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Sun Engineering Enrichment and Development Program Fosters Growth
New Hires, Experienced Staff Work with Senior Staff Mentors

Both recent college hires and established Sun employees now have the opportunity, through the Sun Engineering Enrichment and Development (SEED) program, to be paired with senior staff for a mentoring experience running from six months to a year that is designed to improve job satisfaction and the opportunity for advancement.

Yemeni National Airline Deploys Sun Ray Appliance
Airline Tests Proof-of-concept at iForce Center in Dubai
Yemenia, the national airline of Yemen, has adopted the Sun Ray appliance in an IT upgrade designed to run its new revenue accounting system, Mercator's RAPID, according to Christine Haugseth, reporting for
Growth Continues in 64-bit Market Segment
Sun and AMD Position Themselves for New Demands

Two stories on developments in the area of 64-bit computing circulated recently. The first concerned the CMP XChange in Nashville, TN, and the second reviewed market highlights based on IDC's European Server Tracker for 4Q03.

Chris Melissinos Shares his Visions of Sun's Game Technologies Group
Standards and Scalability are Among the Division's Chief Goals

Chris Melissinos, Sun's Chief Gaming Officer, shared his visions for the Game Technologies Group (GTG). Chief among them was the need to develop applications with the same scalability available to online traders on Wall Street.

Java Technology
Java Specification Request 127: JavaServer Faces
Quickly Build Web Applications

The Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee recently approved Java Specification Request (JSR) 127, the JavaServer Faces specification that defines an architecture and APIs which simplify the creation and maintenance of JavaServer application GUIs. A download is available online.

Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Application Performance Examined
Applications Available 88 Percent of the Time

Results from a recent survey on the application performance of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) indicate a more efficient diagnostic process is needed when a problem arises. The survey, sponsored by Wily Technologies, reported on average, applications are available to service users only 88 percent of the time.

Diversity Strengthens Java Tools Community and JCP
Java Groups Unite for Universal Cause

From large corporations to small independent developers, the Java Tools Community (JTC) revels in innovative developments created by its diverse membership. Working directly with the Java Community Process (JCP), the JTC is helping shape the future.

Network Computing Product Briefing: Bold New Innovations
Colorado: March 24 and 25

Sun kicked off its NC 04 strategy and business model in conjunction with the Sun Analyst Symposium (SAS) on February 10. Now, Sun is bringing the biggest product refresh in Sun's history to you at a special morning briefing. The event will be in Denver, CO, on March 24 and in Broomfield, CO on March 25.

Bio-IT World Conference + Expo
March 30-April 1, Boston, MA
The Bio-IT World Conference + Expo brings together professionals from life science, IT and healthcare to discuss and evaluate the latest scientific, technological and IT breakthroughs. The conference will be held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.
iForce Partner Summit 2004
April 19-22, San Diego, CA

The 2004 iForce Partner Summit begins April 19, with keynotes from Sun executives Scott McNealy, Jonathan Schwartz and Robert Youngjohns on Monday evening. The event will be held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego.

Oracle Developer Days
April and May: St. Louis, MO; Reston, VA; Cambridge, MA
Oracle Developer Days events are free and delivered as space-limited workshops where developers can directly interact with development managers and engineers from Oracle. The workshops cover topics such as: Grid Computing, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Linux, Web Services, etc.
OASIS Symposium on Reliable Infrastructures for XML
April 26-27, New Orleans, LA
At the OASIS Symposium on Reliable Infrastructures for XML, experts and developers can exchange ideas and present results of standards work-in-progress. The event also offers the opportunity to identify topics in need of standards development and areas where coordination between standards efforts would promote interoperability.
May 9-14, Las Vegas

This conference is for IT professionals, business managers and channel experts wanting to tailor their conference experience by selectively choosing from five distinct areas -- security, wireless, collaboration and VoIP, performance & data center and infrastructure & services.

iSCSI Storage Solution from EqualLogic for Sun Blade Servers and Beyond
Self-managing, IP-based SAN Storage
EqualLogic provides the industry's only iSCSI solution for both the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and Linux for Blade Servers. PeerStorage Array 100E is the first block-level, iSCSI storage solution certified for the Solaris OS, verified for Blade Servers and supports other Sun servers.
Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Tuning Manager Software v3.2 Released
Helps Track Both Capacity and Performance Data

Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Tuning Manager software version 3.2 is a monitoring, reporting and forecasting solution for management of storage resources, especially large enterprises using Oracle that have standardized on Brocade SANs.

Creating Common Locale in Platforms
Challenges of the Common Locale Data Repository Project

The Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) project aims to provide the most widely and internationally accepted locale data values across platforms. Unified locale data is necessary to ensure accurate data transfer and support for the formatting and parsing of dates, times, numbers and currencies. Linguistic and cultural differences throughout the world present challenges to globalization engineers.

Enterprise Edition Beta of Poseidon for UML 2.2 Available
Integrated with New UML 2.0 Standard
Poseidon for UML 2.2 from Gentleware AG is a professional UML Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool. Poseidon for UML 2.2 helps synchronize several developers working in a team. Version 2.2 has been integrated with the new standard UML 2.0.
Benefits of User Groups for Developers
Join Sun Developer Network Program

According to a report on the Sun Web site, membership in user groups for Java technology (JUGs) has grown by over 150 percent since the beginning of 2003.

Globalize Code with TimeZone Class
Tech Tip for Communicating Across Time Zones

A recent tech tip from the Sun Global Application Developer Corner Web site teaches developers how to globalize their codes by using TimeZone class. With this technology, developers can account for time zone differences when writing code assisting them in globalizing software. Examples demonstrate how to obtain and use all TimeZone IDs.

Sun Alerts: Solaris Operating System
Prevent Unauthorized Access

This article lists three vulnerabilities that can allow unauthorized access to a system.

True Security Begins From the Ground Up
Secure Operating System Best Defense
A secure operating system is the first solution to security. CIOs and IT managers should ensure their operating systems are safe instead of addressing security issues with perimeter defenses. Five areas to assess in determining the security of an operating system are granular user control, reduced security violations, increased privacy, protection of local devices and independent certification.
Security in Solaris 10 Operating System: Focus on N1 Grid Containers
Applications and Data Isolated from Error Propagation

Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) delivers a breakthrough approach to systems security that is easy to use and built-in with new military-grade security features. The OS will have stronger authentication and smartcard interfaces that identify all user IDs and N1 Grid Containers.

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