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Java Technology Gets in the Game: A Conversation with Chris Melissinos
Sun's Chief Gaming Officer Sees Bright Future for Java Technology

Chris Melissinos, chief gaming officer at Sun, brought Janice J. Heiss up to speed on his background in gaming and on the prospects for the Java programming language as a medium for the gaming industry.

Intel Joins, Strengthens the Liberty Alliance Project
While Passport Fades into the Background as an Online Identification System
Intel is the latest major corporation to join the Liberty Alliance Project and its management board. More than 150 companies worldwide are pursuing a federated approach to identity management that is slowly pushing Microsoft's Passport out of the picture.
Advanced Search Technology Five Times Faster than Boolean Search Engines
Standard with Sun Java System Portal Server, Web Server

Advanced Search Technology, a new tool developed by the Sun Labs Advanced Search Project, is now a standard feature of both the Sun Java System Portal Server and Sun Java System Web Server. The tool produces results five times faster than standard Boolean search engines.

Dallas RFID Center Grand Opening
May 5, Dallas, TX

Sun will open its RFID test center in Dallas, Texas, on May 5th. Sun experts and industry representatives will discuss RFID innovations that enable real-time business, your roadmap to ROI on RFID implementations and supply chain software solutions.

    UK Government IT Summit
    May 10-11, London, UK
    Confirmed speakers for the Government IT Summit in London on May 10 include Richard Barrington, Head of Government Sector, Sun; Richard Granger, Director General, NHS IT, and others.
    Momentum '04 Lisbon
    May 10-13, Lisbon, Portugal
    Documentum's European user conference on May 10-13, 2004 in Lisbon, Portugal, will feature educational and training sessions on the latest advancements in enterprise content management and collaboration. New this year are Documentum Fundamentals workshops. There will be a special closing keynote address on Thursday at 12 p.m. from the founder of Documentum.
    Sun Fire 6800 Server Upgrade Promotion Runs Through mid-June 2004
    Savings of up to 30 Percent are Available

    The Sun Upgrade Advantage Program now features trade-in allowances of up to 30 percent for upgrades of qualified Sun and non-Sun systems toward the purchase of a new Sun Fire 6800 server for users upgrading a single server or consolidating many servers to one.

    Enhanced System Controller Upgrade Kits for Some Sun Fire Servers
    Increased Memory Capacity, Improved Error Logging Capabilities

    Enhanced memory system controller upgrade kits for some Sun Fire servers are now available with increased memory capacity that enables improved error logging capabilities and allowance for future expansion of system management features. Two upgrade kits were recently released for the Sun Fire V1280 servers, Sun Fire 4800 servers and Sun Fire 6800 servers.

    Sun Enterprise Server Knowledge Module for PATROL Now Available
    Enables Monitoring of Sun Enterprise Server Components and Environment

    The Sun Enterprise Server Knowledge Module for PATROL allows administrators to continually monitor and automatically react to Sun server hardware information. The solution is available for immediate download for an evaluation period of 30 days.

      Sun Remanufactured Product Line Offers New Product, Prices
      Sun Enterprise Servers, Sun Fire Servers, Sun StorEdge Products Available
      Sun's remanufactured products line is offering a new product and prices. The 64 way Sun Enterprise 10000 server configuration is now available along with the repricing of select servers and many existing remanufactured UltraSPARC III products.
      Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Device Manager Software 3.0
      Manages Multiple Sun Storage Systems

      Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Device Manager software version 3.0, -- replacing Sun StorEdge 9900 HiCommand Device Manager software version 2.4 -- is an optimal solution for unified management of multiple Sun storage systems. By simultaneously splitting storage resources logically and maintaining independent physical management capabilities, this release efficiently manages storage resources.

      Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Dynamic Link Manager
      Features Enhanced Load Balancing, Path Failover Capabilities

      The Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Dynamic Link Manager Software (SDLM) for AIX version 5.2 and Win NT/W2K version 5.2, SANtinel-S/390 Port Security version 1.0 enhances its load balancing and path failover capabilities, improving the performance and reliability of the system. This version replaces Sun StorEdge 9900 SDLM for AIX version 5.1 and Win NT/W2K version 5.1.

      Sun StorEdge Software and Array Courses
      Both Web and Classroom Learning Available

      Need to know about the Sun StorEdge family? Sun has the answers and is offering three training courses designed specifically about Sun StorEdge: Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup Software 7.0 Course, Sun StorEdge 9910 Array Course and Sun StorEdge 9960 Array Course.

