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Co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim Returns to Sun
Assumes Role of Senior VP, Chief Architect for Volume Systems Products

Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim has rejoined the company as senior VP and chief architect for Volume Systems Products. He identified one of his chief goals as accelerating Sun's expansion into the Linux market through its partnership with AMD.

Sun Teams with i2 Technologies to Produce Spare Parts Planner Reference Architecture
Offers Optimal After-market Parts Management at Low TCO
Through its partnership with i2 Technologies, Sun has developed a solution it calls the Spare Parts Planner Reference Architecture, which helps minimize parts investment and optimize the use of people, facilities and equipment.
Daytona Data Management System from AT&T
Flexible, Reliable and Fast

The Daytona data management system from AT&T is used to solve a wide array of data management problems. It offers all the essentials of data management and can be used on small platforms with 64 MB of memory to large platforms such as a 24x7 production call detail data datastore with 64 CPUs, 64 GB of memory and 79 terabytes of disk.

Free and Open Source S/W
Mozilla Releases & Previews Three New Web Applications
Download Internet Suite, Web Browser, Email Applications Free
The Mozilla Foundation is offering an Internet suite release and two preview releases of its Web browser and email application: Mozilla Firefox 0.8, Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 and Mozilla 1.6, respectively. All Mozilla applications can be downloaded for free from the Mozilla foundation's Web site.
Linux May Soon Support Macromedia's Flash MX
Software Company Planning to Release Compatible Developmental Tools
Linux may soon be supporting Flash MX and other development tools from Macromedia. The software company announced at this year's FlashForward conference in California that it will begin experimenting with Linux support and release compatible versions of its development tools, such as Flash MX.
OpenSSH 3.8 Released
Memory Leaks Fixed

OpenSSH 3.8 includes the following changes since OpenSSH 3.7.1: Improved sftp(1) batch file support and support for host keys in DNS.

    Upgrade to the Sun Java Integration Server, B2B Edition 3.6.3
    Available for Current Sun Java Integration Server Customers

    The new Sun Java System Integration Server, B2B Edition 3.6.3 offers integrated support for AS2 communication protocol and integrated support for Webmail, using the Sun Java Messaging Server for improved scalability.

    Sun Java Desktop System Course Outlines Difference from Microsoft Windows
    Overview of Desktop Components

    Learn the differences between the Sun Java Desktop System and Microsoft Windows with the Web-based course "Getting Started With the Sun Java Desktop". This course (ID: WOD-1000-90) is a tutorial that enables students to efficiently use the Sun Java Desktop and its components.

    Orbitz CTO Praises Service-oriented Architecture
    Web Travel Giant Uses Jini Technology, Enterprise JavaBeans

    Keynote speaker Chris Hjelm, CTO of Orbitz, opened the EDGE 2004 Conference and Expo with an account of how his company benefits from the shift to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). It's SOA, Hjelm said, that enables Orbitz to make the most of its competitive advantage, which is speed to market.

    BigAdmin XPerts Session
    Sun Software Express for Solaris Program
    Join Jackie Bao, product line manager of the Solaris Express program at Sun, for a BigAdmin XPerts Session to ask about the Sun Software Express for Solaris Program. The Sun Software Express for Solaris Program will provide regularly scheduled release of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).
    New Adapter Brings Sun Servers Up to Gigabit Speed
    Sun Dual Gigabit Ethernet + Dual SCSI PCI Adapter
    The new Sun Dual Gigabit Ethernet + Dual SCSI PCI Adapter is designed to maximize the performance of Sun servers, workstations and storage devices. This product, which replaces the existing Sun Dual Fast Ethernet + Dual SCSI Adapter, assists system administrators connect Sun servers to LAN environments and storage devices.
    Sun Quad FastEthernet Card PCI Adapter Replaced With New Adapters
    Component Discontinuation, Upgraded Adapters Cause Change

    The Sun Quad Fast Ethernet Card (QFE) PCI Adapter is being replaced by the Sun Quad GigaSwift Ethernet UTP Adapter and the Sun Dual Gigabit Ethernet + Dual SCSI PCI Adapter. Orders will be taken through August 24, 2004. Last ship date is November 24, 2004, and last service date is November 24, 2009.

      Enterprise IT Strategy Will Never be the Same
      White Paper Addresses the Industry Impact From Sun's Throughput Computing

      Writers Vernon Turner and Dr. Christopher G. Willard commend Sun's foresight and initiative in providing an industry remedy to a plague debilitating server design. In their white paper, "Sun's Throughput Computing Strategy to Create a Quantum Change in Server Performance," Turner and Willard examine the impact Sun's introduction of chip multithreading (CMT) processors will have on the future.

      EOL: 36 GB 10K RPM FC Hard Disk Drive
      Replacement: 73 GB 0K RPM FC Drive

      Sun is replacing the 36 GB 10K rpm Fibre Channel (FC) hard disk drive supported on the Sun Blade 2000 workstation, Sun Fire 280R server, Sun Fire V440 server and Sun Fire V880 server. The replacement product for this drive is the 73 GB 10K rpm FC drive.

