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Reducing Complexity, Maintaining Corporate Agility, Keeping Technology Fresh
Three Major Concerns of Sun Microsystems' CIO H. William Howard

CIO Today writer Lisa Valentine drew some interesting responses from H. William Howard, CIO of Sun Microsystems, in a recent interview. Among the issues most important to Howard are reducing complexity, keeping technology current and maintaining corporate agility.

    Human Genome Project at Los Alamos National Laboratory Runs on Sun
    Solaris Operating System (SPARC Platform Edition) Provides Stable Base

    With a 14 GB database, the Department of Energy Human Genome Project (HGP) at Los Alamos National Laboratory unquestionably qualifies for the "heavy computing" label. According to DB Administrator Robert Sutherland, the database has doubled in size every 15 months since 1989 when sequencing work began. The Los Alamos HGP relies on Sun technology to keep itself up and running.

    Project Looking Glass Brings New Perspective to the Linux Desktop
    Sun Develops 3-D Windowing Solution for Linux, Solaris Operating System
    Sun is striving to bring something radically new to the open source desktop in the form of Project Looking Glass. First shown last month at LinuxWorld, Project Looking Glass offers a 3-D windowing capability to users that does not stack their windows one upon another and represent them with icons or buttons. Rather, solution, which works with both Linux and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), can display windows in a 3-D environment that can be manipulated as 3-D objects.
    Sun Management Center 3.5 Agent Update
    Best Practices for This Flexible, Intelligent Agent Deployment Solution

    The Sun White Paper "Sun Management Center 3.5 Agent Update" details the design, benefits and best practices of Agent Update. This agent deployment solution enables administrators to create software images of agent packages and patches, which it then automatically installs on multiple hosts simultaneously.

    Software Express Program Previews New Solaris Operating System Version
    Test Functionality, Features with Pre-release Download

    Preview an upcoming version of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) with Sun's Software Express program. With this program, downloading prerelease software allows users to experience true cutting-edge technology. Software developers and system administrators, who either port their applications or support Solaris OS environments, will find this application useful.

    Sun Configuration and Service Tracker 3.5
    Web-enabled App Delivers Higher System Availability

    Achieve higher levels of system availability with the Sun Configuration and Service Tracker 3.5 . This Web-enabled application tracks critical hardware and software events continuously allowing system administrators to perform root cause analysis, track system availability, detect system configuration changes and more.

    FOSDEM: Free and Open-Source Developers' Conference
    February 21-22, Brussels, Belgium
    Free and Open-Source Software Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM) is scheduled for February 21-22, 2004, in Brussels, Belgium. This free event offers the latest on free and open-source software developments. Six tracks are slated for FOSDEM's third annual meeting including accessibility, Java technology, Linux kernel, scripting languages, security and X & Co.
    Business Aspects of Open Source: OSBC 2004
    March 16-17, San Francisco, CA
    Decision-makers associated with businesses leveraging open-source software (OSS) may be interested in attending the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC), which will be held March 16-17, in San Francisco. Information will focus on the role and opportunities OSS has in current and future markets.
    Free and Open Source S/W
    KDE 3.2 Released, Download For Free
    Improved Performance, Usability and Appearance Enhance This Latest Version
    KDE 3.2 is now available with an integrated desktop and a comprehensive set of applications. As a leading open-source desktop software solution for Linux and UNIX, KDE 3.2 can be downloaded for free along with all source code and vendor supplied and supported binary packages.
    Open-Source -- The Next Generation
    Panel Discussion Reveals True Costs, Benefits of OSS

    Open-source software (OSS) is commonly referred to as "free", but it involves costs. But those costs are still less than proprietary software. This was the topic of discussion at the Nasscom 2004 technology forum titled, "Open Source-The Next Generation," which outlined the true costs and proven benefits of using OSS. The three-day event hosted over 900 delegates who debated over the industry's latest issues.

    OSDL Delivers Guidelines on Linux for Data Centers
    Consortium Aims to Foster Wider Adoption of Linux for Enterprise Use
    Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) has issued Data Center Linux (DCL) Technical Capabilities, version 1.0, a set of technical guidelines for the use of the open source operating system in running mission-critical enterprise applications on server platforms. With this document, and the forthcoming DCL requirements document for use by Linux distributors, enterprise users and developers of the Linux kernel, OSDL hopes to promote the adoption of Linux for large-scale IT initiatives.
    Education and Research
    Sun Provides Notre-Dame de la Paix University with End-to-end Grid Computing Solutions
    Hybrid System Offers both 32-bit and 64-bit Configurations
    Belgium's Notre-Dame de la Paix University, one of Europe's largest Jesuit Universities, finds computer technology to be a vital element for developing new research programs and evolving course content. When the university recently needed to upgrade chemistry and physics departments' computer systems, it turned to Sun for an 100 percent, end-to-end hardware and software solution.
    Colleges, Universities Accelerate Shift to Linux IT Infrastructure
    George Washington University Uses Linux in Data Center

    Caron Carlson reports in a recent article that George Washington University is one of the latest institutions of higher learning to commit its data center resources to replacing the resident Microsoft infrastructure technology with Linux. George Washington's CIO David Swartz explained that the continuing cost and burden of security patching Microsoft solutions drove the decision.

    Sun Introduces Java Technology Research License
    Relaxed Class of License Available to Schools, Universities, Certain Companies

    The Java Research License (JRL) is a new class of license designed by Sun to serve universities and researchers wishing to use Java technology as subject matter for research. The new class of license results from a relaxation of the term "research" as it previously applied to Sun Community Source Licensing (SCSL).

