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Sun System Analysis Program Offers Proactive System Management Tool
Users Improve RAS, Cut TCO and Shorten MTTR

The Sun System Analysis program (formerly the Sun RAS System Analysis) offers customers an opportunity to take a more aggressive approach to systems management. Available to users with a SunSpectrum services agreement, the program reports on reliability, availability and serviceability, and directs findings to the appropriate customer environment eliminating the "fire hose" effect of a superabundance of information.

Liberty Alliance, TV-Anytime Forum Work to Develop Standards for TV Programming
Initiative Will Address Digital Identity Issues in DVR Market
The TV-Anytime Forum and the Liberty Alliance Project have launched a joint initiative designed to address aspects of digital identity in the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) market that include privacy, security and interoperability. This effort will dovetail with TV-Anytime's work on Phase 2 specifications for the storage and transfer of multimedia content over home networks.
Jonathan Schwartz Notes Changes at Sun in Wake of Microsoft Settlement
Litigation Gives Way to Competition; Sun to Leverage the Channel

Jonathan Schwartz, the newly appointed president and COO of Sun, recently discussed his projections for the company's future and the direction it will take within the industry during his coming tenure.

Java Technology
JBoss CEO Backs McNealy on Not Open Sourcing Java Technology Code
Fleury Suspects IBM Really Seeks to Wrest Control of Java Technology from Sun

Computer Business Review Online writer Gavin Clarke reported the view of JBoss CEO Mark Fleury, which is that Scott McNealy should ignore the pleas of Eric Raymond and others to open source Java technology. (See article [12585] for McNealy's response to Raymond.)

"Using Input Methods on the Java Platform"
Installing, Selecting, Using, Plus Some Alternative Input Method Implementations

Naoto Sato discusses the Input Method Framework for the collaboration between text components and input methods in the Java 2 Platform development environment. Input methods allow the user to input text where each character may not be directly represented by a single keystroke. By using this framework, Swing text components can handle the input method composition on-the-spot or inline.

Work on Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.5 Is Underway
Solution Expected to be Finalized by June 2005

The core focus of the forthcoming Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE platform) 1.5 is "ease of development," announced Sun executives. More information will be made public at the JavaOne conference in late June, according to Sun VP of Java Web Services Joe Keller, with the release expected to be finalized a year later.

Download Java Application Verification Kit for the Enterprise 1.4 FCS
Features Installation Wizard and Portability Features for Testing Web Services

A download is available for the Java Application Verification Kit for the Enterprise 1.4 FCS, which features a new installation wizard and portability features for testing Web Services.

Free and Open Source S/W
U.K. Developers Back Open Source Application Server -- Zope
Newly Formed Zope Association Raising Profile of Open Source Technology
The open source application server Zope invaded the House of Commons as the new Zope Association was launched from there this month. Commercial Zope vendors joined forces to promote open source technology and Zope as a development tool. Supported by a global community, Zope is a multi-platform server written in Python and well-suited to Web development.
Sun Data and Compute Grids Project Develops JOb Scheduling Hierarchically (JOSH)
Multi-site Job-management Tool Built on Globus Toolkit and Grid Engine

The Sun Data and Compute Grids Project intends to provide users with coherent and co-ordinated access to compute and data resources based on an industry-strength fully Globus-enabled compute and data scheduler supported by Grid Engine, Globus and a variety of data technologies.

