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John Fowler Discusses the Agreement Between Sun and Microsoft
Sun Remains Committed to Open Source, Welcomes Competition
Sun's VP and chief technical officer, John Fowler, recently discussed the significant agreement reached between Sun and Microsoft that ended the ongoing litigation between those two companies. The interview specifically focused on the impact the agreement has on Sun's Software business, as well as the Java platform, other standards efforts and open source.
Scott McNealy Remains Confident about Sun's Position
Sun CEO Discusses Data Centers, Financials and More in Interview

Sun's CEO Scott McNealy talked with about topics such as the data center and R&D to competitors and even the current SCO/IBM/Novell debacle. McNealy conceded a point or two, such as Sun's high cost structure, but overall defended the way Sun is positioned as well as its plans for the future.

Solaris Operating System Migration Success for Dairy Records
Saving Livestock Company Licensing Fees

Livestock Improvement Corporation Ltd. of New Zealand operates one of the largest bovine databases in the world. When they needed to reduce their licensing costs, they migrated 130 GB of dairy herd records from DB2 on IBM's OS/390 to DB2 on the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).

Companies Continue to Look for Alternatives to a Windows Desktop
Linux and the Sun Java Desktop System Offer a Compelling Argument

Companies continue to be persuaded away from Microsoft Windows and towards Linux and the Sun Java Desktop System, according to a recent article. Taking advantage of the familiar Windows look and feel that the Sun Java Desktop System sports, Mark Johnson, senior network and systems engineer for MDSI Mobile Data Solutions, is evaluating the Sun solution and contemplating an outright switch.

Solaris 9 4/04 Operating System
Features and Benefits
Multiple new features and an updated media kit with the latest version of the Sun Java Enterprise System is what to expect with Sun's recent release of the Solaris 9 4/04 Operating System (Solaris OS) for SPARC and x86 platforms.
Latest Solaris Operating System Update Appeals to Developers, Sys Admins
Installation, Administration and Application Deployment Deemed Effortless

Ease is key in the latest release of the Solaris 9 Operating System (Solaris OS) for SPARC and x86 platforms with easy installation, administration and application deployment. Offering improvements in code quality and overall performance, Solaris 9 4/04 OS comes with advanced patch and update capabilities along with comprehensive adoption tools and services.

Jini Technology Presentations
Jini Technology Examined - Integration, Adoption, Development, Deployment
The Seventh Jini Community Meeting held this past March at Cambridge, MA, yielded a wealth of information regarding Jini technologies and developments. Presentations featured at the meeting included "Development and Deployment Using the Jini Technology Starter Kit -- Tips, Tools, and Idioms" by Brian Murphy of Sun.
Macro Conversion in the Works for StarOffice Software
Sun Answering Customers' Requests to Offer Desktop Alternatives
A macro conversion utility for Sun's StarOffice software is in the works easing the move of customer-written macros from Microsoft Office. This Sun initiative is in response to customers' desire to break from Microsoft's volume-licensing deals while maintaining a semblance of their current desktop. StarOffice software's next major release will be early next year.
Calendar of Events
Links to Articles on Upcoming Events

This article is a calendar of upcoming events, with links to the articles about them. Click on the article numbers in the calendar to get more details about the event and how to register.

