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Sun Sets New TPC Benchmark Record Running Sybase
With Two Sun Fire V440 Servers, Sun StorEdge Arrays and the Solaris 9 Operating System

Sun has set a new benchmark record with two Sun Fire V440 servers in a clustered configuration running Sybase IQ Multiplex 12.5. It also used Sun StorEdge arrays and the Solaris 9 Operating System (Solaris OS) to establish the best price performance and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for 8-way systems.

Sun Appoints John Fowler As Executive VP of Network Systems
To Lead the Evolution of Industry Standard Infrastructure Business

John Fowler, Sun's newly appointed executive VP for Network Systems, is charged with leading his newly created group to strengthen the company's position in the industry standard network computing infrastructure market.

Sun, Microsoft Agreement Promises Cost-Savings, Faster Time-to-market
Focus Is on Interoperability in Heterogeneous Environments

The recently signed agreement between Sun and Microsoft formally ends years of litigation and promises to enable the customers of both companies to reduce risk, lower costs and achieve faster time to market by combining server products from multiple vendors in an interoperable, heterogeneous environment.

New Cluster Solution for Bioinformatics Targets Smaller Organizations
Sun Fire Starter Cluster for Bioinformatics Lessens Costs and Time-to-deployment

The pre-integrated Sun Fire Starter Cluster for Bioinformatics is an entry-level solution designed for the specific computational needs of small healthcare organizations. A 4 node (8 CPU) x86 cluster of Sun Fire V60x servers and Sun Fire V65x servers in a 19-inch rack, this solution requires only standard electrical power outlets without climate-controlled conditions

Sun and SunGuard Provide Sun Disaster Recovery Managed Services
Helps Small- and Medium-sized Businesses Restore Mission-critical Operations

Sun and SunGard Availability Services, an operating group of SunGard, have collaborated to create Sun Disaster Recovery Managed Services, a resource for small- and medium-sized companies needing to restore mission-critical data and operations in a variety of disaster scenarios.

Behind the Scenes with the Solaris 10 Operating System
Meet the Architects on Sun Software Express for Solaris

If you have an interest in getting to know the architects behind the various facets of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), there is an opportunity to make their acquaintance on Sun Software Express for Solaris.

Paul Pangaro on Innovation Through Conversations and Cybernetics
Staying Abreast of the Developer Market: An Interview by Janice J. Heiss
Co-evolution is the key to responding to the needs of developers, according to Paul Pangaro. This model taken from biology requires interaction in the form of conversations between Sun and developers themselves, Janice J. Heiss discovered, in her interview with Sun's Senior Director and Distinguished Market Strategist of Developer Marketing.
Java Technology
Revenues Predicted to Increase for Java Technology in Mobile Applications
Platform Becomes Badly Fragmented, Jeopardizing Portability

The ARC Group has come up with some mixed findings on the adoption of Java technology in the mobile applications market. These include increasing revenues in the relatively short term, contrasted with the possibility of a declining number of users.

Increasing Throughput by Using Per-processor Local-allocation Buffers
Garbage Collection Routines Run Less Frequently, Sizing Policies Need Less Tuning

David Dice, Alex Garthwaite and Derek White have devised a method for reducing the cost of committing memory to local-allocation buffers (LABs), which increases in scalability considerations as the number of threads exceeds the number of processors. They report their work in the paper, "Supporting Per-processor Local-allocation Buffers Using Multi-processor Restartable Critical Sections."

Expect Big Things from Java Technology
James Gosling Outlines New Features at Singapore Developers' Conference

Big things are in the works for the Java programming language, according to James Gosling. The introduction of metadata, generics, typesafe enum and autoboxing of primitive types are just a few of the changes users can expect.

Scott McNealy Discusses Sun's Partners
CEO Explains Sun's New Model for Success
Elizabeth Montalbano from CRN recently sat down to speak with Sun CEO Scott McNealy about the company's plans for expansion in the face of a tough environment and about how it can make the best use of its partners. McNealy commented on the increased business Sun is sending to partners and how both parties can work to make the best of the situation.
Return-of-Investment Woos Al Yousuf L.L.C. to Sun's Solutions
Future IT Expansion Initiatives Made Choice Undeniably Sun
A Sun-based solution was chosen by Al Yousuf L.L.C., a diversified private sector business located in the United Arab Emirates, to migrate its existing data center in preparation for future expansion initiatives that will require an increase in IT capacity. Sun hardware, software, enterprise SAN storage, networking and training services were selected based on the return-of-investment.
Solaris and Linux Notebooks now Available in Australia
Remora and Tadpole Combine Efforts for Affordable Offerings
Remora Technologies is one of the first system integrators offering a range of locally supported Solaris and Linux Notebooks in Australia. Supported by Tadpole Computers Inc., these systems include SPARC-based Solaris Notebooks and Intel-based Linux Notebooks.
Sun Cluster 3.1 Software for x86 Systems
Delivers Mission-critical High Availability on Sun's x86-based Servers

Sun Cluster 3.1 4/04 software on Sun's x86-based servers is an economical way to host small databases, servers for Web, file and print, and business-critical applications. Clustering features available on SPARC, such as load-balancing, failover, and scalable services, are now also available for Sun x86-based servers.

