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Sun Releases N1 Service Provisioning System 4.1
Eases Management of Complex Application Service Deployments

Sun has released version 4.1 of its N1 Service Provisioning System, which allows customers to automate the complex application provisioning process to make it quick and reliable, enabling complex services to be rolled-out in a day or less.

Micro Focus Releases Server Express 4.0 and Application Server for Server Express 4.0
Enables COBOL Applications to Run on Solaris Operating System (SPARC) Platform Edition

Micro Focus Server Express 4.0 and Application Server for Server Express 4.0 are now in release. These solutions allow customers wishing to redeploy applications written in COBOL on mainframes or other systems onto the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (SPARC Platform Edition), as well as customers desiring to improve the performance of applications written in prior versions of COBOL on the Solaris OS.

Last Planned Release of Solaris 8 2/04 Operating System (SPARC Platform Edition)
Hardware Support for New Sun Fire Servers
The Solaris 8 2/04 Operating System (SPARC Platform Edition) (Solaris OS) adds additional hardware support for Sun Fire E2900, E4900, E6900, E20K and E25K servers along with other Sun Fire servers, blade servers and Sun Blade workstations. Deployment of UltraSPARC IV processors in existing Sun Fire V1280 15K servers is also featured.
Game Developers Conference 2004
March 22-26, San Jose, CA

The 2004 Game Developers Conference presents sessions in seven tracks: Visual Arts, Production, Business & Legal, Game Design, Audio, Programming and the IGDA track. Doug Twilleager, chief architect of the Game Technologies Group at Sun, will present a session on professional Java technology game development techniques.

Gilbane Conference on Content Management
March 24-26, Los Angeles, CA

This conference will focus on technology and solutions for managing two types of rich content: data rich content and media rich content.

    SunHPC 2004
    March 29 - April 2, Aachen, Germany

    At the SunHPC 2004 event, sessions will be offered on Sun compilers, the Sun performance analyzer and the Sun HPC ClusterTools environment and more. Learn how to get optimal performance out of UltraSPARC III, IIIi, and III Cu based Sun workstations and servers.

    Sun Studio 8 Software Available March 9
    Faster Startup and Improved Compile and Run Times
    Since Sun started the Sun Studio 8 Early Access Program in November of 2003, various components of the Compiler Collection product have been integrated with the NetBeans IDE. The new software focuses on features available through a GUI. All command-line interface (CLI) tools such as compilers and the debugger are included as well.
    A Review of Sun's Development Tools
    Name Change Histories and Links to Resources

    Sun offers developers many tools, from Sun Studio 8 software to Sun Java Studio Creator (formerly Project Rave). This article provides new names that Sun is rebranding these software and development tools to.

    Enhanced System Management Software Improves Servers' Availability
    Addressing Sun Fire 15K/12K Auto Diagnosis, Recovery

    Learn how to enhance the Sun Fire 15K/12K servers system availability with the System Management Services (SMS) 1.4. The Sun BluePrints OnLine document, "Sun Fire 15K/12K Auto Diagnosis and Recovery," outlines the software's new features with examples and figures describing the diagnostic processes.

    "Rapid Patching and Upgrading with Solaris Live Upgrade Software"
    Keeping Downtime to a Minimum for System Maintenance and Upgrades

    A recent article on the Sun BigAdmin Web site discusses the use of Live Upgrade when used in conjunction with JumpStart and Web Start Flash to keep downtime to a minimum for system maintenance and upgrades. The article, "Rapid Patching and Upgrading with Solaris Live Upgrade Software," is authored by Amy Rich.

    Solaris Zones Software
    System Administration Guide Describes How to Configure, Install and Administer Zones

    Sun is devoting a section of its Web site to Solaris Zones, which provide a secure, flexible, scalable and lightweight isolation primitive for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). Included among the many links on the site is the "System Administration Guide: Solaris Containers, Resource Management, and Zones" document, which describes how to configure, install and administer Zones.

    Tell Sun What you Want in the Solaris 10 Operating System
    Online Form Available

    Which third-party applications and products are most important for your business to run on the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS)? Sun offers an online form so you can tell Sun what applications are relevant to your needs.

    Security Management Index Survey
    A Measurement of Security Management Practices and Performance
    The Security Management Index Survey provides participants with a comparison of the security management practices of others in the same industry and peer group. The data is also being collected to better identify trends in security management as a continuing and strategic business function.
    Sun Managed Security Services
    Reducing the Costs, Complexity and Risks Associated with Highly Secure Network Environment Management

    Sun Managed Security Services (SMSS) are designed to unite the technologies, products, processes and services used to reduce the costs, complexity and risks associated with the management of a highly secure network environment.

    Web Services Security Interoperability Guidelines from the WS-I
    Security Scenarios Working Group Draft Available for Public Review
    The Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I) is making the Security Scenarios Working Group Draft available for public review. The Security Scenarios document was developed by the WS-I Basic Security Profile Working Group and serves to identify security challenges and threats in building interoperable Web Services. It also offers countermeasures for these risks.
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