS and Sun StorEdge SAM-FS 4.1 provide a Web-based Management Portal called SAM-QFS Manager that allows for configuration and control of one or more SAM-QFS servers with secure role-based access.

    Sun StorEdge 9900 Series CopyCentral Version 2.0 Software
    Easy Managment, High Data Integrity Level Characterize this Data Replication Solution
    Sun is offering three Sun StorEdge 9900 Series CopyCentral version 2.0 software solutions for a consistent user interface when managing Sun replication solutions on Sun StorEdge 9970 and Sun StorEdge 9980 systems attached to IBM z/OS and MVS mainframe environments.
    Managed Storage Services On the Rise
    Suppliers and Vendors See Trend as Next Step in Industry Evolution

    With the increasing amount of storage required to effectively and efficiently operate business these days, many companies are exploring managed storage services and finding the benefits far outweigh the fear of change.

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