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Sun Labs Offers the Brazil Project
Using Existing Standards and Protocol to Link People Securely to Web Content
January 19, 2004,
Volume 71, Issue 3

The Brazil Web application framework -- which is at the heart of the Brazil Project -- began as an extremely small footprint http stack, originally designed to provide a URL-based interface to smartcards, allowing them to be accessed more easily from an ordinary Web browser. The Brazil Project itself is a Web-based infrastructure that links people securely to information, computers and other devices leveraging existing standards and protocols.

A strong authentication architecture in the Brazil Project allows extranets to access intranets in an open environment without compromising security. The framework enables stand-alone systems to work together within the Web space. Users can take advantage of Web-based computing to dynamically control access to, and management of, corporate information systems and other digital data that represents, for example, state in physical space, door status, room temperatures, camera inputs, etc.

Experimental Stuff, the Web site, has been developed and deployed using the Brazil framework:

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