      Adapter: Interface for Next Generation, High Speed Network Computing
      Sun Quad GigaSwift Ethernet UTP Adapter Speeds Over Fast Ethernet
      Optimize networking performance with the recently released Sun Quad GigaSwift Ethernet UTP Adapter. As a full length PCI card with four 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet ports, this adapter connects server-to-server and server-to-switch at gigabit and 10/100 Mbps speeds in Cat 5 or Cat 6 UTP applications. It complies with the IEEE 802.3ab, 1000BASE-T standard.
      25th Internationalization & Unicode Conference
      March 31-April 2, Washington, D.C.
      The upcoming 25th Internationalization & Unicode Conference (IUC25) will focus on solutions that address the language and multilingual requirements of governments and industries around the world. Sun globalization engineers will present one paper on internationalization and two papers on Java technology.
      Storage Networking World
      April 5-8, Phoenix, AZ
      Sun is a sponsor for this year's Storage Networking World, which offers IT managers, storage architects and infrastructure professionals an SNIA-endorsed education as well as access to many of their peers. The event will also host a SNIA-sanctioned Interoperability and Solutions Demo, and will be held April 5-8, in Phoenix, AZ.
      Sun Factory Loads Sun Remote Services Net Connect
      New Feature on Certain Sun Fire Servers

      Consistent with Sun's policy of improving the availability of customer solutions, the Sun Fire E2900, E4900, E6900, E20K and E25K servers can now be purchased with the remote support and diagnostic products Sun Remote Services (SRS) Net Connect 3.1 and CPU Diagnostic Monitor (CDM) 1.1 factory loaded.

      Introducing Earthquake Certified Rack Cabinets
      Sun Rack 900-36N Structurally Enhanced
      Rack systems exposed to rigorous handling or unstable environmental conditions can rely on the Sun Rack 900-36N. Tested and certified to comply with standards of NEBS, GR-63-CORE Level 3, Zone 4, earthquake requirements, this rack is ideal for data centers requiring earthquake readiness or continual handling.
        NC04Q1 Sun Fire Midrange Server Brief Overview
        Based on the new UltraSPARC IV processors

        Sun introduced three new midrange servers at the Sun NC04Q1 launch: The Sun Fire E2900 server, the Sun Fire E4900 server and the Sun Fire E6900 server. They are all based on the new UltraSPARC IV processors with Chip Multithreading (CMT) technology.

        Sun Management Center 3.5 Software, Sun Fire Server Supplements V3
        New Solution Offered for Midrange Systems

        Sun Management Center 3.5 software is an Enterprise Systems Products (ESP) Platform module that provides ease-of-use features in Sun Management Center 3.5 software on Sun Fire Midrange Systems. This release supports the new Sun Fire Midrange 5.16 firmware and the new models in the Sun Fire Midrange server line: Sun Fire E6900 and Sun Fire E4900 server. In addition, the release adds support for PCI+ I/O boards and UltraSPARC IV CPU boards.

        Improve Disk Utilization with Sun StorEdge QFS Implementation Service
        Customized Installation and Configuration

        Sun StorEdge QFS Implementation Service provides customers who need to utilize disk space more efficiently with an integrated solution of proven best practices to enable efficient sharing of data among multiple independent servers.

        Version 4.0 of VERITAS Volume Manager and File System Releases
        Designed to Appeal to Users Requiring Database Storage

        VERITAS Volume Manager 4.0 and VERITAS File System 4.0 are now in general release. Both will continue to use the 9-tier licensing structure that was introduced with version 3.5 in September 2002.

        Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager V3.1 Software
        Multiple Language Options for Product Documentation, Software GUI

        Sun's release of the Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager software version 3.1 L10N comes with multiple language options for product documentation and software GUI. With full localization, this release offers English, French, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese for both documentation and software GUI. Additionally, Traditional Chinese is also accessible for documentation.

        How to Create an Inline Frame for a Portal
        Using Sun Java System Portal Server

        The benefits of building a portal as a frame with the HTML frame tag include support for the full features of a frame within a channel. The tech tip from Rama Talasila and Marina Sum provides steps and code for this.

          "Understanding the Record Management System"
          Sun Article on Databases and MIDP Focuses on the RMS

          The first part of a recent Sun article on databases and the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) deals with understanding the Record Management System (RMS). The article, by Eric Giguere, is the first in a series that aims to focus on the Record Management System.

            Tool for Tru_to_Solaris Migration Tool for C/C++ Source Code
            Identify Problems Before Porting

            Identify porting issues for moving source files from Tru64 or HP-UX to the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and find potential problems with the tool for Tru_to_Solaris Migration Tool for C/C++ Source Code.

            Search for Product Documentation with the Sun Java System Portal Server
            Configure the Portal Server for Keyword Searches

            Learn how to use the Sun Java Portal Server's search engine to find product documentation with keyword searches. An article on the Developer's Web site outlines how to configure the portal server to index and build a search database for portal server product documentation hosted on

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