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Sun Java System
Access Control Capabilities and Configurations for the Sun Java System Application Server 7
Technical Details Article

The technical article by Jyri Virkki and Marina Sum provides a guide to implementing access control in Sun Java System Application Server 7 (formerly Sun ONE Application Server 7). Topics covered include an overview of access control, implementing access control on Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications and other security-related capabilities and troubleshooting tips.

Sun Java System Content Delivery Server 3.6 Software
White Paper Describes Software, Benefits, Uses

A Sun white paper outlines the capabilities of the Sun Java System Content Delivery Server 3.6 software (formerly Sun ONE Content Delivery Server) and describes how the solution addresses operators' need to successfully launch and maintain compelling mobile content services.

CA's Unicenter WSDM and Sun Java Enterprise System
Monitors and Manages Web Services Across an Enterprise

Computer Associates (CA) has created a Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) software-compliant observer for the Sun Java Enterprise System, delivering enterprise management of Web Services hosted on the Sun Java Enterprise System product line.

Sun Java System Portlet Builder 2.0 Download
Supports Java Specification Request 168

An evaluation copy of the Sun Java System Portlet Builder 2.0 is available for download. New features include support for Java Specification Request (JSR) 168. The JSR 168 specification offers developers a common industry method for pulling information into a Java platform-based portal.

Sun Application Performance Optimization Seminar
February 18-20, Hillsboro, OR

The next Sun Application Performance Optimization Seminar will be held February 18-20, 2004, at Sun Microsystems Customer Benchmarking HPC Center, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. This three day seminar will be given by Ruud van der Pas, one of the performance specialists in the Sun HPC team.

SunSHINE: Innovation to Implementation 2004
February 24-25, Orlando, FL
Sun and HIMSS first conference of the new year is scheduled for February 24-25, 2004, in Orlando, Florida. The "SunSHINE: Innovation to Implementation 2004" will present methods on optimizing patient care along with cost-efficient strategies, streamlined workflows and improved processes. IT's use to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery will be the focus.
BioAsia 2004 -- An Inaugural Event
February 26-28, Hyderabad, India
BioAsia 2004, the inaugural biotech event of the government of Andhra Pradesh, India, will take place February 26-28 in Hyderabad, bringing together important representatives of the biotech, pharma and allied industries for an opportunity to network, showcase products and services and develop new global business alliances.
    Education and Research
    Promotion: Sun Blade 1500 for Education
    Offer Good Until June 30, 2004
    Global education and research markets can take advantage of the Sun Blade 1500 workstation's 64-bit, high-performance features with a promotion that is in effect until June 30, 2004.
    Sun Academic Initiative Benefits
    Web-based and In-class Training on Sun Technologies

    As part of the Sun Academic Initiative (SAI), selected colleges and universities have signed up with Sun to become Authorized Sun Education Centers. These centers deliver training on Sun technologies to their students. The training is available in class or on the Web. Certification exams are also available for special prices.

    Sun Microsystems Inc. Biowolf Cluster Is Honored
    Ranked 29th In the United States
    The Delaware Biotechnology Institute (DBI), a Sun Microsystems Center of Excellence, is ranked 29th among academic installations in the United States with its Sun Microsystems Inc. Biowolf cluster. This ranking was announced at the 2003 International Supercomputer Conference held this past November 15-16 in Phoenix, Arizona. Internationally, DBI is listed as 218.
    Sun EduConnection Program
    Free Online Forum for Educators

    The Sun EduConnection Program is a free online forum for the education and research community that delivers valuable information on technology trends in education. EduConnection includes an email newsletter and access to Sun Net Talks.

      Java Technology
      Migration Tool for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.4
      Successfully Migrate from Several Source Application Servers

      The Migration Tool for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.4 Application Server is used to migrate J2EE platform-based applications that were developed on other J2EE application servers to the J2EE 1.4 Application Server, Developer Release.

      "Developing Multilingual Web Applications Using JavaServer Pages Technology"
      Article Examines Core Problems and Solutions

      Sun's Java technology Web site has published a lengthy, technical article by Norbert Lindenberg that focuses on "Developing Multilingual Web Applications Using JavaServer Pages (JSP) Technology." JSP technology is quickly becoming a favorite tool among Web application developers.

      Java Virtual Machine Profiling Interface Guide
      Documentation of Experimental Interface

      The JVMPI Guide gives an overview of the interface, the function call interface, event notification, JVMPI IDs, threading and locking issues, data communication between the profiler agent and front-end, interface functions, events, dump formats, data types, the HPROF profiler agent and code examples.

      TI and INRIA to Open a Java Technology Competence Center in France
      Project is the Culmination of a Five-year Effort

      Texas Instruments (TI) and the INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique) are collaborating to open a Java technology competence center in Rennes, France.

      New Product Marketplace
      JCredo JDO Professional and Enterprise Editions
      Solutions Enhance Performance in the Production Environment

      JCredo Java Data Objects (JDO) professional and enterprise editions are designed to enhance performance in the production environment. A full-featured standard edition offers developers the possibility of using professional JDO tools free of cost throughout 2004 while expanding the knowledge of JDO throughout the developer community.

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