JAX 2004
May 10-14, Frankfurt, Germany
New at this year's JAX 2004 Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, are tracks in Model Driven Architecture, Management and Sun Java Desktop technologies. Other tracks include Enterprise, Web Apps and Web Services. The conference will be held on May 10-14, 2004.
Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Implementers' Workshop
May 17-20, Orlando, FL
The Object Management Group (OMG) will host the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Implementers' Workshop -- Succeeding with Model Driven Systems. The event will focus on a model driven approach to designing software systems. The event will be held May 17-20, 2004 in Orlando, FL.
Grid Computing Conference: Gt '04
May 24-26, Philadelphia, PA
Sun is a platinum sponsor of the upcoming Gt '04 (Grid Today 2004) grid computing conference. Other sponsors include Intel, HP,, Data Synapse, IBM and the IDC. Adrian Cockroft, HPTC Chief Architect, Sun, will be one of the panel participants.
i2 Planet 2004 San Diego
April 27-29, San Diego, CA
i2 Planet 2004 is set for April 27-29 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. Over 80 breakout sessions will be held organized into 18 tracks from Aerospace and Defense to Energy and Chemicals to Retail covering best practices, product enhancements, road maps and more.
Pan European Portals Conference 2004
July 19-20, Nottingham, UK
The Pan European Portals 2004 principle conference tracks are management and technical, with a focus on practical solutions and implementations across the Higher and Further Educational sectors. This event is devoted specifically to the use of Web portals within higher education.
"The Total Economic Impact of Deploying Sun Ray Thin Clients"
Forrester Research Creates Composite to Illustrate Benefits
Sun commissioned Forrester Research, Inc. to examine the total economic impact (TEI) of deploying Sun's Sun Ray thin client technology in an environment that had primarily PCs. Four organizations were evaluated. The Forrester report provides an aggregation of those results and presents a composite. Results found include cost savings, efficiency and the ability to set policies from a central location and reduce administrative labor.
48X CD-RW X-Option for Sun Blade 2500 Workstation
A Re-writeable Drive

Sun has qualified an optional 48X CD-RW drive for the Sun Blade 2500 workstation, giving customers a re-writable drive and more than one option for saving data. It supports applications that run on Solaris 8 HW 5/03 Operating System (Solaris OS) or later.

Web-based Course for Sun Blade Workstations
Learn Software Configuration Procedures for Maintenance and Troubleshooting

The Sun Blade 2500 and Sun Blade 1500 Workstation Maintenance and Troubleshooting course (WE-3355-90) covers common concepts, architectural details, key features and configuration techniques for these workstations.

First Products Pass SNIA's Storage Management Initiative Specification
Products Conform to the SNIA Conformance Testing Program
The SNIA has passed the first group of products conforming to the strict SNIA Conformance Testing Program (SNIA-CTP). Now customers can purchase products that have been built using a tested and standardized management interface that aids in the deployment and management of multi-vendor storage environments.
Sun StorEdge 6000 Family Host Installation Software Version 2.3
Software Should Facilitate the Management of Large System Configurations

Sun is releasing the latest version of the Sun StorEdge 6000 Family Host Installation software. Version 2.3 is available for the Sun StorEdge 6120 array and the Sun StorEdge 6320 system, and contains new device management software. The solution should offer several user interface improvements and simplify the management of large system configurations.

Software Guide for Sun StorEdge 6000 Family Host Installation
Reference for Planning the Installation and Logging In

The Sun StorEdge 6000 Family Host Installation Software Guide is a 54-page document that covers planning for installation, installing the software and logging in to the software.

Sun EOLs the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series ESCON Compatible 8 Port Adapter
Replacement Product can be Configured for a Total of 48 Ports

Sun plans to EOL (End of Life) the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series ESCON compatible eight port adapter. The replacement for the product is the Sun StorEdge 9900 48 ESCON channel card. Orders for the EOL'd adapter will not be taken past July 9, 2004, with the last units shipping on October 8, 2004.

How to Create Web Applications with Sun Java Studio Creator
Ease of Use Demonstrated

Sun Java Studio Creator (formerly known as Project Rave) is an application development tool which incorporates the first release of production JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology. In a tech tip article, author Dana Nourie explains how to use Sun Java Studio Creator to make Web applications.

W4T Eclipse Plug-In Now Available for Linux Development
Ease Creation of Web Front-end
German software vendor Innoopract has extended the Linux capability of its popular W4T Eclipse Plug-In, giving developers the ability to develop on a Linux operating system. The plug-in can be used with the Eclipse 3.0 beta IDE to create the presentation layer of Java technology-based server applications more quickly.
Java DataBase Connectivity API Features in Oracle 10g Database
Tutorial on Concepts and Usage

The Oracle Technology Network provides a tutorial that outlines the features of Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) technology in relation to the new enhancements that they bring to the Oracle 10g database.

