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Java Technology
McNealy Nixes Open-source Version of Java Technology Code
Current Licensing Said to Give Adequate Access to Source Code
There will not soon be an open-source version of Java technology despite the entreaties of Eric Raymond, president of the Open Source Initiative, and Rod Smith, IBM's VP for emerging technologies, both of whose open letters failed to persuade Scott McNealy, president, CEO and chairman of Sun, that such a move was in the best interests of the Java programming language.
IGN/Gamespy Opens the Door to Java Technology-based Developers
Sun Sees Productive Synergy in Working with Gaming Leader
IGN/GameSpy has extended its market reach by adding Java technology-based platforms to the several platforms its gaming products already support. With its revised IGN/GameSpy software development kits, the vendor now allows Java programming language developers to integrate the company's "Powered by GameSpy" technology into their titles.
Sun Continues Refinements to Open-source Java Media APIs
Gives Game Developlers Use of Enhanced Audio, 3-D Graphics, Input Devices
Ever since the release at the 2003 JavaOne Conference of several new application programming interfaces (APIs), Sun has continued to refine these solutions that address three essential game features: 3-D graphics, audio and input devices.
New Features Make MIDP 2.0 Even More Useful to Game Developers
Version is Less Reliant on Proprietary Technologies, Closer to Truly Portable Code

The Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP), the Java runtime environment for phones, entry-level PDAs and other similar mobile information devices, has a number of new features that make for easier game development.

BBC Explores Mobile User Interaction with TV via Java Technology
Application Would Allow Playalong Capability from Mobile Phone
New Media Age recently reported on the BBC's efforts to enhance the television viewing experience by enabling audience interaction with programming through a Java technology-enabled mobile phone.
Complexity of Java Technology Seen as Slowing Adoption of Platform
Competition to Remain Stiff Between .Net, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition

Meta Group foresees fierce competition between Java technology and .Net over the next couple of years, reports Robert Jaques for Even though a number of companies have selected Java technology as their platform for enterprise development, Meta Group sees a slowdown in the rate of future Java technology adoptions because of the complexity issues that will be heightened by the competition itself.

Sun & IFS Defense Deliver Advanced Logistics Platform
Provides Business and Asset Management Modules to Defense, Aerospace Markets

Sun and IFS Defense are allied in providing an advanced logistics platform of software and hardware to aerospace and defense organizations such as Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems. The solution includes fully integrated business and asset management modules that support the complex configuration management and maintenance requirements found within air, land and sea environments.

Bahwan CyberTek Joins Sun's New iForce Collaboration
Partnership to Expand Market of Enterprise Solutions in Middle East
Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) will be part of Sun's new iForce collaboration in supporting Oracle's e-Business suite in the Middle East. BCT will leverage Sun's server technology along with Oracle's e-Business suite special and enterprise edition expertise to develop its enterprise operations and Web Services. Tech Access will test all products.
Leapstone Adds Service Component to Agreement with Sun
Communications Convergence Engine Service Broker Maximizes VoIP Revenues

Leapstone Systems has extended its agreement to provide the Leapstone Communications Convergence Engine (CCE) as part of the Sun iForce Solution for Telecommunications Service Delivery. Now Leapstone will also furnish specialized professional services for Sun's end-to-end telecom service delivery solution for both content and network services.

    Sun, Deloitte & Touche Provide Employee Life-Cycle Management Solution
    Enables Secure, Centralized Management of Employee Access to HR Services

    The Employee Life-Cycle Management (ELCM) solution, a joint effort of Sun and Deloitte & Touche LLP, is now available to help companies optimize their human resources management systems, chiefly by enabling the secure, centralized management of employee access to critical services. The solution combines Deloitte & Touche's i-MAAP identity management program with the Sun identity management offering.

    Texas Instruments to Boost Transistor Performance with 65 nm Technology
    Technology Reduces Power Leakage

    A new 65 nanometer (nm) semiconductor manufacturing process technology from Texas Instruments (TI) is expected to shrink equivalent 90nm designs by half and boost transistor performance 40 percent. TI plans to manufacture chips using the process in 2005.

    19" LCD Monitor from Sun
    Higher Brightness and Contrast

    A new 19-inch LCD monitor from Sun is replacing the 18-inch LCD monitor. It offers 1280x1024 resolution, and a 5:4 aspect ratio to provide one of the highest quality flat panel monitors available today for demanding visual applications.

      Sun Offering New Hardware Spare Parts
      Available for Sun Fire V60x, V65x Servers and Sun Blade 2500 Workstations

      Sun is offering miscellaneous hardware spare parts on the Sun Fire V60x servers, Sun Fire V65x servers and the Sun Blade 2500 workstations. Sun hardware spares come with a one year warranty. Any design improvements made to these parts have been incorporated by Sun engineering and undergone factory testing to maximize interoperable compatibility.

