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Java Technology
From Software Summit Report, Swing Tip
Project JXTA Example

For a tech tip on improving the threading of Swing applications, see the site. Also covered recently on the site is a new NetBeans IDE module, Project JXTA and the Colorado Software Summit on Java technology and XML.

Java Specification Request 168 Final Release
Components for Portal Computing

The Final Release of the Java Specification Request (JSR) 168 Specification is available. The goals of the specification are to define a set of APIs for Portal computing addressing the areas of aggregation, personalization, presentation and security to enable interoperability between Portlets and Portals.

JavaServer Pages Technology Tutorial
A Chapter from the Java Web Services Guide

Chapter 16 of the Java Web Services Tutorial, "JavaServer Pages (JSP) Technology", starts with an overview of the technology, examples, how-to's on creating custom and static content, tips on using custom tags and more.

TopCoder Inc. Joins OSS through Java Initiative
Testing Implementations over Multiple Underlying Integration Profiles

TopCoder Inc. has joined the OSS through Java Initiative (OSS/J) as a Focus Member. TopCoder will be responsible for two projects: One a test proxy, and another project working with Java Management Extensions (JMX).

A Q&A with Joe Keller on How Sun is Expanding the Reach of Java Technology
Project Rave Attracts More Developers

Joe Keller, vice president, Marketing for Java Web Services and Tools, participated in a recent question and answer session addressing topics such as how Sun is attracting new groups of Java technology developers.

Studying the Tendencies of Baseball Players via a Tendu Software Application
A Database of Pitches Built with Java Technology

Tendu software uses Java technology as its platform to create a database of stats and information for coaches, players and fans. It provides contextual tendency analysis which was used by some Major League teams to assess the tendencies of players up to bat. Jon Byous outlines the software and its abilities in a feature story on the Java technology developer Web site.

Sun Java Desktop System Scores High with New Rowley Group Analyst
Report Sees Potential Major Challenge to Microsoft's Windows, Office

The Sun Java Desktop System scored high with the New Rowley Group, who see the product as wedging a significant opening in the market dominated by Microsoft's Windows and Office. Aside from the name, which led many analysts to assume the solution was a desktop for running Java technology applications, the New Rowley Group is encouraged to think that this Sun product and similar solutions from other vendors will shortly pose a challenge to Microsoft's market share.

Sun Java Studio Standard 5 Update 1 Supports 1.3 Standard
Release Features Model-view-controller Application Framework

Among the new features in Sun Java Studio Standard 5 update 1 (formerly Sun ONE Studio 5 update 1, Standard Edition), which is based on the NetBeans platform, is a Model-view-controller based application framework and associated tools that make for improved developer productivity. The update comes pre-configured with the Sun ONE Application Server 7. The update also features Extended Web Services Support, Unit Testing support with JUNIT and Inherited advanced NetBeans Platform features.

Sun Cluster 3.1 10/03 for SunPlex Systems
New Release Meets Needs of Enterprises with Critical Scalability, Availability Needs

Sun Cluster 3.1 10/03 software powers SunPlex Systems to manage application services while optimizing both their availability and scalability. Sun Cluster software is the key to building highly available SunPlex systems, including the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), agents, applications, Sun servers, Sun StorEdge solutions, interconnect products and services.

Benefits of Sun and Texas Instruments Research in Processor Manufacturing and Semiconductor Design
Low Cost and High Performance Processors

Sun and Texas Instruments (TI) recently marked the 15th anniversary of their relationship working on advanced semiconductor design and manufacturing technologies (See article [11272]). The benefits of the research are reduced operating costs and increased performance and efficiency for customers.

Overview of Serial Adapters: HSI and SAI
Serial and Asynchronous Interface Adapter Cards

SunHSI hardware is a high speed serial interface adapter for connecting remote Sun systems to a WAN. The Serial Asynchronous Interface Adapter Card (PCI), SunSAI, is a fast and reliable solution for connecting multiple serial devices.

