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Sun Provides Jessops with Point of Sale System, Enterprise Learning Platform
Implementation is Projected to Result in Savings over Two Million Pounds

Sun is providing Jessops, the largest independent photographic retailer in the UK, with a Point of Sale (POS) enterprise management system that is projected to deliver overall cost savings of some two million pounds. The infrastructure will include the largest implementation of the StarOffice office productivity suite in the UK, plus the first deployment in that country of the Sun Enterprise Learning Platform for staff training and turnover reduction.

Infineon Consolidates Supply Chain Management on Sun Infrastructure
Solaris Operating System, Sun Fire 15K Servers Cut Monthly Costs

Semiconductor manufacturer Infineon has consolidated its supply chain management (SCM) and data warehouse solutions on the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) running on two 32-processor Sun Fire 15K servers. Infineon estimates average monthly savings of EURO 30,000 from this implementation.

Sun & Genome Institute of Singapore Launch New Center of Excellence
Focus on Digital Biology Puts Biologists in the Bioinformatics Picture

In collaboration with the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), Sun has opened its newest Sun Center of Excellence, which is named the Sun-GIS Center of Excellence in Digital Biology, where yet more scientists in the burgeoning field of computational biology will enjoy Sun's support of the advanced technology required for work in this area.

Special Broadcasting Service Launches SMS Alert Option for Australian Viewers
SBS Reminds Viewers of Broadcast Times via Mobile Phone

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), the Australian multicultural, multilingual broadcasting service, has a new feature using technology from Sun that sends a message to audience members' mobile phones to remind them of air times for programs they want to be sure not to miss.

    Sun's European Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Test Center
    Facility will be Located in Scotland

    Sun plans to open an European Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) test center in Scotland. The 12,000 square foot facility is designed to help European-based companies test their RFID solutions, allowing them to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. The test center should open by February, 2004.

    Sun Alliance with AMD Extends Line to High-performance x86 Products
    Expect High Performance Computers at a Lower Cost

    The recently formed alliance between Sun and AMD will enable Sun to offer a complete line of x86 systems that scale out -- from 32- to 64-bits, and from single systems to entire compute farms. Sun will add AMD's complete portfolio of Opteron microprocessor-based servers running the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), Linux and the Sun Java Enterprise System to its entry-level family of UltraSPARC processor and Xeon-based x86-based systems, all at affordable prices.

    Paying Off Nicely  CertMagÂs 2003 Salary Survey
    Swiss IT Professionals Top Earnings; U.S. Comes in at Number Two

    In the publication's latest salary survey of certified IT experts, Certification Magazine once again discovered that earning and maintaining professional certifications has a positive impact on salary levels. The average respondent reported 3.2 professional certifications, adding one new credential on average in the past year. This group reported earnings of $62,540 in 2003, up from the 2002 average of $60,560.

    Two New Sun Software Courses Available
    Sun Java System Application Server 7, Enterprise Edition and StarOffice 7 Software

    Sun is offering the following two new courses: Sun Java System Application Server 7, Enterprise Edition (formerly Sun ONE Application Server): Deployment and Administration course and StarOffice 7 Kickstart course. The former provides students with the skills necessary to install, tune and troubleshoot the software, while the latter offers students the ability to migrate to the StarOffice 7 application suite.

    Macromedia Flash Player 7 Now Integrated with Sun Java Desktop System
    Pre-Installed into the Mozilla Browser

    Macromedia Flash Player 7 is now part of the Sun Java Desktop System as a result of its being installed in the open-source browser Mozilla. Users can view Flash content without the need to install the player separately.

    Updates for the Solaris Operating System and Trusted Solaris Software
    Customers Benefit from New Features

    Sun is adding several updates to its Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) as well as new support for the Trusted Solaris Operating System (Trusted Solaris OS). Sun is also touting the improvements found in the latest Solaris OS distributions such as performance improvements, increased security and breakthrough diagnostic capabilities.

    Webinar: Developing Wireless Applications using MIDP 2.0, WMA and MMA
    December 9, Online

    A Webinar on December 9 will focus on "Developing Wireless Applications using MIDP 2.0, WMA and MMA." The session will cover these recent updates to the core Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), and look at how to use J2ME Wireless Toolkit to take advantage of next generation J2ME platform features.

    Jupiter Content Management Conference
    February 2-4, 2004, San Jose, CA

    The Jupiter Content Management Conference & Expo aims to provide strategic, tactical and market insight into the enterprise so attendees can cost-effectively evaluate, implement and manage content management technologies. The conference will be held February 2-4, in San Jose, CA.

