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Calendar of Events
Links to Articles on Upcoming Events

This article is a calendar of upcoming events, with links to the articles about them. Click on the article numbers in the calendar to get more details about the event and how to register.

Join Sun Experts in Three Live Events: April 27 & 28 and May 5
Interactive Sessions Offer Forum for Discussion on New Sun Products

Three live events will be happening over the two weeks covering topics on the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE platform) 1.4, enterprise messaging and the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS).

BEA eWorld 2004
May 24-27, San Francisco, CA
"Deploy SOA. Now." That is the 9th annual BEA Technology Conference slogan and BEA promises essential SOA information will be delivered so the architecture can reach organizations and be deployed immediately. Select from over 100 in-depth breakout sessions, technical demonstrations and hands-on labs.
Network Computing 04-Q2
June 1, Online
Sign up for an email reminder so you won't miss the live NC04Q2 where top Sun executives will be taking questions and discussing the latest product developments as well as strategic thinking in key areas. This Web event is set for June 1, at 9:30 a.m. PDT / 16:30 GMT.
    Downloads Available: Sun Fire System Controller Logger 2.1
    Sun Fire Link 1.1

    With the Sun Fire System Controller Logger 2.1, you can log messages from certain Sun Fire servers. The Sun Fire Link 1.1 interconnects mid-range and high-end servers.

    "SPARC/Solaris Operating System: Optimal for Mid-range, High-end Servers"
    White Paper Highlights Benefits for Desktop Workstation to Mission-Critical Applications

    In its latest iteration, the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (SPARC Platform Edition) includes such features as chip multithreading (CMT) and throughput computing, high throughput interconnects, predictive self-healing and automatic error detection, diagnosis and recovery of systems. These capabilities make the platform useful for applications from the desktop workstation to the mission-critical enterprise server.

    Availability Features of Sun Fire Midrange Server Systems
    Auto Diagnose Engine, Domain Hang Recovery and Panic-reboot Loop Prevention Additions
    Advanced systems administrators will find explanations of new availability features for Sun Fire midrange systems with the new system controller (SC) firmware releases 5.15.0 through 5.17.0 in the 20-page Sun BluePrints document, "Sun Fire Midrange Server Auto Diagnosis and Recovery Features." The document covers Auto Diagnose Engine (ADE), the "Domain Hang Recovery" and the "panic-reboot loop" prevention additions.
    Free and Open Source S/W
    Sphinx-4 Propels Speech Technology Advancements with Open Source
    Sun Labs Lead Speech Recognition Initiative
    Sphinx-4 is a collaborative, open source project aspiring toward a state-of-the-art continuous speech, speaker independent recognition engine. The brainchild of Sun Labs and research partners Carnegie Mellon University, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs and Hewlett Packard, Sphinx-4 has evolved over the past three generations adding flexibility, modularity, and a framework for universal speech models.
    MozManual: An Introductory Guide to Mozilla and its Features
    Navigator Browser, Mail, Address Book and Other Features Highlighted
    First time users of the Mozilla browser in a corporate, educational or enterprise environment will find MozManual provides key information on Mozilla's basic features like Navigator (Web browser), mail and newsgroups (email client), address book, Composer (Web page editor) and ChatZilla. This 55-page manual is a quick overview based on Mozilla 1.5.
      Apache Tomcat 5.0
      2.0.4 Tomcat mod_jk2 Web Server Connector Released
      Tomcat is the reference implementation of a Web application server that implements the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP) specifications. Version 2.0.4 of the Apache Tomcat mod_jk2 Web server connector has been released.
      Sun Java Studio Creator Early Access Release and Databases
      Resources Answer Developers' Frequently Asked Questions
      PointBase database comes with the early access release of the Sun Java Studio Creator application development tool for evaluation and testing purposes. It is the only database currently supported by the early release of this application development tool.
      Tutorial for Getting Started with Sun Java Studio Creator IDE
      Create Two Applications with this Step-by-Step Guide

      The Sun Developer's Web site offers a 20-page tutorial on the major features of the Sun Java Studio Creator integrated development environment (IDE), Sun Java Studio Creator IDE workspace and steps to creating a Web application. The tutorial guides readers through building two simple applications: a Hello World and a dynamic Web application.

      Sun, Release NetBeans 3.6 IDE
      Improvements to Editor, CVS Support, Web and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Development
      NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) version 3.6 is now available with significant updates including many improvements to the editor, Concurrent Versions System (CVS) support, Web and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) development.
      Education and Research
      University of Hull Named Sun Center of Excellence
      School Pursues Goal of Becoming Digital University

      Writing for Infoconomy, Jessica Twentyman reports on the naming of the University of Hull as a Sun Center of Excellence, drawing out Ian Dolphin, the university's head of e-strategy, on what this distinction means for the school and how it came to be awarded.

