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"Managed Services from Sun"
An IDC Report Looks at Benefits, Case Studies

A recent IDC report takes a look at "Managed Services from Sun," including the challenges of managing an IT infrastructure in-house and options for managing a technology environment. The report, written by analyst David Tapper, also focuses on Sun's ability to provide customers with a set of services to help manage and operate Sun technology and heterogeneous environments.

Project Looking Glass Demo
New Prototype Offers 3-D Windowing Capabilities

At the recent San Francisco SunNetwork 2003 Conference, Jonathan Schwartz, Sun's executive vice president, Software, demonstrated the new Project Looking Glass. The new Java technology-based development is designed to bring 3-D windowing capabilities to the desktop for a much richer user experience. The demo of the project is available on the Sun Web site.

Sun and the CFL Deliver Real-time Info at Grey Cup 2003
Fans and Media Benefit from Championship Game Content

The Canadian Football League (CFL) and Sun Microsystems of Canada recently joined together to offer football enthusiasts real-time play-by-play and game statistics from this year's Grey Cup Championship game held in Regina, Saskatchewan.

    Liberty Alliance Recognizes Nine Companies for Interoperability
    Companies Earn Usage of the "Liberty Alliance Interoperable" Logo

    Products and services from nine companies have successfully passed the first Liberty-sponsored conformance test, according to the Liberty Alliance Project, which develops open standards for federated network identity and identity-based Web Services. The companies are Ericsson, Nokia, NTT, NTT Communications, NTT Software, Phaos Technology, Ping Identity, Sun Microsystems and Trustgenix.

    Evolution Component of the Sun Java Desktop System
    Features Email and Calendar Functionality

    The Sun Java Desktop System includes many elements such as an office productivity suite, a Web browser and Evolution, an email and calendar solution.

    Asian and International Language Features of StarSuite 7 Software
    Vertical Writing Support and Bidirectional Text Support

    StarOffice software has an Asian trademarked name, StarSuite software. All the features of the StarOffice software apply to both products. New features in StarSuite 7 software include vertical writing support, text grid layout, Korean Unicode fonts and more.

    JuxMem (Juxtaposed Memory) Project
    Building a Data-sharing Service for Grid Computing

    The JuxMem project (meaning Juxtaposed Memory) is just one of the projects currently listed on the Project JXTA Community Web site. The experimental platform is being developed within the PARIS Research Group of IRISA and ENS Cachan/Brittany Extension in Rennes, France. The JuxMem project is used to build a data-sharing service for grid computing.

      Oracle AppsWorld
      January 26-29, San Diego, CA

      This year's Oracle AppsWorld conference and exhibition aims to comprehensively cover Oracle E-Business Suite strategies, business processes and technical directions. The event is designed to be a forum where Oracle customers and industry leaders can come together to meet with Oracle executives, developers and other customers and partners. Sun will be an exhibitor at the event.

      CeBIT 2004
      March 18-24, Hannover, Germany

      CeBIT 2004 aims to provide new momentum for the ICT market, showcase new products and solutions and generate new investments in the sector. Representatives of business, science, politics and media all attend the event to experience the latest industry trends. CeBIT 2004 will be held March 18-24 in Hannover, Germany.

      RSA Conference
      February 23-27, San Francisco, CA

      Registration has begun for the 13th Annual RSA Conference 2004, scheduled for February 23-27 at San Francisco's Moscone Center. More than 200 class sessions on solutions and best practices in identity and access management, perimeter defense, network forensics, hacks and threats and other related topics will be presented this year by a number of the industry's dignitaries.

      Fibre Channel Bridge (FC420) Rejuvenates Sun StorEdge L25, L100 Tape Libraries
      Direct SAN Connectivity Extends Competitive Edge of These Tape Libraries

      There is now an internal, PCI-based SCSI LVD-to-Fibre Channel Bridge (FC420 card), sold as an x-option, that provides connectivity to a SAN for the Sun StorEdge L25 and the Sun StorEdge L100 tape libraries. This bridge is needed only by those customers who require fibre channel connectivity for these two Sun StorEdge tape libraries.

      Sun StorEdge 9980, 9970 Arrays Get Memory Boost
      High Density Cache Memory, Shared Memory Module Improve Response Times

      A new high density cache memory feature from Sun allows upgrades to 128 GB of cache memory on the Sun StorEdge 9980 storage system and up to 64 GB on the Sun StorEdge 9970 system. There is also a new shared memory module that can extend capacity to 4 GB on the above mentioned storage systems when total cache memory capacity is 64 GB or more.