What's in it for You: Features of the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8
List of Developer-specific Tools

Developers, do you want to know what's in the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8 for you? See the list of developer-specific features such as support for JavaServer Faces 1.0 technology and for JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) technology.

Education and Research
Discounted Sun Products Available Through the 2004 U.S. Education Matching Grant Program
Apply Before June 18, 2004

Purchase hardware and software at discounted prices through the 2004 U.S. Education Matching Grant Program from Sun and authorized Sun education partners. The program runs until June 18, 2004, but supplies are limited and grants will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Research Foundation of SUNY Finds Success with Sun
Sun Revamps Data Center with a Robust and Centralized Infrastructure

The Research Foundation of State University of New York recently saw the volume of sponsored programs activity that it manages surge by 64 percent. Already relying on Oracle applications to track and administer these related activities, the company looked to Sun, who was able to offer a plan for a robust and centralized infrastructure.

Sun Sends Education Team to the United Arab Emirates
HUMANSOFT-New Horizons Satisfies Growing Demand for Sun Training
Sun recently sent a team of senior officials to visit HUMANSOFT-New Horizons in the United Arab Emirates, the only Authorized Sun Education Centre, Service Provider teaching courses on the Sun Java System (formerly Sun Open Net Environment, ie, Sun ONE) and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), according to
Sun Alerts: Sun Secure Shell Daemon and Sun Cluster
Possible Denial of Service

Two Sun Alerts have been posted: One concerning the Sun Secure Shell Daemon (sshd(1M)) which may fail to log the IP address of client systems which connect to the sshd(1M) daemon with the ssh(1) client utility. The other alert addresses a security vulnerability in the Sun Cluster Global File System.

Nikto 1.32 -- Open Source Web Server Scanner
Uses rfp's LibWhisker as a Base for all Network Funtionality
Nikto 1.32 is an Open Source (GPL) Web server scanner that tests Web servers for dangerous files/CGIs, outdated server software and other problems. It performs generic and server type specific checks. It also captures and prints any cookies received. The newest version contains bug fixes and updated documentation.
Open Source Vulnerability Database
Independent Resource for and by the Community

The Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB) Web site is an independent and open source database created by and for the community. The goal is to provide accurate, detailed, current and unbiased technical information.

Waveset Identity Management White Paper
Business Case for IT Investments
A white paper from Waveset, "The Business Case for Identity Management: Linking Business Value to Financial Investments in Technology," discusses how identity management can transform security and IT infrastructure from a necessary overhead cost to a potential source of significant and compelling payback.
Java Card API Among First Pilot Programs Selected by Armed Forces
Rapid Acquisition Incentive-Net Centricity Program for 2004
Sun's Java Card technology was selected as one of four pilot IT programs to be implemented within the US Department of Defense under the new Rapid Acquisition Incentive-Net Centricity (RA-INC) pilot program that was approved last year. The RA-INC hopes to deliver business case-driven pilot projects and IT initiatives providing scalable proof of concept demonstrations.
DOD Wants Intra-government RFID Council
RFID Standarization Ensures Compliance, Interoperablity

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) wants a single standard in radio frequency identification or RFID to ensure that all government departments are appropriately regulated and interoperable. At the recent RFID Summit for Industry in Washington, DOD representatives said they plan on establishing an intra-government RFID council.

Sun Offers Infrastructure Solutions to Government Market
Enterprise Consolidation and Continuity, Network Identity and Infinite Mailbox

Gartner projects government spending on IT to reach at least $59.7 billion in 2004, and Sun stands ready to meet the needs of government customers seeking the best in IT solutions. Already available are Sun's infrastructure solution offerings for government, which address network identity, enterprise consolidation and continuity and Sun's Infinite Mailbox solution.

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