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Sun, EDS Ease Storage Crunch at Goodrich Sensor Systems
Manufacturer Implements SAN-based Sun StorEdge 9960 Array

The decision by Goodrich Sensor Systems to implement the Oracle e-Business Suite 11i pushed an already strained storage system well beyond its limits. Goodrich and its IT partner EDS evaluated the offerings of Sun and another vendor of SAN technology, then chose Sun as the source for its new storage system.

Iron Mountain Inc. Morphs into Iron Mountain Digital Archives
Sun Services Implements Sun Java Web Services Solution

With the help of Sun Microsystems, Iron Mountain Inc., a records management and data and document archiving provider founded in 1951, transformed itself into the Iron Mountain Digital Archives. The firm's more than 150,000 accounts now have online access for records management that allows them to conduct search, storage management and retrieval operations of electronic records, emails, images, statements and other files.

Predictions from Papadopoulos for 2004
A PC for Less than $100 and the Rise of "Microsystems"

Sun's chief technical officer, Greg Papadopoulos, discusses the death of the microprocessor and the significance of that event within the technology industry. In addition to his microprocessor claim, Papadopoulos ventures several other predictions for the year 2004.

Trusted Solaris OS: Taking OS Security to a New Level
Built-in Security, Firewall, Encryption and More

The third part of the Reality Check series, "Security for Your Information Assets: The Trusted Solaris Advantage," describes how the Trusted Solaris operating system (OS) provides a new level of security. The article includes coverage of those features and capabilities not found on other major UNIX operating systems.

Sun's CTO John Fowler Discusses Linux, Java Technology and Open Standards
SYS-CON Radio Interview

In a recent interview with SYS-CON Radio, Sun Chief Technical Officer of software, John Fowler, discussed open standards, Linux, Java technology and Sun's contributions to the open source community with Kevin Bedell, editor and chief of LinuxWorld Magazine.

Java Technology
The Sun Java Desktop System
Viable Alternative to Windows
Sun Java Desktop System offers a comprehensive and secure enterprise desktop environment based on open source components and industry standards. Supported by Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and Linux, this simple-to-use system has file, folder and print interoperability with Microsoft Windows and Linux/UNIX environments at a cost of $100 per desktop or $50 per employee.
Java Programming Language Voted Best for Web Services by Developers
Java Technology Beats C# in Evans Data Survey

Developers chose the Java programming language as the best for Web Services development, according to a survey by Evans Data Corp. The Java programming language was selected as the preference in areas of flow control, syntax, object/memory separation, easy access to libraries and tight integration with XML.

Sun Certification Packages for Java Technology
Five-Day Accelerated Training Courses with Certified Experts

Comprehensive certification packages developed by Sun are economic solutions to becoming a Java technology programmer, developer, Web component developer or architect. These five-day sessions target C++ programmers who want to learn Java technology as well as seasoned Java technology aficionados wanting to advance their knowledge and career potential.

Free and Open Source S/W
Linux and Becoming Popular Desktop Alternative
Competitive Systems, Economic Value Enhance Product Interest

Open-source software is making inroads into major metropolitan areas by offering competitive operatings systems with long-term economic value. Linux has proven to be a popular favorite on networked systems; however, a recent trend has organizations, such as the city of Austin, Texas, vying for Linux to be utilized on desktops as well.

Localizing Open Source Software
People Working in their First Language

Factors contributing to the popularity of open source software in developing countries are the low cost and the ability to localize the software. Individuals contributing to the open source projects have found creative ways to speed up the process of localization.

Researchers Evaluate Success and Failure of Open Source Projects
UC Irvine, NSF Study NetBeans IDE, Mozilla, Apache & Others

Walt Scacchi, a computer science researcher at the University of California, Irvine, and others are researching open source projects to learn which processes are successful and what the business implications are for those considering adopting open source.

Sun Java Desktop System Changing Industry Standards
Comprehensive and Affordable Desktop Solution

Radical, industry-changing elements have advanced the Sun Java Desktop System to the cutting-edge of technology. This system delivers a fully integrated desktop software system that is interoperative with Microsoft Windows and Office. At a single cost for software, maintenance, support and training, the system is a smart business investment.

Sun Java Enterprise System Advances Enterprise Software Industry
Synchronizing IT Investments with Business Priorities
Synchronizing IT investments with business priorities is a primary goal for Sun Java Enterprise System in advancing the enterprise software industry. This system is designed to incorporate software and services so complex infrastructure software is integrated specifically to meet business network and economic needs.
Sun Java System Application Server 7, Enterprise Edition Course
Three-Day Course Covers Product Deployment and Administration

Sun is offering a Deployment and Administration course on The Sun Java System Application Server 7 (formerly Sun ONE Application Server 7) Enterprise Edition. The course's main goal is to familiarize attendants with the Sun Java System Application Server 7, Enterprise Edition product line, including its application servers and software.

NRF 93rd Annual Convention & Expo
January 11-14, 2004, New York City

The National Retail Federation's (NRF) conference will provide sessions on all aspects of retail operation. Speakers include H. Lee Scott, president and CEO of Wal-Mart Stores; panels sponsored by IBM, Intel, Accenture, Oracle and others. The event will be held in New York, January 11-14, 2004.

SANS Solaris Gold -- Tysons Corner 2004
January 23, Tysons Corner, VA
The SANS organization presents a course on securing the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) in Tysons Corner, VA, on January 23, 2004. Sign up soon to avoid an increased registration fee.
Java Freedom Software Symposium
February 20-22, Philadelphia, PA

Learn the latest trends, developments and best practices in Java software application development at the Java Freedom Software Symposium February 20-22, 2004, in Philadelphia, PA. Over 40 sessions will cover the role of XML, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), XML, Web Services, Agile Methodologies and Open Source.

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