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Factory Installations Now Available for Sun Java Enterprise System
Sun Customer Ready Systems Program Reduces Deployment Time

Through the Sun Customer Ready Systems (CRS) program, the Sun Java Enterprise System can be factory installed and configured on Sun hardware. Sun hardware can be factory-integrated with custom options, systems can be racked, cabled and delivered to the customer's site as a "ready-to-deploy" system.

Sun Management Center Change Manager 1.0.1
Simplifies and Speeds Up Software Stack Configuration and Management

Sun Management Center Change Manager 1.0.1 is a tool designed to allow administrators to manage and provision software configurations as a single, integrated software stack. What's more, combined with Solaris Live Upgrade software, Sun Management Center Change Manager enables software upgrades or changes to servers while they continue to operate. An easy rollback to the previous configuration is also possible in the event of a system failure.

Inca X Announces Jini 2 Plugins for NetBeans IDE
Create and Deploy Jini 2 Technology Services to Remote Hosts

NetBeans IDE and Eclipse users now have access to the Jini technology service creation tools and the service deployment and management semantics of the Inca X platform. Developers can create and deploy Jini 2 technology services to remote hosts.

LinuxWorld Conference and Expo
January 20-23, New York, NY

LinuxWorld Conference and Expo will bring together participants from all over the world interested in Linux and other open source technologies. Linux is able to offer enterprises enormous cost savings, efficiencies and considerable reliability benefits. The event will be held January 20-23, in New York.

COMDEX Scandinavia 2004
January 20-22, Göteborg, Sweden

COMDEX Scandinavia 2004 will include five keynote speakers along with 60 other speakers focusing on highly topical areas. Several strategic tracks and technical tracks will be available, including Digital Enterprise, Industrial IT and IT Security. The event will take place January 20-22, in Goteborg, Sweden, with Sun as an exhibitor.

Net Talk: StarOffice 7: Breaking the Microsoft Habit
December 11, Online

An upcoming Sun Net Talk will focus on "StarOffice 7: Breaking the Microsoft Habit." The online event will look at how users can take advantage of the new features and cost savings offered by StarOffice 7 software by migrating off Microsoft.

Open Source Summit and Expo
December 11, Burlingame, CA

The Open Source Summit and Expo aims to take a wide ranging look at the technology and business aspects of open source software. The event will include two keynote presentations and four panels on business and technology issues as well as a question and answer follow-up discussion with the audience.

Entry Level Servers
Custom Hardware Designed: Sun Fire B10p SSL Proxy Blade
Full Duplex Dual Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity

Lower the cost and complexity of SSL processing with the Sun Fire B10p SSL Proxy Blade. Features include full duplex dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, seamless integration with the Sun Fire B1600 Blade Platform, tamper proof keys and certificates and more.

IT Budget Shift Drives Extended Supply-Chain Management

U.S. companies have shifted their IT expenditures from the core or internally oriented technologies to the edge of the enterprise, where they are spending on supply-chain mangement (SCM), distributed order management, collaborative planning and forecasting and collaborative logistics. The Yankee Group determined that spending in these latter areas had increased by as much as 75 percent while overall IT budget growth was only 3.7 percent.

    Promotion: Save on SAN Switches from McData, Brocade & Sun StorEdge
    More Ports for No Additional Cost

    Select fibre channel switch products from Brocade, McData and Sun's OEM switch vendors are on a limited time promotion. This is a limited time offer and is only available for orders placed during the promotion period November 11, 2003, through March 31, 2004.

    Factory Configurable Options for the Sun StorEdge L8 Autoloader
    Choice of LTO gen 1, LTO Gen 2 or SDLT 320 SCSI Drives

    Factory configurable options are now available for the Sun StorEdge L8 tape autoloader. It is available with a choice of LTO gen 1, LTO Gen 2 or SDLT 320 SCSI drives. It can be installed in the Sun StorEdge 72", Sun Fire or Sun 900 rack, utilizing the factory configurable Sun StorEdge L8 rackmount kit.

    146 GB Drives for the Sun StorEdge 9960 and Sun StorEdge 9910 Systems
    Lower Cost per Gigabyte

    146 GB 10K RPM hard disk drives (HDD) are available for the Sun StorEdge 9960 and Sun StorEdge 9910 systems, doubling the capacity for these systems. This raises the maximum raw capacity of the Sun StorEdge 9960 system to almost 75 TB and gives the Sun StorEdge 9910 system almost 7 TB in a single integrated controller/array cabinet.

    Education and Research
    First Sun Center of Excellence in Pervasive Computing in Hong Kong
    City University of Hong Kong Receives Donation from Sun

    Recently, City University (CityU) of Hong Kong and Sun formed the first Sun Center of Excellence (CoE) in Pervasive Computing in Hong Kong. Sun donated over HK$11 million in hardware equipment and Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) software packages to CityU to enhance research efforts and assist students learning about pervasive computing.

      Announcing the Sun EduConnection Program
      Get the Email Newsletter, Net Talks and More

      The Sun EduConnection Program is a free online forum for the education and research community that delivers valuable information on technology trends in education. EduConnection includes the EduConnection email newsletter, Sun Net Talks, Expert Exchanges and special offers.