SANS Network Security 2003 Annual Conference
November 13-19, New Orleans, LA

The SANS Network Security 2003 Annual Conference is designed to provide several in-depth, hands-on, immersion training tracks for technical and management people interested in improving security for their employers. The event will include large security product expositions, the highest rated instructors, bonus sessions on new technology and birds-of-a-feather meetings.

Seminar: Financial Consolidation & the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
November 13, Atlanta, GA

Sun, PeopleSoft and BearingPoint present a seminar on "Financial Consolidation & the Sarbanes-Oxley Act" November 13, 2003, in Atlanta, GA. The focus will be on the reporting requirements, gaining increased vision into your corporate financial data and reducing time spent on the books via a solution from Sun, PeopleSoft and BearingPoint.

    Rocky Mountain Software Symposium
    November 14-16, Denver, CO

    The Rocky Mountain Software Symposium is designed to cover the latest in trends, best practices and newest developments in Java technology software application development. The event provides focused exposure to the technical aspects of Java technology, XML, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Open Source.

    Sun Tech Days -- Prague
    November 18, Prague, Czech Republic

    The schedule has been announced for the Sun Tech Days Conference scheduled for Prague. The lineup includes a Sun keynote on current software industry trends and future directions the industry may take. Sun Tech Days -- Prague will be held November 18 in the Czech Republic.

    CETPA Conference
    November 16-21, Santa Barbara, CA

    The California Educational Technology Professionals Association (CETPA) will base its annual conference on the theme of: "Engineering the Future of Educational Technology." Break out sessions, hands-on sessions, a technology center, tech talks and a vendor exposition will all be available to conference attendees. The conference will be held on November 16-21, in Santa Barbara, CA. Sun will be conducting a session on Linux and open source systems in K-12.

    Enterprise IT Week CDXPO
    November 17-20, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Enterprise IT Week CDXPO aims to provide a vertically focused, enterprise IT event that includes a state-of-the-art exhibition and conference. The event brings together IT professionals from all over the globe for a range of tracks and sessions, including a Web Services standards roundtable and a session on Web services management using Java Management Extensions (JMX) APIs.

    BAI's Retail Delivery Conference & Expo 2003
    November 18-20, New Orleans, LA

    BAI's Retail Delivery Conference and Expo 2003 aims to bring together some of the best in the business to examine critical business issues with proven strategies and important information. Workshop topics include the future of retail financial channels. Sessions will cover CRM and more.

      Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup Software 7.1
      Automate Data Protection Across Heterogeneous Environments

      Release 7.1 of Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup software (EBS) (formerly Solstice Backup) features a PowerSnap Module for Sun StorEdge Availability Suite, Windows 2003 Volume Snapshot (VSS) support, ClientPak for Mac OS-X, and a module for SAP R/3 on Oracle, Linux client. The software provides greater resiliency, reduces management overhead and enables faster completion of backups and restores.

      Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Tuning Manager Software Version 3.0 and Sun StorEdge 9900 Dynamic Link Manager Software for Solaris Version 5.1
      Proactive Monitoring, Reporting and Forecasting

      Sun introduces two storage softwares: Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Tuning Manager Software Version 3.0, designed for organizations that have a large storage infrastructure, and Sun StorEdge 9900 Dynamic Link Manager Software for Solaris Version 5.1, designed for use with the Sun StorEdge 9900 storage array systems and for organizations running mission-critical applications.

      Java Device Test Suite Speeds Up Mobile Device Testing
      Eliminiates Need to Write Costly Proprietary Tests

      Manufacturers of the numerous Java technology-based handsets have traditionally relied on the Java Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) to test their products for compatibility and standards-compliance before introducing them to market. Now, with the introduction of the Java Device Test Suite (JDTS), there is a tool that measures quality assurance as well.

      Free Sun ONE Starter Kit with Selected Courses
      Get Tutorials, Demos, Code and More to Start Developing Java Technology

      Get a Sun ONE Starter Kit when you take a course from a selected list of courses covering Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) and Java technology. The starter kit includes a tutorial on getting started with Java technology, APIs, a demo of Project JXTA and other tools.

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