      Free and Open Source S/W
      New Features Enhance Usability of GNOME 2.6
      Improvements in the File Manager and Epiphany Web Browser
      GNOME 2.6 desktop has several new features such as a spatial user interface for Nautilus, the file manager. There is also an improved file selection dialog box when opening or saving files. GNOME's Epiphany Web browser user interface has been fine-tuned to make browsing an even more pleasant experience.
      OpenOffice 1.1.1 Released
      New Version Provides Bug Fixes and New Features is releasing OpenOffice 1.1.1, the latest version of the open-source group's business application suite. The new version will serve mainly as a bug-fix release that addresses hundreds of problems found in the earlier version, though the suite will also include several new features and enhancements.
      What's New in NetBeans IDE 3.6
      Release Set for April 13, 2004
      The full release of the NetBeans IDE 3.6 is now slated for April 13, 2004 (as of April 1). New features include improved window navigation, integrated task-related windows and redesigned property sheet.
      Solarpack Project
      Pre-compiled Packages of Free Software for the Solaris Operating System
      The Solarpack Project has set up a large, collaborative and unified effort to build and distribute free software packages for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).
      Sun Studio 8 Ships; AccuRev Joins Sun's Java Studio Partner Program
      AccuRev/CM and Sun Java Studio, Standard 5 Update 1 now Integrated

      Sun is shipping the new Sun Studio 8 software, a robust and easy-to-use IDE for C, C++ and Fortran that allows developers to construct applications for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (SPARC Platform Edition) and (x86 Platform Edition). The company AccuRev has joined Sun's Java Studio Partner program and is launching a new Java technology community.

      Sun Funding Java Development Center in Cyberjaya
      Malaysia's Multimedia University Named as Site
      Multimedia University in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, is the reported next site for a Java development center to promote development of Javatechnology-based solutions. The proposed Java development center is a collaborative venture between Multimedia University, Multimedia Development Corp. and Sun with scheduled completion set for the end of this year.
      IBM Releases Free Tools for Java Technology, XML, UNIX
      Gives Software Engineers Advanced Resources for Work in these Languages

      InfoWorld writer Paul Krill reports that IBM Software Development Labs has made several of its developer tools for Java technology, XML and UNIX available free for use by software engineers.

      "Dynamic Reconfiguration for High-End Servers: Part 2 Implementation"
      Implementation and Best Practices of Dynamic Reconfiguration Operations
      Learn how to plan and implement the Sun Fire 15K server and the Sun Fire 12K server Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) in the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). This second and final article of a two-part Sun BluePrints OnLine series also presents best practices for successful deployment of DR operations.
      Configure Multiple Page Sizes in the Solaris Operating System
      When and How Page Size can Enhance Performance -- Sun BluePrints OnLine

      Richard McDougall describes how to work with and configure multiple page sizes in the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). He introduces strategies regarding potential performance gain from page size enlargement and how to determine what parts of an application to enhance to use large pages effectively.

      Sun Offering Two Training Courses
      Learn Fault Analysis Skills or Solaris Volume Manager Software

      Sun is offering two training courses: The Sun Systems Fault Analysis Workshop teaches the skills necessary to support any Sun computing environment. The Solaris Volume Manager Administration provides practical exercises for a hands-on approach to learning software administration tasks.

      "Java Testing and Design: From Unit Testing to Automated Web Tests"
      Building Web-enabled Applications Efficiently
      Learn how to build production-worthy, scalable and high performance Web-enabled applications with this newly released book by Frank Cohen. With the presentation of various techniques, methodology and tools, Cohen explains how developers, QA technicians and IT managers can effectively work together to achieve unprecedented productivity in development and test automation.
      "Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB"
      Alternative Approaches to Building Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Applications
      A practical and code-intensive guide that demonstrates how to build Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE platform) without Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technology. Authors Rod Johnson and Juergen Hoeller write best practices on implementing simple and effective methods and tools, such as JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology, servlets and lightweight frameworks.
      "Linux Pocket Guide"
      Find Answers to Linux Questions Quick
      Short, sweet and essential -- that's how Daniel Barrett describes his book, "Linux Pocket Guide." This reference book is for new and experienced Linux users needing an efficient way to look up Linux commands, and it is a useful alternative to the operating system's accompanying manual.
      "JavaServer Faces" O'Reilly Book
      A "How-to" for Back-end Development
      Learn how to use JavaServer Faces technology to build real-world Web applications with a book from Hans Bergsten. The 624-page book titled "JavaServer Faces" deals with the HTML on the front and writing a back end that is friendly to the JSF interface.
        Java Technology
        Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition Wireless Toolkit 2.1
        Now Available for Download

        The 2.1 production release of the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME platform) Wireless Toolkit is now available for download. 2.1 supports the development of Java applications that run on devices compliant with the Java Technology for the Wireless Industry specification (JSR-185). New development features in the J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.1 include KToolbar Multiple Configuration and Profile Build Options.

