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Sun Readies Three Linux Desktop Offerings
Project Looking Glass; Java Desktop Environment 2; Sun Ray Software

Peter Ulander, director of marketing for desktop solutions at Sun Microsystems, shed some light on three Linux projects in a recent interview written by Jacqueline Emigh for LinuxPlanet. These are Project Looking Glass, the Java Desktop Environment and Linux thin-client software for the Sun Ray appliance.

Security and Site Support Enhancements Augment Sun Managed Services
Customers Gain Freedom to Redeploy Data Center Staff to Other Functions

The Sun Managed Services portfolio has been enhanced and expanded to include Sun Managed Security Services, along with enhancements to Site Support. Sun's customized IT Infrastructure Management solution employs a unique, flexible sourcing approach and industry best practices that cover the entire service delivery life cycle. Sun has joined forces with VeriSign Inc. to deliver Sun Managed Security Services to the market.

Sun Enterprise Messaging Reference Architecture
Scalable, Secure and Cost Efficient

The Sun Enterprise Messaging Reference Architecture provides the email, calendar and instant messaging infrastructures necessary to meet enterprise communications needs. It is designed to be secure, reliable and horizontally scalable.

Sun Uses Bayesian Statistical Analysis in Creating Sales Forecasts
Sun Labs' RADAR Project Gives Worldwide Operations Business Unit a Hand

There is an interview on with Phil Yelland of Sun Labs and Eunice Lee of the Worldwide Operations Business Unit (WWOPS). The two provide details on how Sun Labs helped WWOPS replace its earlier "judgmental" or manual sales forecast with less labor intensive sophisticated Bayesian statistical methods that produce results at least as reliable as the earlier effort.

Sun Java System
Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8
Free Download for Development and Production Deployment
Sun is offering the developer release of Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8 free for development and production deployment. This is the first compatible implementation of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.4 specification with extensive support for Web services, including WS-I Basic Profile.
Sun Java System Portal Server 6.2
EOL Version 3.0

Sun Java System Portal Server 6.2 comes with Identity Server 6.1, desktop enhancements, discussion threads capabilities, category subscription, Portlet Builder 2.0, multiplatform support and more. This product replaces the Sun Java System Portal Server, version 3.0, with last order date of May 14, 2004, and last ship date of August 13, 2004.

Sun Java Desktop System -- How Does It Compare To Windows?
Sun's Packaging of Linux Receives An "Excellent" Rating

How well does the Sun Java Desktop System 2003 compare to Windows? writer Laurence Moroney conducted his own research and describes the experience from installation to operation to software and applications. Overall, he concludes that Sun "has helped put Linux in position to challenge Microsoft."

Sun Net Talk: Changes in Privacy Legislation: Realities, Risks and Solutions
February 25, Online

A Sun Net Talk will be held on February 25 (not February 24, as originally scheduled) that discusses new, rapidly emerging data protection laws and related penalties for non-compliance.

2004 Forrester Technology Leadership Forum
March 21-23, Coronado, CA
The 2004 Forrester Technology Leadership Forum aims to bring together IT executives, vendors and Forrester analysts to condense a range of open source issues into an understandable format. Executives should be able to use the information to create their own open source strategy. The event will be held March 21-23 in Coronado, CA.
Register Now for the 7th Jini Community Meeting
March 23-25, Cambridge, MA

Join the Jini Community meeting in Cambridge, MA, from March 23-25, 2004. You'll find in-depth presentations, technical discussions, debates and collaborations with highly knowledgeable members of the Jini technology community, at no cost to the attendee.

    Aligning IT with Business Priorities -- TeamQuest's Perspective
    Free Webinar on March 11th
    TeamQuest Corporation, a company that specializes in IT performance and capacity planning, is sponsoring a free Webinar titled "Aligning IT with Business Priorities -- TeamQuest's Perspective." The Webinar will explore the benefits and challenges involved when working to focus the use of information technology in accordance with overall business priorities.
      Sun XVR-600 Graphics Accelerator
      Advanced 3-D Graphics for Sun Workstations
      The Sun Blade 150 workstation now features the Sun XVR-600 graphics accelerator as its 3-D graphics solution. Offered as both an X-option and ATO option, the Sun XVR-600 graphics accelerator is made for cost-conscious consumers desiring 3-D graphics for MCAD and MCAE applications. This is a product replacement for the Sun XVR-500 graphics accelerator.
      Sun Blade 1500 Workstation: ATO Program
      Customized Workstations Without a Premium Charge
      Sun offers customers the opportunity to build their own configurations with the Sun 1500 workstation's ATO program. The assemble-to-order program allows for customized system configuration that is quality-tested by Sun without a premium charge. Turn in Sun or non-Sun systems for a trade-in value toward purchase.
      Updated Sun XVR-100 Graphics Accelerator
      Part Numbers Change, Perfornance and Functionality Do Not

      Minor changes to the Sun XVR-100 graphics accelerator board have been made without any performance or functionality differences expected. However, the new board will have a new part number. The board is compatible with the previous version and supported on "servers only" at this time.

