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Executive Review for May 2004
Vol 75
June 1, 2004,
Volume 76, Issue 1

This section recaps the top articles of the past month, grouped by topic, highlighting important news from Sun. In May, Sun's future plans were evident in interviews with Sun executives, moves to capitalize on the Microsoft agreement and a record-breaking benchmark along with award-winning innovations.

Sun Executives

Sun CEO Scott McNealy discussed the increased business Sun is sending to partners [12865], while President and COO Jonathan Schwartz offered his ideas on the evolving SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS)[12977].

David Yen, executive VP for processor and network products, explained Sun's push toward new throughput computing designs and chip multithreading (CMT) technology [12928].

Readers were enticed by the James Gosling, CTO of Sun's Developer Products group, talk about forthcoming updates in the JavaTM programming language [13041].

Elie Simon, vice president of Sun's Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, recently shared his vision on telco and Sun's place within the industry [12989].

And, John Fowler became Executive Vice President of Network Systems for Sun [13068].

Other Sun News

A Webcast on current "Sun/Microsoft Interoperability," [12929] and the eventual combination of more of the companies' technologies promises reduced risk, lower costs and faster time-to-market [13055].

Sun set a new TPC benchmark record running Sybase [13067], and the Sun FireTM V20z proved to be faster than leading competitors setting a two-way world record on the SAP SD benchmark [13032].

Other awards earned this past month include two of Network Computing's Infrastructure awards [13033], TSANet's 2004 Award For Excellence [13083] and a place in the Who's Who In Enterprise Java 2004 for Power and Influence [13003].


Sun strengthens alliances: SAP AG customers benefit from the SunTM Infrastructure Solution for N1TM Grid for SAP Solutions release [13005]; SunGuard collaborates on SunSM Disaster Recovery Managed Services to restore mission-critical data and operations [13058]; Brixlogic partners with Sun on the first integrated solution for the ACORD messaging standard [13112].

Fifteen new OEMs joined Sun as x86 platform partners [13085], and VERITAS broadened its alliance by supporting Solaris OS (x86 Platform Edition) as well as its AMD Opteron- and Intel-based platforms [12982].

x86 Systems

Sun's x86 platform architecture continues to grow in its technological advancements and within markets worldwide. Sun x86 servers are now certified by Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) and compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 [13048]. Recently released, SunTM Cluster 3.1 software for x86 systems [13035] and a new standard configuration for the Sun Fire V20z [12945].

Sun FireTM Starter Cluster for Bioinformatics is a four node (8 CPU) x86 cluster of Sun FireTM V60x servers and Sun FireTM V65x servers designed for the specific computational needs of small healthcare organizations.

Automotive, government, life sciences and entertainment sectors are taking advantage of Sun's x86 systems running on the Solaris OS [12976].

Java Technology

Advances in Java technology include a new Java technology-based digital television API standard [12973]; JSR 133, designed to correct the problems discovered in the Java technology Memory Model, moved to public review [12960]; controlling physical systems with real-time specification [13057]; increasing throughput by using per-processor local-allocation buffers [13038] and JavaBeansTM Activation Framework API Release 1.0.2 [13056].

Sun Java System

Nippon Paint is first in Japan to adopt the Sun JavaTM Enterprise System [13074] and take advantage of research findings that indicate cost-savings with this system [12963].

Multiple new releases: Sun JavaTM Desktop System, Release 2 [12980], Sun JavaTM System Portal Server 3.0, Mobile Access Pack, Personalized Knowledge Pack [12949] and Sun Java System Portal Server 6.2 that supports Windows 2003 [12948].


Compare Sun's partioning technology to HP and IBM [13079], and discover the dynamics of this technology in SolarisTM Zones [13077].


In working with partners, Sun is supporting security solutions such as Borderware and ASPGulf's new email security solution that cuts over 70 percent of email server spam [13050], and Check Point and Westcon's iForceTM VPN/Firewall Appliance for mid-market security demands [12971].

Sun Secure Web Server Reference Architecture now includes the Sun Fire V20z server, Sun JavaTM System Web Server 6.1 along with the Solaris OS [12891].


Developments: The SunTM Cluster Open Storage Program is now offering a wider selection of certified third-party storage devices [13075]. For local backup on Sun workstations and entry-level, volume and midrange servers, look into the new Sun StorEdgeTM DAT 72 tape drive and DAT 72 data cartridges [13090], and the new DAT 72 tape drive configurations [12953].


Wireless and Java technology: Revenue increases are expected for Java technology in mobile applications [13013]. SavaJe Technologies is optimizing current and future Java technology platforms for wireless solutions [12516]. Learn the practical application of the JavaTM 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2METM platform) Web Services API (WSA) [12993].

Sun releases new NetraTM 440 Carrier-Grade 5U DC Server -- a four processor UltraSPARCR IIIi server that supports 292 GB of internal disk storage, offers a 16 GB memory standard configuration and 64-bit architecture. Ideal for telecommunications [13098].

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