        Java Verified Program Selects NSTL as Test Facility
        Experienced Mobile Application Testing House to Approve Applications Eligibility
        The NSTL will be a Java Verified program testing facility specifically for Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) applications. Sun along with Motorola, Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson started the Java Verified program to create a single entity to test Java technology applications easing the strain on developers.
        PointBase Embedded Java Technology Relational Database
        Used by Unify NXJ Platform

        The enterprise software company, Unify Corporation will use PointBase Embedded in the Unify NXJ platform, Unify's Java technology-based application platform. The Unify NXJ platform automates the delivery of Java technology-based solutions.

        The Growing Community
        Awards & BoFs at JavaOne Conference 2004

        Memberships in the community rose by 4,794 new members in March 2004, one of the best months yet since the site was started in the summer of 2003. O'Reilly and Associates was a finalist in the recent Jolt awards for their work on

        Financial Services
        Pegasystems Releases Solutions for Dispute Resolution, Exceptions Operations
        Java Technology and XML-based Platforms Improve Resolution Times, Costs
        With the release of its two new business process management (BPM) software solutions, Pegasystems Inc. can now provide its customers with extensive new functionality in automated card dispute and chargeback operations with PegaCARD Smart Dispute and in automated enterprise exceptions and disputes contexts with its PegaPAYMENT Smart Adjust.
        Tai Fook Securities Group Moves Online, Increases Business 35 Percent Annually
        Migrates Windows Applications to Sun IT Infrastructure

        A leading Hong Kong brokerage house, Tai Fook Securities Group Ltd., implemented Sun Microsystems IT infrastructure in its bid to move in to the online trading sector.

        TransAct 2004: Manageability -- Latest Buzzword in Banking, Financial Circles
        Thin-client Technology Helps Reduce TCO

        Among the things that came to light at the recently concluded TransAct2004 conference was the priority of manageability among CTOs and CIOs. Chief among their demands on IT technology providers is a single console from which an entire network system can be managed.

        Real-time Market Data Distribution and Middleware
        A Case Study from GigaSpaces and Merrill Lynch

        Nati Shalom, CTO of GigaSpaces, explains what Gigaspaces has to offer to deal with problems of middleware such as overprovisioning in his presentation made at the Jini Technology Community Meeting, March 2004.

        New Product Marketplace
        CanIt-PRO Helps the IEEE Eliminate Spam
        Solution Returns Lost Productivity to the IEEE's 130,000 Email Users
        CanIt-PRO has been selected and deployed by the IEEE to help deal with the problem of spam email being sent to the group's staff and membership. CanIt, an anti-spam solution from Roaring Penguin Software, should help combat the spam problem to return lost productivity to the IEEE's 130,000 email users.
        Vintela Authentication Services 2.4 for UNIX Systems
        Allows System Administrators to Utilize and Extend Nested Groups within Active Directory to UNIX Platforms
        The recently released Vintela Authentication Services (VAS) 2.4 allows system administrators to utilize and extend nested groups within Active Directory to UNIX platforms. This latest version allows system administrators in heterogeneous environments to migrate NIS information to Active Directory while simultaneously providing backwards compatibility for existing NIS client applications.
        StorNext Management Suite
        ADIC Data Management Software Offers Comprehensive Policy-based Data Management

        Advanced Digital Information Corporation is releasing it latest version of the StorNext Management Suite (SNMS), which is designed to be comprehensive policy-based data management software.

        Princeton Softech's Archive for Servers ClarifyCRM Edition 2.1
        Available with Support for Amdocs ClarifyCRM Service and Support Solutions through V12

        Princeton Softech's Archive for Servers ClarifyCRM Edition Release 2.1 is currently available with support for Amdocs ClarifyCRM Service and Support Solutions through V12.

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