      EOL for Certain Sun Blade Workstation Configurations
      Sun XVR-500 Graphics Accelerator Replaced
      Sun's introduction of the Sun Blade 1500 and 2500 systems with the new Sun XVR-600 graphics accelerator has placed their predecessors (which had the Sun XVR-500 graphics accelerator) at the end of their product line.
        Securing Sun Fire 12K/15K System Controllers and Domains
        Two Sun BluePrints Articles

        Two recent Sun BluePrints documents focus on the Sun Fire 12K servers and Sun Fire 15K servers, one on securing system controllers, and another on securing domains for these servers.

        Sun Fire E4900 and Sun Fire E6900 Midrange Data Center Servers
        With Twice the Compute Throughput of Current UltraSPARC III Processor-based Systems
        Two new data center servers will be available from Sun in March. The Sun Fire E4900 and Sun Fire E6900 servers are midrange, enterprise-class servers based on the new UltraSPARC IV processors with Chip Multithreading (CMT) technology. The servers are designed to provide customers with up to twice the compute throughput of current UltraSPARC III processors-based systems.
        Sun Fire E2900 Server - First Generation Server with CMT
        Offers Low Cost, High Performance Compute Environment
        The Sun Fire E2900 server is the first entry-priced, midrange server based on the new UltraSPARC IV processors with Chip Multithreading (CMT) technology. This offering provides up to twice the compute capability of preceding systems in the same footprint and a lower TCO.
        Entry Level Servers
        Sun Fire B200x Blade Server
        Four Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces

        The Sun Fire B1600 Blade Platform is designed to be more efficient and economical than traditional servers. It features dual slot, 3U self-enclosed blade server and two 2.0 GHz Low Voltage Intel Xeon processors.

        Sun Fire V20z Server
        High Speed I/O Architecture with Gigabit Ethernet
        The Sun Fire V20z is the first in a line of Sun servers based on the AMD Opteron processor. This dual processor 1U rack-mount server offers 64-bit high-performance computing with x86 32-bit compatibility. It's competitively priced to other 32-bit x86 servers. The AMD Opteron processor allows customers to seamlessly migrate to the future of 64-bit processing.
        Rajesh Shakkarwar of Sun Talks About Sun's x86 Strategy
        Providing Customers with Choice and Flexibility
        In a recent interview about Sun's x86 strategy, Sun's Volume Systems product line director for x86 and workstations, Rajesh Shakkarwar, explained what markets Sun would like to attract, the future of the UltraSPARC processor and how Sun perceives HP launching an Opteron-based server.
        Sun Discounts Sun StorEdge 6000 Family Storage System
        Thirty Percent Off When Ordered with Certain Netra Servers, Sun Fire Servers

        Sun is running a promotion through September 30, 2004, on the Sun StorEdge 6000 family storage system, which it offers at a 30 percent discount when ordered with any 12-way or larger server from among either the Netra 1280 server or any one of the following Sun Fire servers: the E2900, E4900, E6900, E7900, E20K, E25K, V12809, 4800, 6800 12K or 15K.

        Sun StorEdge Availability Suite V3.2
        Documentation Translation to Various Languages Offered

        Sun StorEdge Availability Suite, version 3.2 L10N software includes documentation translated into Japanese, Korean, French, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. The English-only version of the software will be ended (EOL) and will the following: Sun StorEdge Availability Suite v3.1 media and 1 TB license for Sun StorEdge 6320, 6120, and 6020 systems and arrays.

        Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI Array and Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array Configurations and Repricing
        A Total of 56 New Configurations Announced

        A total of 56 additional configurations are being announced for the Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI array and the Sun StorEdge 3510 FC array. Twelve other hard disk drive options for the Sun StorEdge 3000 family are being significantly repriced.

        EOL: LTO1 FC Drive, Associated Parts
        Customers Urged to Purchase LTO2 FC Drive Instead

        The LTO1 FC Drive for the Sun StorEdge L180, L700, L5500 and Specific High-end Sun StorEdge Tape Solutions, plus a number of components associated with this drive, have been designated for End of Life by Sun. The last order date is May 14, 2004; the last ship date is August 13, 2004. Support for these components will continue for up to five years, however.