      Sun Releases 18 146 GB Configurations for the Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI Array
      Capacity Scales up to 5.2 TB When Run With Two Sun StorEdge 3310 Array Expansion Units

      There are now 18 new scalable 146 GB/10K RPM hard disk drive configurations available for the Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI array. Configured with 12 of these 146 GB drives, a Sun StorEdge 3310 array can provide 1.7 TB of raw storage capacity; configured with one or more RAID controllers and connected to two Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI array JBOD (expansion units), the array supports total raw storage of 5.2 GB, and it can do all of this in 6U of rack space.

      Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager 3.1 Software Features Enhanced Interoperability
      Multi-pathing Failover, Load Balancing Extends to Windows, IBM AIX

      Sun has extended the interoperability of Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager by enabling support for multi-pathing failover and load balancing use within the Windows 2003 server operating environment and making it interoperable by providing load balancing across all paths to symmetric storage devices within the IBM AIX 4.3.3 and IBM AIX 5.1 operating environments. In addition, it is now supported as well for failover use with Sun StorEdge 9900 arrays and within the Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS) configurations.

      Enhancements to Sun StorEdge Availability Suite 3.2 Include Remote Mirroring
      Data Continuance, Disaster Recovery Features are Strengthened

      The Sun StorEdge Availability Suite v3.2 comprises both point-in-time and remote mirror facilities. Now, a new release adds several performance enhancements in the areas of asynchronous and synchronous remote mirroring. Additional new enhancements include support for Sun Cluster software, the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and improved integration with Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup software.

      Free and Open Source S/W
      NetBeans IDE Functionality Demo and Intro to New Windowing System
      Enhancements Improve IDE

      A resource on the NetBeans IDE Web site illustrates the new windowing system in the IDE. A Flash demo highlights NetBeans 3.5.1 IDE functionality.

      Sun Software Support Services for
      Two Support Packages Available

      Sun will offer Sun Software Support services to users beginning December 15, 2003. This strengthens Sun's commitment to StarOffice software and open-source and standards-based software. It also offers customers another opportunity to reduce cost and complexity.

      Education and Research
      Sun Java Enterprise System Released for Worldwide Education, Research Markets
      Single Price Includes Software, Support, Maintenance

      The Sun Java Enterprise System is newly available to the worldwide global education and research market from Sun. This integrated enterprise network services software system is designed, developed and tested to provide a consistent experience to IT and business users across the value chain. Also included in the single price for the Sun Java Enterprise System for Education are support and maintenance.

      Sun Picks Kerala Campus as First Indian Regional Center of Excellence

      School Set to Open Data-intensive Global Grid Test Bed Management

      Sun has named the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management in Kerala (IIITM-K) as the fourth university in the world chosen to be a Regional Center of Excellence (COE) for E-Learning, according to a report by Cyber India Online Limited (CIOL).

      Sun Donates $1.5 Million to University of Toronto at Scarborough
      Grid Computers Power Digital Library and Accelerate Research

      Sun's $1.5 million contribution to the University of Toronto at Scarborough (UTSC) for the Academic Resource Centre (ARC) successfully came to fruition with last month's inauguration. Sun's significant donation included computer hardware, software and training. A cluster of leading-edge grid computers is one of the facility's highlights, which will accelerate cutting-edge research and technology.

      Unicon Offers Commercial Support for uPortal
      Global Access to Open Source Solutions

      uPortal release 2.1.4 by Java Architectures Special Interest Group (JA-SIG) will receive commercial support from Unicon Inc. beginning the first quarter of 2004. With Unicon's uPortal Support, institutions will receive rapid response, depth of knowledge about the uPortal framework, consistent availability and dependable service for specific uPortal support needs.

      Two Java Platform Programming Books
      Developing Games and Mobile Applications

      Two recently released publications examine Java technology development. "Developing Games in Java," is designed to help experienced Java technology programmers make fast, full-screen action games. "Enterprise J2ME: Developing Mobile Java Applications," tries to cover all the aspects of constructing industrial-strength applications with Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).