        H&W Web Seminars: Optimize Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Applications
        April 6 & June 22, Online
        John VanSant of Sun and Todd Mann of H&W present a free two-part Web seminar series on optimizing Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications. The seminars are geared toward developers, designers and architects using the Java programming language. The dates are April 6 and June 22.
        Data Center Innovation eSeminar
        April 15, Online

        Join Sun Enterprise systems executives at an upcoming eSeminar addressing solutions for improving data center performance. This eSeminar will take a comprehensive look at Sun's new multi-threaded throughput computing systems. Register now and receive an exclusive CD containing a comprehensive library of Sun BluePrints books and articles.

        Desktop Linux Summit
        April 22-23, San Diego, CA
        The Desktop Linux Summit 2004 focuses exclusively on issues of Linux on the Desktop and the companies that sell, market or promote Desktop Linux-based products, services, applications and technologies. The summit will be held April 22 and 23 in San Diego, California.
        Sun Offers New SCSI 146 GB 10K rpm HDD Configurations
        Doubles Storage Capacity for Sun StorEdge S1 Array, Sun StorEdge D240 Media Tray

        Sun has enhanced both its Sun StorEdge S1 array and the Sun StorEdge D240 media tray with a new SCSI 146 GB 10K rpm HDD configuration. The new configurations offer the Sun StorEdge S1 array up to 438 GB of storage capacity and the Sun StorEdge D240 media tray up to 584 GB through their respective hot swap drive bays.

        Sun StorEdge SAN 4.4 Software and Sun SAN Foundation Software 6.4
        Enhanced SAN Offerings from Sun

        Sun is enhancing its SAN offerings with the following: Sun StorEdge 9900 series load balancing support with new performance enhancing algorithm, FCIP support with JNI HBAs and more.

        Sun Releases Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager Software, Version 4.4
        Solution Supports Various Operating Systems with Multi-pathing, Load Balancing

        End users needing to connect Sun StorEdge disk arrays and/or disk systems in a SAN to Red Hat Linux, Microsoft Windows, HP-UX and/or IBM AIX operating environments will welcome the release of Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager software version 4.4, which supports multi-pathing failover/fail back and load balancing on all those environments.

        Japanese Version of VERITAS NetBackup 4.5 Feature Pack 6 Released
        Documentation in Japanese Included

        VERITAS has localized its popular NetBackup 4.5 Feature Pack 6 (FP6) in Japanese. The version contains all the features and functions of the FP6 version in English. Documentation in Japanese is also included.

        Enhanced Developer Tools Add Usability, Productivity with Sun's Latest Server
        Recently Released Sun Java System Application Server, Platform Edition 8
        The recent release of the Sun Java System Application Server, Platform Edition 8 comes with numerous developer tools and deployment methods. As the first compatible implementation of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.4 specification, this updated server provides the foundation for delivering enterprise-class application services and Web Services.
        Core Java Tech Tips Address JFileChooser and Exception Handling
        Learn How to Customize JFileChooser and Best Practices in Exception Handling

        The latest tech tips on the Core Java Technologies Web site address customizing JFileChooser and best practices in exception handling, both of which were developed using Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v 1.4.2 and written by John Zukowski, president of JZ Ventures, Inc.

        Developer Services with the Sun Java Studio Enterprise
        Get the Services and Access to Upcoming Web Events

        Sun Java Studio Enterprise is a unified platform of tools, support and developer services for developing applications in a productive environment. A subscription provides developers with online technical support, a community forum and interactive Webinars and chats -- two coming up in April.

        Sun's CSO Explains Secure Networks through Hardware
        Whitfield Diffie Calls for Adequately Provisioned Hardware

        A recent article by Karen Dearne from News Interactive discusses the movement towards network computing with Sun's chief security officer Whitfield Diffie. In the article, Diffie explains how computers will soon seek out specialized support on their own, through a sort of network subcontracting system.

        Liberty Alliance Completes Two Projects Based on their ID-WSF
        AOL and Vodafone See Success with Identity-Based, Interoperable Web Services

        Liberty Alliance has successfully completed two projects based on their Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF). The Liberty Identity Web Services Framework is part of Liberty's Phase 2 specifications, and is now being used as the basic architecture for unique new identity-based services.

        Enterprise Security Assessment and Best Practices Course
        Learn How to Perform an Objective Security Review of a Company's Environment

        The Enterprise Security Assessment and Best Practices course is designed to give students the knowledge and tools necessary to conduct a security review and create a vulnerability and risk assessment report.

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