        Grid Engine Presentations Available from Workshop in Regensburg, Germany
        Grid Engine 6.0 Development

        Grid Engine users and developers from research and industry met in Regensburg, Germany, Sept. 22-24, 2003, to exchange information, ideas and experiences. The workshop covered a wide variety of topics around Grid Computing in general and Grid Engine in particular. Presentations are available.

        Download DTrace, Solaris Operating System Dynamic Tracing Guide
        Diagnoses Problems in System Performance

        DTrace is a comprehensive dynamic tracing framework for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) that provides a powerful infrastructure to permit administrators, developers and service personnel to concisely answer arbitrary questions about the behavior of the operating system and user programs. The most recent draft of the Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) Guide is available as a 1 MB PDF download from the BigAdmin services system administration portal.

        Keeping Current with Scheduled Changes in the Solaris Operating System
        Solaris Next, Solaris Express Help Users Stay up to Date reporter Michael Singer explained Sun's new strategy for introducing Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) refinements, which includes such programs as Solaris Next and Solaris Express.

        Solaris 9 Operating System Labeled a Comprehensive Operating Environment
        Changes, Improvements Add Up to More than an Enhanced Solaris 8 OS

        More than a year ago (New Architect, October 2002), Stephanos Gosling wrote about the Solaris 9 Operating System (Solaris OS), describing the experience of installing and running the new version from the perspective of a veteran user of Solaris 7 OS and Solaris 8 OS. All indications are that Gosling's experience is being borne out by subsequent users of Solaris 9 OS. Article [11546] in this news report's archives concerns a Sun Net Talk on migrating to Solaris 9 OS that should also be of interest.

        Hitachi HiCommand Tuning Manager, Hitachi HiCommand Suite
        Two New Courses from Sun

        Two new courses available from are Hitachi HiCommand Tuning Manager and Hitachi HiCommand Suite. These offerings will be of interest to Storage Administrators, SAN Solutions Architects, IT Professionals, Marketing Representatives, System Support Engineers, Software Consultants, Technical Support Engineers, Customer Engineers and anyone who needs to have in-depth knowledge of the Hitachi HiCommand Suite software.

        "The Art of UNIX Programming"
        UNIX, Linux and the Open Source Software Development Community

        The "Art of UNIX Programming" is written by noted author Eric S. Raymond, but includes a host of contributions from well known UNIX names such as Ken Thompson, David Korn and Jim Gettys. The text aims to embody the engineering wisdom and design philosophy of the UNIX, Linux and open source software development community.

        "Managing Software Deliverables"
        A Software Development Management Methodology

        "Managing Software Deliverables," written by John Rittinghouse, aims to describe a set of proven successes for establishing an effective Software Program Management Office (SPMO) function in a corporate setting. These processes are essential for any business that has people performing Software Project Management activities.

          "The Grid 2"
          The Impact of Large-scale Resource Sharing and Virtualization

          "The Grid 2" is the second edition of the successful book by Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman that introduced a whole new concept in computing. The book aims to explain the huge impact of large-scale resource sharing and virtualization within science and industry. The book includes topics on the framework, architecture, policy domains and twice the amount of space dedicated to applications in the first edition.

            "Multimedia Wireless Networks: Technologies, Standards and QoS"
            With a Look at Quality of Service Problems

            A new book offers readers a complete guide to understanding multimedia wireless networks, specifically focusing on wireless local loops, wireless LANs and wireless PANs. The book also looks to address quality of service problems by examining the architecture, applications and implementation of wireless networks, including a number of standards and proposed standards.

              Java Technology
              Java Card Platform Specification, v2.2.1
              Alignment with Industry Standards

              The recently announced Java Card platform specification v2.2.1 is available for download. Enhancements in this version aim to facilitate alignment with smart card industry standards. Java Card version 2.1 applications will run on Java Card 2.2.1 products without any modifications.

              Streaming API for XML (StAX) Approved by Java Community Process
              Now Available for Download from BEA Systems

              After two years in the works, Streaming API for Java (StAX) is available for download from BEA Systems, which spearheaded the Java Community Process effort that took final form in Java Specification Request 173, according to Jim Wagner reporting for The new application programming interface (API) is described as a pull API, which means it parses only as much information as necessary for an application in response to a user request.

              Taglibs Usability and Lessons
              Definitions, Audience, RSS tags, Tree Menus and More

              An article on the Web site takes a look at usability of taglibs and discusses the lessons that can be learned from three redesigned case studies. Written by Joshua Marinacci, "Taglibs: Designing Web APIs for the Non-Programmer" explains what taglibs are, their usability and audience, RSS tags, tree menus and source code.

              Java Card Demonstrates Interoperability
              Technology Scores Well In "Plugtest"

              The third annual Java Card Plugtest held in October, 2003, by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), demonstrated real Java Card interoperability with full compatibility expected soon. While a few applications required "recompiling" in order to work, the end result was near 100 percent.

              New Product Marketplace
              More Services Possible as Borland is Available on i-mode
              Collaboration to Streamline Mobile Application Development

              Borland JBuilder Mobile Development is available for NTT DoCoMo's i-mode. It integrates JBuilder and the NTT DoCoMo Doja 1.5 Overseas Edition SDK emulator, providing a Java technology-based development platform for GPRS based i-mode application developers worldwide.

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