      "Learning XSLT"
      Step-By-Step Guide to Using XSLT

      "Learning XSLT," by Michael Fitzgerald, provides a hands-on introduction to XSLT and XPath with step-by-step instructions, allowing the reader to practice using the language while progressing through the book. Fitzgerald explains the differences between XSLT and more conventional programming languages as well as demonstrates how to transform XML documents into other types such as HTML.

      "Securing Solaris 8 & 9 Using the Center for Internet Security Benchmark"
      Security Techniques Guards Against Invasion

      "Securing Solaris 8 & 9 Using the Center for Internet Security Benchmark," (Version 1.0) helps users secure their Solaris Operating Systems (Solaris OS) from unwanted intrusions. This manual outlines a variety of techniques to ensure Solaris OS complies with the Solaris CIS Level-1 Benchmark.

      Two Books for Developers: Smart Cards, IP
      Smart Card Applications, 3GPP Packet Data Networks

      There are two forthcoming books from Wiley Publishers: One covers smart card technology, its current and future applications, terminals and architectures; the other discusses IP-based wireless networks.

      Java Technology
      Java Application Verification Kit for the Enterprise 1.4 Beta
      New Installation Wizard, Portability Features

      The Java Application Verification Kit (AVK) for the Enterprise 1.4 Beta features a new installation wizard and portability features for testing Web Services. The AVK tool assists developers in testing applications for correct use of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) APIs and portability across J2EE platform-compatible application servers.

      OSGi Alliance Forms New Mobile Expert Group
      Members Aim to Promote Next-generation Mobile Java Technology Solutions

      The newly formed Mobile Expert Group, an offshoot of the OSGi Alliance, is a working body charged with the task of enabling and promoting next-generation mobile Java technology solutions. Members include such corporations as Sun Microsystems, Motorola, Nokia, Oracle, IBM, Siemens VDO Automotive and BMW.

      "Securing Linux Systems with Host-Based Firewalls"
      A Protective Layer Against Internal and External User Risks

      A recent Sun BluePrints article tries to provide its readers with instructions for building a host-based firewall that can serve as a protective layer against risks posed by both internal and external users. Readers of the article should also gain a better general understanding of construction methods for host-based firewalls and a specific understanding of Linux-based firewalls.

      Recent Security Vulnerability Alerts
      Solaris Operating System, Linux, RSync

      Recent security vulnerabilities covered here include an RSync daemon alert, a Linux kernel alert, a security vulnerability in Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) printing, a buffer overflow and a text editor alert.

      Financial Services
      Free Workshops on FIX and SWIFT
      Help Define Future Networking Goals

      Two free workshops sponsored by Sun (a $10,000 market value) are being offered to corporations strategizing about market connectivity. "The FIX Implementation Workshop" and "The SWIFT Migration Workshop" are customized half-day working sessions with a FIX and/or SWIFT expert who will address issues concerning corporate high-level issues, goals, success criteria, requirements and current IT environment.

        Financial Fusion Consumer Banking Solution 5.0

        Offers Integrated, Multi-Channel Delivery Solution integrated, multi-channel delivery solution for retail banking

        Consumer Banking Solution 5.0 by Financial Fusion is a comprehensive Web-based account and payment management system offering a fully integrated, multi-channel delivery solution for retail banking. It is based on the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE).

        Hungary's Largest Bank Implements Sun, BEA Technology
        Internet Banking Delivers Cost-Effective, Time Saving Solutions

        Hungary's largest retail bank selected Sun and BEA to advance their banking technology using BEA WebLogic technology based on the Java application environment. National Savings and Commercial Bank of Hungary (OTP Bank) officials choose Sun due to its servers and Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) superior performance running BEA WebLogic.

        New Product Marketplace
        UnityOne Intrusion Prevention Appliances
        Featuring Peer-to-Peer Piracy Prevention

        UnityOne intrusion prevention appliances from TippingPoint search the network at multi-gigabit speeds to filter and block malicious traffic before damage occurs. One of the key features is the Peer-to-Peer Piracy Prevention.

        WANSync[HA] High Availability Provides Failover Capability
        Maintains Identical Replicas of Complete Database and Application Servers

        XOSoft's new WANSync[HA] boosts information infrastructure high availability with application-aware automatic failover on a global scale, even across multiple IP networks. WANSync[HA] is supported on Solaris 7 and 8 Operating System (Solaris OS), Windows and Linux kernel 2.2 and higher. WANSync[HA] is SunTone certified.

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