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Executive Review for April 2004
Vol 74
May 3, 2004,
Volume 75, Issue 1

This section recaps the top articles of the past month, grouped by topic, highlighting important news from Sun. The article numbers are hot links to the Web version of the article, giving you a one-stop resource to the news.

Sun Executive News

Despite reporting a loss in the third quarter 2004 results [12829], Sun's CEO Scott McNealy remained optimistic, defending the company's position and plans for the future [12759].

John Loiacono has been appointed Sun's executive vice president of software [12742], filling the shoes Jonathan Schwartz left empty when he was promoted to the positions of president and chief operating officer [12707].

Several Sun executives have given interviews on the recent settlement with Microsoft: Jonathan Schwartz, COO, discussed the recent changes taking place at Sun as result of the settlement [12863], while John Fowler focused on the impact of the agreement on Sun's software business [12785].

Sun's CTO, Greg Papadopoulos, gave comments on the state of grid computing [12904], while Chris Melissinos, Sun's chief gaming officer, discussed the prospects for the Java programming language as a medium for the gaming industry [12662].


Sun announced it will not develop the UltraSPARCR V chip or Gemini processor, and will focus on new multicore processors [12794].


Sun took home Frost & Sullivan's 2004 Excellence In Technology Award [12922], and also became a founding member of the Enterprise Grid Alliance [12868]. In other Grid news:

  • Sun Secures 20 New High Performance Technical Computing Alliances [12924]
  • University Of Notre Dame Computer Sciences Department Uses Sun Grid [12825]
  • Tokyo University Of Science Information Media Center Implements Grid Solution [12826]


Sun's partners will now be able to sell all of Sun's products through a single contract and point of contact with the company's new unified channel framework [12851].

Sun bolstered its relationships last month by expanding its collaboration with the mobile carrier Vodafone [12869]. The company also reported strong activity among OEMs, signing 21 new OEM agreements over a four-month period [12887].


  • Sun commissioned Forrester Research to write, "The Total Economic Impact Of Deploying Sun RayTM Thin Clients" [12761]
  • 48X CD-RW X-Option for Sun BladeTM 2500 Workstation [12550]
  • Web-Based course for Sun BladeTM Workstations [12711]


The sixth revision to the SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS) offers significant improvements [12752].

Reports show companies are heading away from Microsoft Windows and Linux in favor of the Sun JavaTM Desktop System [12783]. Also check out how the latest Solaris OS update appeals to developers, sys admins [12792].


The Sun StorEdgeTM 3510 Fibre Channel array and the Sun StorEdgeTM 9900 family of products have passed the SNIA Conformance Testing Program [12750].

Also find out more about the Sun StorEdgeTM 6000 Family Host Installation software Version 2.3 [12769], the Sun StorEdgeTM 9900 Series HiCommand Device Manager software 3.0 [12604] and the Sun StorEdgeTM 9900 Series Dynamic Link Manager [12609].


  • "Struts Survival Guide: Basics To Best Practices" [12705]
  • "Network Security Assessment" [12767]
  • "Expert One-On-One J2EETM Development Without EJBTM" [12715]
  • "High Performance MySQL" [12774]


The University of Zurich, DaimlerChrysler and Vodafone are all enjoying the benefits of the Sun FireTM E4900 and the Sun FireTM E6900 server systems [12913].

The Solaris OS (SPARCR Platform Edition) includes a variety of features ideal for mid-range and high-end servers [12823]. Sun has also achieved a world record with its first AMD Opteron Processor-based server [12889].


  • Upgrade To The Sun FireTM V250 Server And Save [12762]
  • Save On Sun StorEdgeTM 3000 Arrays [12777]
  • Get Sun's Full Solution At A 15 Percent Discount [12768]
  • Discounted Prices On Sun JavaTM System Web Server [12837]

JavaOneSM Conference & JavaOneSM Online Program

Be sure to check out what's happening at this year's event [12732]. Everyone who registers for the conference receives a free subscription to the JavaOneSM Online program [12816], and those who register by May 31, will save up to $200 off the on-site price [12745].

Industry Sections

Financial Services

Tai Fook Securities Group implemented Sun IT infrastructure in its bid to move in to the online trading sector [12555].


The Sun JavaTM System Application Server is successfully meeting the needs of OEMs such as AccessPt. [12847]. Sun and MedicTouch introduced Pulse Meter [12874].


The Java CardTM API is among the first pilot programs selected by the U.S. Armed Forces [12523] and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) wants a single standard in radio frequency identification or RFID [12789].

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