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Sun Java Identity Server 6.1 Offers New Identity Management Features
Promises Increased Revenue Streams, Reduced Risk, Complexity

The new minor release of the Sun Java System Identity Server 6.1 (formerly Sun ONE Identity Server 6.1), an integral part of the Sun Java Enterprise System, is the first commercially available identity management product to support both Liberty v. 1.1 and SAML 1.0, providing enterprises and service providers with the possibility of increased revenues and efficiencies.

StarOffice 7 Office Productivity Suite Debuts in India
Price, Cross-platform Support Threaten Microsoft Office Market Segment

The CIOL, a Cyber Times newsletter published in India, recently reported on the availability in that country of the Sun Microsystems StarOffice 7 Office Productivity Suite and the implications of that development for the market share currently enjoyed by Microsoft Office.

Beta Program Participants Sought for StarOffice 7.0 Calc Application Add-in for Hyperion Essbase
Benefits Include Cost Savings and Compatibility with Microsoft Office

Applied OLAP Inc. is seeking participants in a beta program to add in the StarOffice 7.0 Calc application to Hyperion Essbase. StarOffice Calc is the spreadsheet component to the StarOffice 7.0 Suite offered by Sun Microsystems. It offers significant cost savings over other office software suites.

Sun, AMD Execs Discuss Agreement to Build Opteron-based Sun Systems
Sun Sees Move as Extending Range of Choices for the User

Patrick Thibodeau wrote a Q & A for Computerworld that provided Neil Knox, executive VP for volume systems products at Sun and Dirk Meyer, senior VP of computational products at AMD, a forum to discuss the recent agreement under which Sun will begin shipping systems with AMD's Opteron processor, which can run both 64-bit and 32-bit applications. Customers will be able to choose between Linux and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).

Sun Introduces Two New Netra Server Motherboards
SX1500 and SX2500 Offer OEMs Entree to UltraSPARC IIIi Technology

Sun introduced two new motherboards for the Netra server line at SunNetwork Berlin 2003. They are the SX2500 and the SX1500 motherboards. The introduction of these boards gives embedded OEMs and system integrators direct access to the latest dual-processor UltraSPARC IIIi technology.

SX2500 Board for Graphics-intensive Applications
Multi-Processing Power in a Board-based Package

The SX2500 board gives OEMs a flexible platform for embedded applications, including image and visualization, design and analysis, and telecommunications. The SX2500 board features two 1.28-GHz UltraSPARC IIIi processors with 64-bit application performance. It can support up to 16 GB of DDR-1 ECC memory so larger data sets can be stored directly in RAM and accessed quickly.

SANS Biscayne Bay 2004
January 12-17, Miami, FL

The SANS Biscayne Bay 2004 conference will offer several tracks for those interested in computer security, including: SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp and the CISSP 10 Domains; Firewalls, Perimeter Protection and VPNs; and Auditing Networks, Perimeters and Systems. The event will be held in Miami, FL, from January 12-17.

HIMSS Conference & Exhibition
February 22-26, Orlando, FL

The HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Conference and Exhibition offers a vast range of education sessions, interactive workshops, roundtable discussions and over 700 exhibitors. Over 20,000 professionals, primarily decision-makers and decision-influencers, are expected to attend. As a Diamond member of HIMSS, Sun will be actively involved in the conference.

March 22-24, Atlanta, GA

The CTIA WIRELESS 2004 event is considered one of the largest wireless events in the world and the largest telecommunications event in the U.S. The event brings together attendees from an array of industries in more than 80 countries around the world, including providers, users, developers, buyers and manufacturers.

Upgraded MPO Kits for Sun Fire 12K-15K Servers
Increased Benefits for High-Performance Technical Computing

Three Memory Placement Optimization (MPO) upgrade kits for the Sun Fire 12K and Sun Fire 15K servers will be replaced with new kits to enable the servers to take advantage of the MPO feature in the Solaris 9 12/02 Operating System (Solaris OS) or higher versions.

