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22 Mar 2004
"Data Center Best Practices for High-End Servers"
Sun BluePrints OnLine Article Focuses on Installing, Configuring, Securing and Maintaining Availability and Performance

A recent Sun BluePrints OnLine article offers readers best practices for installing, configuring, securing and maintaining availability and performance for the Sun Fire 15K server.
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22 Mar 2004
"Dynamic Reconfiguration for High-End Servers: Part 1 Planning Phase"
Allocate Resources in the Sun Fire 15K Servers and Sun Fire 12K Servers While Domain is Running

Part one of a two-part Sun BluePrints OnLine series about planning and implementing Sun Fire 15K server and the Sun Fire 12K server Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) in the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) offers an introduction to the Sun Fire 15K server and the Sun Fire 12K server DR, as well as details about the planning phase. The article serves as a primer for part two, which will focus on the implementation phase.
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22 Mar 2004
Finding Free Physical RAM and Putting it to Good Use
Increase Application Speed while Avoiding Paging to Disk

A recent Sun article advises readers on how to determine how much free physical RAM they have available, and how to effectively use this information. Users of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) will find the document provides a routine to determine available physical memory, as well as a sample program that demonstrates how the interface can be used.
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22 Mar 2004
JumpStart Enterprise Toolkit 3.3.0 Download Available
Simplifies Solaris Operating System Installation

The Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit simplifies the installation of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). It also simplifies customizing and patching it and installing third-party software components. It does not require advanced system administrator skills as does the Solaris JumpStart.
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