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Java Technology
Download Java Software Development Kit
Learn What's New and Improved

Download the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) version 1.4 Software Development Kit (SDK) to get complete implementation and the latest specification developments. The J2EE 1.4 SDK includes the J2EE 1.4 application server, the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) as its foundation and various tools to help developers prototype J2EE applications.

Java Specification Request 175
A Metadata Facility for the Java Programming Language

Java Specification Request (JSR) 175 is designed to simplify providing auxiliary information for classes, interfaces, fields and methods. No current language mechanism exists for providing this kind of information. The specification should answer the growing trend towards annotating fields, methods and classes as having particular attributes that require specialized processing.

"Understanding JAXB: Java Binding Customization"
Article Explains How to Customize the Generated Bindings

In the article, "Understanding JAXB: Java Binding Customization," author Sayed Hashimi from explains what the Java Architecture for XML Binding software is and what it is used for today. The article takes a look at the different methods that can be used to customize the generated bindings.

JavaRanch: A Resource for those New to Java Technology
Forums, Tips and More

The JavaRanch Web site calls itself a "friendly place for Java greenhorns". The site offers forums, FAQs on programmer certification, list of books on Java technology (at the Bunkhouse), practice code (on the Cattle Drive), articles and tips (Campfire Stories), and more.

Sun Goes to Work on N1 Software Development Kit
Virtualization Interoperability with Third-party Solutions is the Goal

Martin LaMonica recently wrote a piece for zdnet on the implications for virtualization of N1 utility software. Sun is creating a software development kit (SDK) that will enable various technology providers to share information with N1 software-managed systems. The solution is expected to be ready for release in a year to 18 months.

Sun Outbids Microsoft in Sale to United India Insurance
Company Buys 10,000 User Licenses for StarOffice Software Office Suite

In a deal worth more than 20 million rupees, Sun has sold 10,000 user licenses for its StarOffice office suite to United India Insurance. Sun bested Microsoft, which had earlier sold some 8,000 user licenses of its Office solution to India's Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.

N1 Service Provisioning System Virtual Tour
Centralize Disparate Networks
Take a virtual tour of the N1 Service Provisioning System. The N1 Service Provisioning System adds the ability to provision applications into your existing infrastructure, while the N1 Provisioning Server provides the ability to manage physical devices as a pool of virtualized resources.
    StarOffice 7 Software End User Course Bundle
    Learn How to Make Text Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations

    Learn about StarOffice 7 software with courses on the suite and its modules: Calc for spreadsheets, Writer for text documents and Impress for presentations.

    Sun Renews and Expands O-In's Corporate License
    O-In Product Offerings Included with Assertion-Based Verification Suite

    Sun has renewed the corporate license of 0-In Design Automation, and will now include all 0-In product offerings along with its license for 0-In's Assertion-Based Verification (ABV) Suite. The decision is attributed to the ABV Suite's success at improving the verification process on projects throughout Sun.

    Sun Makes Strides Toward Chip-level Multithreading with UltraSPARC IV Processor
    Compatible with Sun Fireplane Interconnect, Solaris Operating System
    In his article for Microprocessor Report, Kevin Krewell of In-Stat/MDR examines the course Sun has set in its move toward chip-level multithreading (CMT) with the UltraSPARC IV processor, the early model of which he describes as a pair of enhanced UltraSPARC III cores sharing a systems bus, DRAM memory controller and an off-die L2 cache.
    UltraSPARC III Cu 1.2 GHz Uniboard Upgrades Promotion
    Offer Good Until March 30, 2004

    Trade in and upgrade existing UltraSPARC III 750 MHz, 900 MHz (Cu) or 1.05 GHz (Cu) Uniboards to receive a trade-in allowance of 35 percent towards the purchase of select new UltraSPARC III Cu 1.2 GHz Uniboards.

    EMEA Net Talk: Is Sun's Java Enterprise System Changing the Economics of Software?
    January 27, Online

    This Sun Net Talk on the Sun Java Enterprise System will feature Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president of Sun Software Group, and Roger Keyse, CTO of Sun Software EMEA, who will discuss the software, its licensing, price structure and examples of customer deployments in EMEA. The live talk will be on Tuesday, January 27, 2004.

    MatrixOne GCC2004
    February 1-6, Lake Buena Vista, FL
    The MatrixOne GCC200 conference will be held in Florida, February 1 - 6. The event will provide sessions on business solutions and technical implementation aspects of MatrixOne's product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions.
    Edge 2004 East Development Technologies Exchange Conference
    February 24-26, 2004, Boston, MA

    Sessions at Edge 2004 East developer conference will cover Java technology, Web Services, XML, MX and .Net. Edge 2004 East will be held in Boston, MA, February 24-26, 2004. The Java technology track will feature a session on the Sun Java Desktop System.

    Use the Sun Upgrade Pathfinder Tool to See Savings
    Upgrade Your Server and Profit from the Latest Sun Technology
    The Sun Upgrade Pathfinder tool can assist you in determining the best upgrade path from your existing Sun or non-Sun equipment to the latest Sun technology in servers (and workstations and storage products) and the percentage you can save.
    Auto Diagnosis and Recovery Features of Sun Fire 3800-6800 Servers
    Monitor System Health

    Auto Diagnosis and Recovery capabilities in Sun Fire 3800-6800 servers help detect system failures when they occur, deconfigure faulty components out of a system and automatically restore the system.

    Sun Installation Services for Sun Fire 3800-6800 Servers
    Get Your System Up and Running Smoothly

    Avoid the problems caused by improper installation and configuration of servers by having Sun trained engineers get your new Sun Fire 3800-6800 server set up correctly and quickly.

      Recent EOL Announcements
      Certain Internal Server Options and Optional Expansion Backplane

      Sun is discontinuing some server related products: DDS-3 internal server options, DDS-3 Flexipack and DDS-4 internal server option for Exx00 servers; and the optional expansion backplane with 6x36 GB disks for the Sun Fire V880 server.

      Solaris Volume Manager Software Performance Best Practices
      Sun BluePrints OnLine Article

      If exploring new ways to enhance storage capabilities, consider Solaris Volume Manager software. This software, featured in a Sun BluePrints OnLine document, offers soft partitioning and automatic device relocation, thus surpassing intelligent storage arrays with hardware RAID by enhancing storage management capabilities. Integrated within Solaris 9 Operating System (Solaris OS), no additional license fee is required.

      IP Filter Protects Heterogeneous Environments

      Excellent Features, OS Portability along with OS portability

      IP Filter, also known as ipfilter or ipf, offers excellent features along with OS portability for sites that need to protect heterogeneous environments. It performs a combination of stateful packet filtering and Network Address Translation (NAT) to protect a network's routers and individual hosts. IP Filter requires a 64-bit-capable compiler if the target machine runs a 64-bit kernel.

      Best Practices Case Study: How Sun Upgraded 1500 Servers to the Solaris 9 Operating System
      Binary Compatibility Proves to be Exemplary in Migration

      Solaris 9 Operating System (Solaris 9 OS) effectiveness and compatibility were tested in a recent Sun best practices case study. The goal was to migrate 1500 internal servers to the Solaris 9 OS within a six-month time period with an overall objective to simplify data center operations, reduce costs and improve service levels.

      memconf 1.57 Update Available
      Memory Module Analysis Tool for SPARC Processor-based Machines

      The new memconf version 1.57 memory module analysis tool for SPARC processor-based machines is now packaged on

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