Sun Fire Visual Grid Solution Installation and User's Guide
Recommended for Experienced Administrators

The Sun Fire Visual Grid Solution Installation and User's Guide describes the installation of the Sun Fire Visual Grid system that consists of the networking interconnect of Sun Fire 4800/6800 Visual Grid computers and Sun Fire V880z Visual Grid computers through Sun XVR-4000 graphics accelerators.

Sun Java System Web Server, Sun Fire Server Licenses Offered at Discount
Solution Beats Out Apache, Microsoft IIS on Security, Speed

Discounts of up to 87 percent are currently available on Sun Java Web Server (formerly Sun ONE Web Server) licenses purchased with the Sun Fire V210, V240, V250, V60x, V65x or Sun Blade B200x servers. Special prices are also available on Sun Software Support contracts which can be purchased at special prices. The promotion expires on June 30, 2004.

Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.0 Has Host of New Features
Solution can Provide the Foundation for Unified Messaging of Voice and Fax

A new version of the Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.0 (formerly Sun ONE Messaging Server 6.0) is now available with such added features as LTMP, streamlined MTA API, Brightmail and Spamassassin support, two-way SMS, flexible message aging and purge capability, and updated shared components, including support of Administration Server 5, among others. With these features, the solution is more powerful and versatile than ever.

Sun Fire Visual Grid System Builds on Sun Fire Servers
Available for High Performance Technical Computing, as well as Visualization

The Sun Fire Visual Grid Software, the Sun Fire Visual Grid Interconnect and the Sun Fire 6800 or Sun Fire 4800 servers with one or more Sun Fire V880z servers together make up the Sun Fire Visual Grid System, a scalable, flexible system the high-end visualization market can use for collaborative and immersive work group and large group visualization environments, as well as for high-performance computing solutions with integrated visualization requirements.

Sun, Red Hat Move to Embed Native Management Tools into Solaris Operating System, Linux
Planning, Assembly and Maintenance of Storage Networks Becomes Simpler

Sun and Red Hat plan to build native management tools into their respective operating systems, which will simplify the job of assembling and maintaining storage networks controlled by either the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) or Linux. With fewer ports to write, providers should appreciate faster product launch times, according to a report by eWeek.

Sun StorEdge 6120 Array Available In New Configurations
Updated Management Software for the Sun StorEdge 6000 Family

The Sun StorEdge 6120 array is now available in new configurations while the entire Sun StorEdge 6000 family benefits from updated management software. The new configurations are aimed at Sun mid-range storage customers who desire scalable hardware RAID Fibre Channel storage.

Brocade Fabric Manager 4.1
To Manage Multiple Brocade Silkworm Switches and Fabrics

Sun is releasing Brocade Fabric Manager version 4.1, an application designed to manage multiple Brocade Silkworm switches and fabrics. The solution offers the essential functions for efficiently configuring, monitoring, dynamically provisioning and managing Brocade SAN fabrics through its single-point management platform.

Developers Web Site Continues Improvement
New Collaborations, Features Added

Sun is continuing to improve on its recently released Web site The Source for Developers by incorporating three more developer-oriented sites -- Java technology, developer and wireless sites. The site provides tools, the latest technologies and expertise for professional developers, system administrators, test and support engineers who use a variety of online and offline resources.

Developer Web Camps Available on Audiocast
Learn About Servlets, JavaServer Pages, Programming for the Java Card API and More

A number of code camps of interest to developers are available, including: JavaServer Pages and Servlets Programming; Advanced Servlets and JSP Technology Programming; Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Programming with Passion; Programming the Smallest Java Card Platform; and A Quick Overview of Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4 Features.

Sun Java Studio Creator Undergoes Test Run
The Simplified, Visual Development Tool Increases Productivity

Sun Java Studio Creator, designed to assist developers in expediting the creation of business-critical applications, is undergoing consumer testing to refine the application and its support infrastructure to ensure the product's effectiveness and efficiency. Formerly known as Project Rave, Java Studio Creator incorporates the Java platform with a simplified development model to improve developer productivity for Java technology applications.

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