        Sun Studio 8 Software
        A Comprehensive, Integrated Development Environment

        Sun is releasing Sun Studio 8, a comprehensive, integrated development environment designed to help developers quickly and efficiently construct high-performance, scalable, open, high-quality applications. The solution is replacing Sun ONE Studio 8, Compiler Collection and Sun ONE Studio 7, Enterprise Edition for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).

        "Solaris 64-bit Developer's Guide"
        Overview, Assessing When to Convert Code, Etc.
        The developer's guide discusses how to determine whether an application is 32-bit or 64-bit, the similarities and differences between the 32-bit and 64-bit application environments and explains how to write code that is portable between the two environments.
        Sun Java Studio Wins Award
        Other Sun Products Make the List

        Many Sun products made the list of awards, including Sun Java Studio (formerly Sun ONE Studio) as Development Tool of the Year and the J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.1 for Wireless Development Product of the Year.

        Sun Java System Software 3.1 Download for Developers
        Tools for Writing Smart Application Agents

        There is a Sun Cluster 3.1 download for developers. Sun Cluster has been re-branded as Sun Java System Cluster software. Version 3.1 provides improved availability, scalability and manageability of application service deployments.

        Sun and The Joint Intelligence Center of the Pacific Join Forces
        Sun Ray, Trusted Solaris Protect Information For The Coalition Forces
        Sun Ray server software and the Trusted Solaris operating system have been supporting the coalition forces on the battlefield. The Joint Intelligence Center of the Pacific (JICPAC) tested thin-client devices to determine the feasibility of using this technology to relay information to soldiers in the field. The test pilot was a success.
        Java Technology-based Smart Cards Issued to Government Employees
        Department of Defense Common Access Card Program
        Phil Becker seems a bit nostalgic in his article "4.3 Million Smart Cards, Global Reach -- and it Works!" that appears in the November/December issue of Digital ID World. He recalls his work on the major projects of old -- the Titan missile systems, the Apollo Moon Landing -- where technology itself was driven and shaped by the scale of the projects. In the current Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC) system, Becker once again finds a project with the momentum to shape the very technology it is based on.
        Open Source Software Conference To Address Open Source and e-Government
        March 15-17, 2004, Washington, DC
        The General Services Administration (GSA) and The Center of Open Source & Government are co-sponsoring the "Unlocking Innovation for the Business of Government," conference scheduled March 15-17, 2004, at George Washington University in Washington, DC. The conference will focus on open source solutions and e-Government. Advanced registration $295, at the door $395.
        OASIS e-Government Technical Committee
        Forming and Adopting XML-based Standards and Best Practices
        The OASIS e-Government Technical Committee provides a forum for governments internationally to voice their needs and requirements with respect to XML-based standards and provides a mechanism for the creation of best practice documents and promotes the adoption of OASIS specs/standards within governments.
          New Product Marketplace
          Troika Networks Incorporate Certified Emulex HBAs in Products
          Emulex LightPulse 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel HBAs Approved

          Troika Networks has certified Emulex LightPulse 2 Gb/s Fibre channel host bus adapters (HBAs) for use within their products. Included in the certification are Emulex's LP9802 HBAs running on Solaris 7, 8 and 9 Operating System (Solaris OS); Windows 2000; and Red Hat Linux 7.2, 7.3 and 9.0 with Troika's K1600 and K800 Application Switches.

          IntaMission's AutevoSpaces -- Implementation of JavaSpaces Specification
          Download Free 30-Day Evaluation
          The first implementation of JavaSpaces specification is now available. AutoevoSpaces SSI by IntaMission is the first commercially available product to provide semantic consistency with Sun's JavaSpaces ensuring the correctness and flexibility of large distributed mission-critical applications.
          Virgin Megastores Selects WARP SpiderCache Software for Web Site
          Performance Benefits, Resource Utilization Win Virgin's Approval

          Virgin Megastores has selected WARP SpiderCache software to improve performance and scalability of its Web site and e-commerce operations in the UK. WARP SpiderCache was selected because of its performance specifications benefits and reduced hardware requirement. This software accommodates traffic spikes without compromising speed and response times, which is important for one of the Internet's top-rated Web sites. WARP SpiderCache includes Web server plug-ins for Apache servers on Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) or Linux.

          Cerberian Web Manager Receives OPSEC Certification
          Advanced Content Filtering Service Now Available for Check Point Customers

          Cerberian Web Manager received OPSEC certification from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. Organizations using Check Point Internet security solutions can monitor and enforce Internet access policies and enable administrators to install and manage Internet use. Through OPSEC certification, Cerberian Web Manager for Check Point VPN-1 integrates with Check Point's VPN-1 Pro and Express Next Generation with Application Intelligence software. Cerberian Web Manager for Check Point VPN-1 on the Next Generation platform is available for Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), Linux and Windows 2000.

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