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Multiplayer Java Technology Game Server Prototype Revealed
Industry's First Interconnects Different Games onto One Network

Sun's game server prototype integrates Java technology with IGN/GameSpy and TimesTen information to interconnect multiple game devices to a single game network. This prototype's architecture enables an infrastructure to support various games, making it appealing to developers and publishers, who'll save money deploying an online game.

Gamers Anticipate Release of Online Multiplayer Gaming Solution for Java Technology
Nokia SNAP Mobile Targets Java Technology Gaming Market
An online multiplayer gaming solution for Java technology-based games is scheduled for release during the third quarter of 2004. This new solution called SNAP Mobile incorporates Nokia and Sun technology enabling game developers to create Java technology-based games with a mobile online multiplayer gaming component.
McNealy Intrigues Audience with Sun's Latest Developments
Java Technology-based Technological Innovations Wow CTIA Wireless 2004 Conference

Sun CEO Scott McNealy summed up his keynote presentation at the CTIA Wireless 2004 conference in Atlanta by saying: "The Java technology-powered environment is now outshipping the Microsoft world. Deal with it." Sun impressed industry watchers with a multitude of new partnerships and developments.

Network Equipment Provider Lifecycle Services Program
Sun's New Program for NEPs Offers Custom Services

Sun is launching the Network Equipment Provider Lifecycle Services Program that targets product development to enable highly customized solutions be offered to the end user. NEPs will lessen their costs for product development, integration and supply chain monies through the NEP Lifecycle Services Program.

Java Technology Game Development Contest
Deadline: June 7th, 2004

Get ready independent video game developers, Sun is looking for innovative game applications using Java technology. Winners will be awarded a variety of prizes including a license and deployment license from IGN/GameSpy (valued at $40,000), Athlon 64 PCs from AMD (valued at $7,500) and two Zodiacs from Tapwave (valued at $800).

Sun Java System Application Server Selected by U.S. Navy
Solution to be Used for Top Command and Control Program

The U.S. Navy's Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Computer, Communications, Intelligence and Space (PEO C4I and Space) is selecting the Sun Java System Application Server Standard Edition 7. The solution will run all Global Command and Control -- Maritime (GCCS-M) deployments starting in 2005.

Sun Finances Promotions for UltraSPARC III Processor-based Servers
Get Some Interest Free Payments or Two Months Free

Sun Microsystems Finance is offering two promotions to help customers adopt UltraSPARC IV technologies. One is a 50 percent down deal on the Sun Fire 4800 systems and Sun Fire 6800 systems, and the other offer is called the "Two Payments on Us" Lease Option.

Economical Solution for Data Warehousing
Sun Teams with Metapa to Offer Viable Strategy
Bringing the power of low-cost computing to data warehousing is now available through the collaborative efforts of Sun and Metapa Inc. Integrating Metapa's Cluster DataBase (CDB) on Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition) and three Sun Fire servers allows for an economical solution to store and perform detailed analysis of critical event data.
Mobile Java Web Services Technology to Improve Enterprise Productivity
Sun and RIM Offering Secure Delivery of Enterprise Data
Mobile Java Web Services technology will be extended to millions of BlackBerry customers in the near future. This current project between Sun and Research In Motion (RIM) is expected to enable the end-to-end secure delivery of enterprise data via BlackBerry, a leading wireless connectivity solution.
RFID and Java Card Technology to Help Reduce Traffic Congestion
New Sun Division in the UK

Sun will use RFID technology, Sensor Networks and Java Card technology for traffic management systems in the UK. The work will be done by the newly formed UK Traffic Systems Division.

Sun Services Survey
Make Sure You Get the Information You Need

Sun Services is conducting a survey to see how effective their communications are. They are asking how satisfied people are with Sun Services' product information. Let them know if you'd like to get that information as part of this news report.

    ICICI OneSource Finds Savings with StarOffice Software
    Company Plans to Continue the Switch from Microsoft Office

    CXOtoday recently reported on the switch ICICI OneSource, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider located in Mumbai, made from Microsoft Office to StarOffice 7 software. The move has already saved the company Rs 72 Lakh. Thus far the company has only deployed StarOffice software on 10 percent of its desktops, but it plans to expand that number to 25 percent soon.

    Sun Plans to Release New Tools with StarOffice Software
    Converters for Moving Macros from Microsoft Office to StarOffice Software and More

    Sun has made plans to release new tools as part of its StarOffice desktop software package, reports Mike Ricciuti of CNET The company hopes to use the tools to attract users of Microsoft Office. The new tools, which will be released sometime this year, include converters for moving macros in Microsoft Office to StarOffice software.

    Jim Waldo Discusses Jini Network Technology
    The Current and Future Applications of Jini Network Technology
    Sun recently posted an interview with chief Jini network technology architect and Sun Distinguished Engineer, Jim Waldo, on its Java technology Web site. Jim discusses the future of Jini network technology and how it is currently being used. He also discusses what is happening with the "networked home."
    Sun Releases N1 Grid Provisioning Server 3.1, Blades Edition
    Offers Users a Management Environment for the Sun Fire B1600 Blade Platform

    Sun is releasing the N1 Grid Provisioning Server 3.1, Blades Edition, which offers users a management environment for the Sun Fire B1600 Blade Platform. This allows the user to quickly design, configure, provision and scale blade-based server farms automatically.

    TheServerSide Java Technology Symposium
    May 6-8, Las Vegas, NV

    TheServerSide Java technology Symposium is a limited attendance event of 500 people. The event focuses on server-side Java technologies and development practices and features a technical and advanced set of technical sessions.

    SAPPHIRE '04
    May 11-13, New Orleans, LA
    SAP's SAPPHIRE event is designed for senior executives, business managers, and government and education professionals who are looking to gain competitive advantage, achieve profitable growth, learn the latest strategies in supply chain management, CRM, portals and more.
    Retail Systems 2004
    May 17-19, Chicago, IL
    Retail Systems 2004 conference and exposition offers retailers and suppliers opportunities to discuss both technology and business issues from a retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer perspective. Topics include RFID, IT Finance and Management, Stores of the Future, and Data Synchronization.
    Get Increased Throughput with the Sun StorEdge 3120 SCSI Array
    Up to 320 MB/sec. Data Transfer per SCSI Channel
    The Sun StorEdge 3120 SCSI array supports up to four 3.5" hard disk drives and supports a wide variety of hard disk drive capacities and rotational speeds. With its Ultra320 SCSI support, it can achieve up to 320 MB/sec. data transfer per SCSI channel for fast access and I/O transfer.
    Repricing the Sun StorEdge 9980 System and Sun StorEdge 9970 System
    Sun Maintains Competitive Market Position for SAN Solutions
    Sun has reduced the prices of its Sun StorEdge 9980 system and Sun StorEdge 9970 system in order to maintain the competitive position of both solutions in the marketplace. For typical hardware configurations the list price is reduced by approximately 12-15 percent. There are no reductions on Sun StorEdge 9900 series software products.
    EOL: 36 GB 10K rpm Configurations on Sun StorEdge T3 Array, Sun StorEdge 3900 Series and SunStorEdge 6900 Series
    Replaced with 36 GB 15K rpm HDD

    The 36 GB 10K rpm configurations will be ended on these systems: Sun StorEdge T3 array, Sun StorEdge 3900 series and Sun StorEdge 6900 series.

      Sun Awards Dot Hill with Advanced Technology Storage Program
      Innovative Products Expected to Result from Expanded Agreement
      New advanced technology storage products for Sun will be designed and engineered by Dot Hill Systems Corp. following Sun's specifications. This OEM partner agreement expands on the current agreement between the two corporations.
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