      Saint Louis University Forms Center of Digital Knowledge for Public Health
      Sun Provides $400K in Equipment to Support Effort
      The Center of Digital Knowledge for Public Health at St. Louis University School of Public Health has been created to expedite the delivery of newly discovered clinical interventions at the level of routine patient care. Sun is supporting the effort with a $400,000 donation of equipment.
      University of Notre Dame Computer Sciences Department Uses Sun Grid
      Researchers Work on Shape of Computer Systems of the Future
      At the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Aaron Striegel is using Sun's grid infrastructure in his department's research on the characteristics of new computer network topologies and protocols.
      Tokyo University of Science Information Media Center Implements Grid Solution
      Sun Grid Engine Software Runs on Sun Fire V880 Server

      The Information Media Center at the Tokyo University of Science, a Sun Center of Excellence, has implemented a grid computing solution utilizing Sun Microsystems IT infrastructure. The center aims in its research to focus this technology on so-called "everyday applications."

      "Struts Survival Guide: Basics to Best Practices"
      Tips, Strategies, Best Practices for Struts-based Application Design and Development
      This guide is receiving rave reviews for being a highly organized, well-written book that covers tips, strategies and best practices for Struts-based application design and development. With a developer's perspective in mind, authors Srikanth Shenoy and Nithin Mally outline Struts architecture and basics before moving onto more complex information.
      "Network Security Assessment"
      Learn How to Protect Against Past, Present and Future Attacks
      This book takes a methodical approach to identifying and assessing risks in computer networks. Chris McNab, who is a self-proclaimed former teen hacker, offers an efficient testing model that network administrators can adopt and apply to create defensive strategies to protect their systems from known and future threats.
      Fast-Track Approach to Mastering Eclipse
      Steve Holzner has written a guide for developers interested in a fast-track approach to mastering Eclipse. This hands-on book delivers clear and concise coverage with tightly focused topics covering all aspects of Eclipse. Hundreds of techniques are outlined from the most basic development of Java technology through creating plug-in editors.
      Java Technology
      "Designing J2EE 1.4 Web Applications"
      Guidelines for Using the Java Adventure Builder Reference Application

      With Web Services now an integral part of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition v.1.4 (J2EE platform) Software Development Kit (J2EE 1.4 SDK), developers now need to decide on the most appropriate way to implement a Web Services client, whether that be to use Java API for XML-based RPC (JAX-RPC), the Java Message Service (JMS) API, J2EE Connector architecture or RMI-IIOP. "Designing J2EE 1.4 Web Applications" provides some guidance.

      Mobile Phone Development and Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition Courses
      Develop Mobile Phone Applications, Learn Advanced Proficiency with J2ME

      Sun is offering two courses on mobile phone and Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME platform) technologies: "Developing Mobile Phone Applications With J2ME Technology" and "J2ME and Mobile Phone Development Topics."

      JDBC RowSet Implementations 1.0 Now Available for Download
      Standardizes Key RowSet Implementations

      The new JDBC RowSet Implementations 1.0 specification is now available for download. Developed through the Java Community Process (JCP), the specification provides Web developers with a richer environment for manipulating disconnected tabular data and a robust SPI for data synchronization.

      Take the Free Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services Beta Exam
      Register Now and Take the Exam Before May 23, 2004

      Take a free beta version of the new Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services exam. The first 400 candidates will receive free vouchers. Candidates who pass the exam receive a full certification kit.

      New Product Marketplace
      Vitria:BusinessWare 4.2 Offers Support for Linux, Solaris Operating System
      Offers Enhanced Flexibility in Addition to a Choice of OS Support

      Vitria:BusinessWare 4.2, the most recent release of the business integration platform, now offers extended platform support for Linux, Windows 2003 and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). The solution also provides enhanced flexibility in addition to the choice of OS support.

      Cape Clear Software's Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) Editor
      Free Solution Helps to Simplify SOA Development
      A free service-oriented architecture (SOA) editor is currently available for download from Cape Clear Software. The SOA Editor offers programmers a graphical environment that is capable of simplifying the creation of standards-based Web Services, which can be deployed into an SOA-based architecture. The solution runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).
      Oridus and Chunghwa Telecom Collaborate
      Pair will Promote an Interactive Web-conferencing Solution

      The cross-platform enterprise collaboration software solutions provider, Oridus Inc., is teaming up with Chunghwa Telecom to promote new and interactive Web-conferencing solutions available to customers conducting business in Asia and throughout the world.

      New Menlo AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit
      Solution Offers a VPN Toolkit for Linux, BSD and Solaris Operating System

      With Menlo AccessPoint SSL VPN Toolkit, device designers can integrate remote security solutions based on SSL technology. The Toolkit can be used in a variety of devices, including access routers, firewalls, content switches, intrusion prevention devices and wireless access points that operate on Linux, Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) or BSD.

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