OASIS International Standards Consortium Approves Web Services Security
New OASIS Standard Offers Trusted Means for Web Services Security
Web Services Security (WSS) version 1.0 (WS-Security 2004) is now an OASIS Standard. Approved by the OASIS international standards consortium, the WSS can be relied upon for Web Services security since it received the highest level of ratification and provides the technical foundation for higher-level services.
Sun ONE Integration Server, B2B Edition 3.6.3
Features AS2 Communication Protocol, Integrated Support for Webmail
The new Sun ONE Integration Server, B2B Edition 3.6.3 offers integrated support for AS2 communication protocol, integrated support for Webmail using Sun ONE Messaging Server for improved scalability and more. This version replaces the Sun ONE Integration Server, B2B Edition 3.6.2 whose last order date is July 9, 2004. (Sun ONE products have been renamed as Sun Java.)
"Building OpenSSH -- Tools and Tradeoffs" Update
Sun BluePrints OnLine Article Revised for OpenSSH 3.7.1p2
Jason Reid updates his January 2003 Sun BluePrints OnLine article, "Building OpenSSH -- Tools and Tradeoffs," with information on OpenSSH 3.7.1p2. Intended for an advanced audience, Reid focuses on gathering the needed components, deciding the compile-time configuration decisions, building the components and assembling OpenSSH. Reid also advises using the script file, "Building OpenSSH Tools TAR."
Mitigate the Risks of Internet Business, Reduce Overall Cost of IT Security
Solaris 10 Operating System's Security Enhancements
Heralding a security strategy of infinite access through technology, Sun advocates integrating security into existing infrastructure while having it remain invisible to users and managers. Sun's operating systems are no exception, as evidenced by the security enhancements in the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS).
Solaris x86 OEM Partner Pavilion -- Sun Network Computing NC04Q2
June 2-3, Shanghai, China

Showcase your Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition) solutions or connect with customers and network at this free event June 2-3, 2004, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Shangri La Hotel in Shanghai. Located a short walk from the SunNetwork 2004 Conference, this companion event is sponsored by Sun.

Calendar of Events
Links to Articles on Upcoming Events

This article is a calendar of upcoming events, with links to the articles about them. Click on the article numbers in the calendar to get more details about the event and how to register.

Ninth Annual 2004 JavaOne Conference
June 28-July 1, San Francisco, CA

This year's conference offers educational sessions for all levels of Java technology. Seven tracks are available with in-depth sessions focusing on the development of Java technology for mobility, Web Services, game development, enterprise development and unique innovations.

O'Reilly Open Source Convention
July 26-30, Portland, OR
This year's O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) will address concerns and inquiries regarding open source and finances, technical aspects, product updates and its future outlook. Skill-related topics as well as strategic ones will be featured within twelve different tracks. A diverse group of keynote speakers will inform and entertain.
Providing Developers with the Tools They Need
Features of the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8
Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8 is the first commercially available application server to support the new JavaServer Faces 1.0 APIs for building powerful GUIs for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE platform) technology-based applications.
Open Source Distributions for Sun Java Studio Creator
Technology Preview of JGraph and SteadyState

Integrated within the Sun Java Studio Creator is JGraph and SteadyState. JGraph is a Java technology graphing tool. SteadyState shows the input and output relationships between object resources. It is available to Technology Preview participants for personal evaluation.

Distributing Sun Java System Identity Server Applications
Java Web Start Software Makes It Easy

Developers needing to serve their Java technology applications that use Remote Client APIs for the Sun Java Identity Server to an entire corporate network through the central server should try Java Web Start software.

Computing Now and in the Future: The Views of Greg Papadopoulos
"Java Grid" Next on the Horizon
Sun CTO Greg Papadopoulos, named as one of the top 25 CTOs of 2004 by InfoWorld and credited with having advanced the cause of grid computing, recently commented on the state of computing now, and as he sees it in future years.
"Maximizing Performance of a Gigabit Ethernet NIC Interface"
Learn How to Use Hidden Tools, Benefits for Best Results
The Sun Gigabit Ethernet network interface card (NIC) interface offers many benefits and valuable tools that often go unused. In this Sun BluePrints OnLine article author Francesco DiMambro identifies these tools and describes methods on using them to maximize its benefits.
Learn the Nuances of Deploying, Administrating Sun Java System Message Queue 3.5
Web-based Course Covers Product Overview, Architecture and More

This course provides an understanding of how to deploy and administer Sun Java System Message Queue 3.5 with information on the overall product, its features, architecture, troubleshooting and installation. This course is targeted for system administrators, system engineers, professional services consultants, application developers and other technical personnel administering this product.

Making Networks Part of Public Utility Computing Infrastructure
Paper Explores Supernets and snHubs

Making networks part of public utility computing infrastructure through Supernets and their implementation as hardware devices or snHubs is the approach taken by authors Germano Caronni, Tim Curry, Pete St. Pierre and Glenn Scott in their paper, "Supernets and snHubs: A Foundation for Public Utility Computing."

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