    IP Quality of Service (IPQoS)
    Article Looks at the Technology, Theory and Facts Behind IPQoS
    Sys Admin, a journal for UNIX and Linux system administrators, recently published an article about IP Quality of Service (IPQoS). IPQoS is designed to allow management of network traffic, and aims to control how much network bandwidth each application can use.
    Design, Features and Applicability of Solaris File Systems
    Sun BluePrints Online Article Offers a Taxonomy of File Systems

    A recent Sun BluePrints OnLine article, "Design, Features, and Applicability of Solaris File Systems," provides the reader with a taxonomy of file systems and highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of the different file systems. Author Brian Wong also offers some insight into the issues one should consider when making decisions regarding how to apply the set of file systems that are available for specific applications.

    Security Vulnerability in Check Point Firewall-1
    Hackers able to Execute Arbitrary Code with Administrative Privileges

    Check Point has announced a security vulnerability in the Check Point Firewall-1 that could allow a remote hacker to execute arbitrary code with administrative privileges. The exploit allows an attacker to take control of the firewall, and, in some cases, control the server it runs on.

    Enterprise Network Design Patterns: High Availability
    White Paper on How to Create Highly Available Network Designs

    A 37-page Sun BluePrints article, "Enterprise Network Design Patterns: High Availability," details how to create highly available network designs using Sun technologies and network switching/routers.

    "Java Servlet and JSP Cookbook"
    Useful Tips & Techniques for Java Technology Web Developers
    A new book by author Bruce W. Perry aims to provide useful tips and techniques that can be used every day, along with complete solutions to significant real-world Web application development problems. Readers can place these solutions directly into their own applications, and have over 230 code examples to choose from.
    "Linux Shell Scripting with Bash"
    The Linux Environment and its Strong Tool Set
    Ken O. Burtch's new book, "Linux Shell Scripting with Bash," aims to highlight professional scripting solutions through the use of structured programming and standard Linux development tools. The text delves into the Linux environment and the strong set of tools it contains.
    "Postfix: The Definitive Guide"
    A Guide to Harnessing the Full Power of Postfix
    A new book from O'Reilly takes a close look at Postfix, a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) software that mail servers use to route mail. The book takes the reader through basic configuration issues to the full power of Postfix, discussing an array of tasks, from virtual hosting to controls for unsolicited commercial email.
    "Security Warrior"
    Methods for Improving Information Security Techniques
    Authors Cyrus Peikari and Anton Chuvakin penned "Security Warrior" to better inform readers on how their systems can potentially be threatened. The book covers a range of topics, such as reverse engineering, SQL attacks, social engineering, antiforensics, and advanced attacks against UNIX and Windows systems.
    Java Technology
    Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.5 Beta 1 Release
    Improvements for Faster and More Secure Coding

    Beta 1 release of Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.5 ("Tiger") is now available for public download. New features include Java language updates, monitoring and management support, and a focus on rich clients for the desktop. The improvements are to support faster and more secure coding.

    Gosling Discusses Making Java Technology Development Easier
    The Role of Tools
    In a recent CNET interview with James Gosling of Sun, Gosling talked with Martin LaMonica about the Java Tools Community and making tools easier for developers.
    Projections for Increased Revenues from Java Technology and SMS-based Mobile Games
    From Juniper Research
    According to a report on mobile gaming by Juniper Research, SMS text-based games and rich-media Java technology based games are projected to generate over $9.7bn in mobile revenues by 2008. SMS based game downloads accounted for $1.5bn last year.
    API Specification for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.5.0
    Package Information

    For information on the packages in the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) version 1.5.0, see the list of all classes and packages on the Web site. Each package is described, as well as an interface summary and a class summary.

    "Architecture for Sun Netra CT 820 Server and Telecom Blades" White Paper
    Designed for High Availability Telecom Applications
    The white paper "Architecture for Sun Netra CT 820 Server and Telecom Blades" describes the Netra Telecom Blade platform, which consists of the carrier-grade Netra CT 820 server and Netra CP2300 Telecom Blades. With the improvements in per-server energy consumption and space delivered by the Netra Telecom Blade platform, organizations can increase resource utilization by flexibly responding to customer needs, leverage a shared infrastructure to increase availability, and reduce cabling complexity through a modular, plug-and-play platform.
    Sun and Alcatel Development Certified Platforms
    Alcatel 5620 Network Manager

    The Sun and Alcatel Development Certified Platform (DCP) Program ensures that end users receive the best-of-breed products and solutions. The Alcatel 5620 Network Manager is a carrier-class, multi-service network manager, capable of configuring and managing wireline and wireless networks.

    Sun, China Unicom and ZRRT to Deliver Mobile Data
    Using Java Technology and the UniJa Environment

    To deliver advanced mobile data, information and entertainment services to over 90 million China Unicom wireless subscribers, Sun has announced a new agreement with China Unicom and Beijing ZRRT Communication Technology (ZRRT). They will also develop a Java Technology Lab to evaluate the market and develop next-generation UniJa services.

    Netra Server Downloads Available
    Netra ct Platform Software 1.0 and Alarms Software

    Two software downloads are available for Netra servers: System Management Software for Netra ct 400/800 servers; and 64-bit Alarms software for the Netra t 1120/25 servers.

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