Update 1 of the Sun Management Center 3.5 Now Available to Download
Single-Point-of-Management to Simplify, Manage Systems
Sun Management Center 3.5 Update 1 is available for download and will be accessible through media kits on June 11, 2004. This latest release comes with new hardware support, bug fixes and other enhancements. The N1 Grid Console Container Manager 1.0 is an available add-on.
Web-based Practice Exams for the Solaris Operating System
Offerings Endorsed by Sun

A variety of Web-based practice exams and practice questions for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) are endorsed by Sun. These Sun-supported exams include material for network, security and system administrators for both the Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 OS.

Sun Answers Customers' Needs With Latest Hardware Updates
Offerings on Remanufactured, EOL Products and Reduced Pricing

To meet customer needs, Sun continues updating its hardware offerings with remanufactured Sun Fire and Sun Enterprise system configurations, price decreases on Sun Fire, Sun StorEdge and Ultra products, as well as end-of-line (EOL) announcements on some of these families' products.

Get 1000 mm of Depth With the Latest Sun Rack Cabinet
Sun Rack 1000-38 Cabinet Now Available With or Without PDS Installed
The Sun Rack 1000-38 cabinet has a total of 1000 mm in depth, comes with 38 usable rack units (RUs) and offers a preinstallment option of the existing Sun zero RU Power Distribution System (PDS).
Sun Offers New Hardware Spare Parts
Sun Fire, Sun Blade, Sun Ray Parts Available

The s400 (UltraSPARC IV) CPU uniboard without memory is one of the hardware spare parts Sun is currently offering. This offer is perfect for system administrators and support engineers working with OEMs or companies performing self-maintenance on Sun systems. This offer is also ideal for organizations where on-site spares are required.

Sun Fire E4900 Server Rack Mount, Deskside Kits Repriced
Zero Pricing Offered
To simplify the ordering and sales process along with ensured pricing commonality between flexible configurations and fixed configurations of the Sun Fire E4900, Sun is offering zero pricing for the factory rack mount kit, field rack mount kit and factory deskside kit.
Calendar of Events
Links to Articles on Upcoming Events

This article is a calendar of upcoming events, with links to the articles about them. Click on the article numbers in the calendar to get more details about the event and how to register.

TERENA Networking Conference 2004
June 7-10, Rhodes, Greece
Sun is a sponsor of the TERENA Networking Conference 2004. The event will be held in Rhodes, Greece, between June 7th and 10th. A variety of sessions will be held throughout on topics such as Last Mile, Threat Handling, Grid and many more. Many related meetings and events will be held throughout the week of the conference.
JA-SIG Denver -- uPortal: Open Architecture for the Enterprise
June 20-22, Denver, CO
uPortals is the topic of discussion for the tenth semiannual Java Architectures Special Interest Group (JA-SIG) conference in Denver. JA-SIG is an independent organization promoting the use of Java technologies and architectures within the higher education community. Tracks for this conference include implementations, open applications, technical strategies and more.
NECC 2004
June 20-23, New Orleans, LA
Reportedly the largest educational technology exhibit in the world, the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) is scheduled for June 20-23, 2004, in New Orleans. Learn, exchange and survey the field of educational technology with hands-on workshops and presentations given in lecture, interactive and discussion style formats.
"Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook"
For Developers who Enjoy Writing Software, but not the Database Code
"Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook" is geared towards those developers who enjoy writing software, except for the database code. The book explains how Hibernate can be used to automate persistence; the author writes natural Java programming language objects and some configuration files, and Hibernate automates all of the interaction between the objects and the database.
Technical Paper: "A Primer on Sun Java Studio Creator"
Drag-and-drop Development Tool Builds Multi-tier, Distributed Web Applications
Robert Brewin, Sun's chief architect for corporate developer tools, including Sun Java Studio Creator, and Craig McClanahan, a a senior staff engineer at Sun, have written a primer for users of the Sun Java Studio Creator application development tool. The piece covers everything from components to exception handling.
Sun Offers Best Practices for the Sun Java System Directory Server
Development and Design Guidelines
Sun recently released a best practices guide for the Sun Java System Directory Server (formerly Sun ONE Directory Server). The article focuses on development and design guidelines for applications with respect to the Directory Server. The article was created by the Sun Java System Identity Server Adoption Team at Market Development Engineering at Sun.
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