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Sun Unveils Industry's First Throughput Computing Systems
Sun Fire Enterprise Servers Nearly Double Performance at Little Cost
Sun has just introduced the first throughput computing systems in the industry with its Sun Fire Enterprise Servers that rely on the UltraSPARC IV processor and the Sun Java Enterprise System. The new family of servers combines the advances of throughput computing technology from the processor and SMP architecture with the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) and multithreaded applications.
Sun, AMD Deliver Sun Fire V20z Server
Runs Solaris Operating System, Red Hat and SUSE Linux
Sun has introduced a server, the Sun Fire V20z, that incorporates dual AMD Opteron x86 32-/64-bit processors and is capable of running the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition) as well as Red Hat and SUSE Linux at price lower than IBM's Opteron offerings.
Sun Fire Systems Family -- New Features and Solutions Released
Updates Feature Speed, Compatability, Affordability

The Sun Fire systems family continues to mature with innovations. A number of new products, features and solutions have been revealed including Sun's new family of throughput computing systems, the first Sun Fire system powered by the AMD Opteron processor, new industry standard blades powered by Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) or Linux and the N1 Grid System and more.

Five New Sun Reference Architectures and Solutions
To Help IT Departments Speed Time-to-service and Improve Business Performance

Sun is introducing five new Sun Reference Architectures and Solutions that are designed to help IT departments speed time-to-service and improve business performance. The Giga Information Group recently studied four Sun customers who realized gains of up to $7.8 million over a three-year period with the data warehousing Reference Architecture featuring SybaseIQ highly scalable analytic engine.

Sun's New Security Solutions, Technologies Fight Cyber Threats
New Services, SNAP and Advanced Board Features

At Sun's product launch, CEO Scott McNealy addressed the concern many customers have about security of computer systems by highlighting the security features in new Sun products such as the Reference Solution for Secure Network Access Platform (SNAP), expanded Sun Managed Security Services and advanced features for the Sun Crypto Accelerator 4000 board.

The Solaris 10 Operating System
Increased Performance & Optimal System Utilization
Sun previewed the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), the upcoming version of its OS to be available later this year for systems based on x86 UltraSPARC microprocessors. Early access versions will be available for download this summer. Solaris 10 OS will have over 600 new features.
Sun Developer Promotion: Get a Free Server
Sign up for the Java Enterprise Developer Promotion

Sun developers can get a free AMD Opteron-based server when they sign up for a three-year subscription for the software and hardware. The Java Enterprise Developer Promotion (US only promotion) ends June 30, 2004. Only members of the Sun Developer Network (SDN) program are eligible.

Next Release of Sun Java Enterprise System Scheduled for April
Interoperability, Enhancement of Features Define this Latest Version
The Sun Java Enterprise System 2004Q2 is scheduled for release in April with a 90-day free evaluation. This upcoming version offers increased platform support as well as availability, portal, identity, Web enablement, communications and collaboration services. An automatic term renewal will be offered each year based on the current number of employees.
Sun, Oracle Collaboration Excel in Performance on Scalability Test
Oracle Collaboration Suite with Sun Midrange Servers Offer Single, Enterprise-Wide Email Solution
Scaling from 5,000 to more than 52,000 email users during a scalability characterization test, Sun and Oracle Corporation proved that a single, enterprise-wide email solution to simplify business communication and consolidate information is plausible. These tests were conducted using the Oracle Collaboration Suite on a variety of Sun midrange servers.
Informatica to Offer Sun Java Enterprise System Pricing Model
Cost Effective Analysis of Large Volumes of Data
Informatica will offer the Sun Java Enterprise System pricing model for its PowerAnalyzer business intelligence software running on the Sun Java Enterprise System on Sun platforms.
Sun to Acquire Advanced Server Technology Company Kealia
Former Sun Co-founder, Andy Bechtolsheim, to Return to Sun

Sun plans to acquire Kealia Inc., a privately-held advanced server technology company co-founded by Andy Bechtolsheim who was a co-founder of Sun. This acquisition will bring to Sun computing technology that directly applies to Sun's systems business, as well as bring Bechtolsheim back to Sun.

Key Facts on the UltraSPARC IV Processor
Binary Compatibility and More

The dual-thread UltraSPARC IV processor marks the first milestone in Sun's Chip Multithreading (CMT) roadmap. Key highlights include binary compatibility with previous generations of SPARC processors and up to two times the application throughput of the UltraSPARC III processor.

Free and Open Source S/W
KDE 3.2 Released, Download For Free
Improved Performance, Usability and Appearance Enhance This Latest Version
KDE 3.2 is now available with an integrated desktop and a comprehensive set of applications. As a leading open-source desktop software solution for Linux and UNIX, KDE 3.2 can be downloaded for free along with all source code and vendor supplied and supported binary packages.
Open-Source -- The Next Generation
Panel Discussion Reveals True Costs, Benefits of OSS

Open-source software (OSS) is commonly referred to as "free", but it involves costs. But those costs are still less than proprietary software. This was the topic of discussion at the Nasscom 2004 technology forum titled, "Open Source-The Next Generation," which outlined the true costs and proven benefits of using OSS. The three-day event hosted over 900 delegates who debated over the industry's latest issues.

OSDL Delivers Guidelines on Linux for Data Centers
Consortium Aims to Foster Wider Adoption of Linux for Enterprise Use
Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) has issued Data Center Linux (DCL) Technical Capabilities, version 1.0, a set of technical guidelines for the use of the open source operating system in running mission-critical enterprise applications on server platforms. With this document, and the forthcoming DCL requirements document for use by Linux distributors, enterprise users and developers of the Linux kernel, OSDL hopes to promote the adoption of Linux for large-scale IT initiatives.
Sun Management Center 3.5 Agent Update
Best Practices for This Flexible, Intelligent Agent Deployment Solution

The Sun White Paper "Sun Management Center 3.5 Agent Update" details the design, benefits and best practices of Agent Update. This agent deployment solution enables administrators to create software images of agent packages and patches, which it then automatically installs on multiple hosts simultaneously.

Software Express Program Previews New Solaris Operating System Version
Test Functionality, Features with Pre-release Download

Preview an upcoming version of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) with Sun's Software Express program. With this program, downloading prerelease software allows users to experience true cutting-edge technology. Software developers and system administrators, who either port their applications or support Solaris OS environments, will find this application useful.

Sun Configuration and Service Tracker 3.5
Web-enabled App Delivers Higher System Availability

Achieve higher levels of system availability with the Sun Configuration and Service Tracker 3.5 . This Web-enabled application tracks critical hardware and software events continuously allowing system administrators to perform root cause analysis, track system availability, detect system configuration changes and more.

FOSDEM: Free and Open-Source Developers' Conference
February 21-22, Brussels, Belgium
Free and Open-Source Software Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM) is scheduled for February 21-22, 2004, in Brussels, Belgium. This free event offers the latest on free and open-source software developments. Six tracks are slated for FOSDEM's third annual meeting including accessibility, Java technology, Linux kernel, scripting languages, security and X & Co.
Business Aspects of Open Source: OSBC 2004
March 16-17, San Francisco, CA
Decision-makers associated with businesses leveraging open-source software (OSS) may be interested in attending the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC), which will be held March 16-17, in San Francisco. Information will focus on the role and opportunities OSS has in current and future markets.
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