    Connectathon 2004
    February 19-26th, 2004, San Jose, CA

    The 14th annual Connectathon event is set for February 19-26, 2004, in San Jose, CA. This once-a-year opportunity provides a unique forum for testing software and hardware interoperability, allowing vendors to test their interoperability solutions. Special emphasis this year will be on NFS and Internet protocols.

    Guide to Migrating from Tru64 UNIX to Solaris Operating System
    Methodology, Tools and Best Practices

    "Migrating to the Solaris Operating System: Migrating From Tru64 UNIX," a Sun BluePrints OnLine article, presents a mock case study to illustrate the methodology, tools and best practices used to migrate a Tru64 environment to a Solaris OS environment. The article is the tenth chapter from "Migrating to the Solaris Operating System."

    Hardware Replication
    Article Examines Challenging Aspects

    The Sun BluePrints OnLine article, "Hardware Replication Challenges," by Selim Daoud, looks at a number of topics relating to hardware replication issues. The article examines how to access, on a single host, both primary and secondary (replicated) data, using ShadowImage on the Sun StorEdge 99x0 systems and the VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM).

    "Apache Cookbook" Offers Code Samples for Immediate Use
    Contents Extend from Basic to Complex Web Services Tasks

    Ken Coar and Rich Bowen's "Apache Cookbook" is described in O'Reilly's press release as "...a collection of problems, solutions, and practical examples for Webmasters, Web administrators, programmers and everyone else who works with Apache. For every problem addressed in the book, there's a worked-out solution or "recipe" -- short, focused pieces of code that you can use immediately. But this book offers more than cut-and-paste code. You also get explanations of how and why the code works, so you can adapt the problem-solving techniques to similar situations."

    "SQL Tuning" Offers Essential Approach to Tweaking Database Applications
    Readers Will Learn How to Optimize System Performance

    In "SQL Tuning" author Dan Tow outlines a timesaving method he's developed for finding the optimum execution plan -- rapidly and systematically -- regardless of the complexity of the SQL or the database platform being used. The book provides an essential next step for SQL developers and database administrators who want to extend their SQL tuning expertise and get the most from their database applications.

    Integrating Wireless Technology in the Enterprise:
    PDAs, Blackberries and Mobile Devices

    "Integrating Wireless Technology in the Enterprise: PDAs, Blackberries and Mobile Devices" is a new title from Elsevier by William Wheeler written for IT staffers charged with assessing, purchasing and integrating wireless devices into the overall enterprise IT infrastructure. Wheeler provides a solution that every enterprise can use, described in terms of scope, feasibility and return on investment, architecture and data structures.

      "Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT"
      How to Move an IT Organization from Planning to Practice

      Michael Erbschloe's book "Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT" concedes that there has been a heightened awareness of security issues as they affect IT ever since the 9/11 attack. He proceeds from there, however, to address the numerous questions that remain to be answered concerning what organizations should actually do to protect their assets and their people while participating in national efforts to improve security. This book provides practical steps that IT managers in all organizations and sectors can take to move security from the planning process into practice.

      Java Technology
      Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.4 Developer Release
      Gives Developers Powerful New Web Services Design Tool

      The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Version 1.4 Developer Release gives developers the ultimate in Web Services design tools. The J2EE 1.4 SDK comes with the J2EE 1.4 platform application server -- the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) as its foundation -- and various tools to help developers prototype J2EE platform applications and learn about the J2EE platform and technologies. The J2EE 1.4 Platform Tutorial and Java BluePrints are now available for download.

      Q and A: J2EE 1.4 Specification -- The Gold Standard for Web Services
      Mark Hapner Provides Background on the Latest Specification

      Mark Hapner, J2EE 1.4 Specification Lead and Web Services strategist at Sun, has written a brief in Q&A format on what he calls "the Gold Standard for Web Services," which is available on the Web site.

      New Product Marketplace
      Superscape's Swerve Technology Delivers Interactive 3D to Mobile Devices
      Swerve Brings JSR 184-compliant Solution to Wireless Developers

      Superscape has developed Swerve technology for the creation of 3D on mobile devices. The applications built by Superscape on Swerve technology include Swerve Client and Swerve Author. Swerve is compliant with JSR 184 and recently won the JavaOne/Sun Excellence Award for the most innovative JSR.

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