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Java Technology
Project Rave Outlook According to the IDC
A Strategy Whose Time Has Come

An IDC report on Sun's Project Rave evaluates Sun's strategy for encouraging Visual Basic developers to use the Java programming language. The report covers how the Java language evolved, what tools Project Rave offers developers, how the market is segmented and the Project Rave road map. As far as the future outlook for Project Rave, the IDC report states, "Project Rave from Sun is a Java product strategy whose time has come."

Overview of Two Optional Packages: FCOP & PIMOP
Tech Tips for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition

Software developer Eric Giguere outlines the File Connection optional package (FCOP) and the personal information management (PIM) optional package. He explains the purposes of the optional packages and how to write applications using them.

Free and Open Source S/W
Jakarta Helps Java Programming Language Professionals
InfoWorld Article Highlights Advantages

A recent article from Eric Knorr at InfoWorld takes a look at how Java programming language professionals are capitalizing on Jakarta. Senior Java technology developer Stan Baranek has been utilizing Jakarta in his work for Genentech Inc., which involves writing mission-critical software code and constructing Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technology.

"Performing Centralized Concurrent Backups with Amanda"
Article Details Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver

In an article on the Sun Web site, Amy Rich writes about "Performing Centralized Concurrent Backups with Amanda." Amanda is the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver, and is considered a free enterprise tape backup solution ideal for smaller corporations.

Openwave to Distribute NetBeans Open Source Development Technology
Agreement Aims at the Expanding Mobile Development Community

Openwave Systems, a provider of open software and services for the communications industry, has signed a joint marketing agreement with Sun. As part of the agreement Openwave will distribute NetBeans open source development technology and a trial version of Java Studio with its Openwave Mobile Software Developer Kit.

Sun Executive Answers StarOffice Software Questions
Microsoft Office Compatibility and Ease of Migration

In a Q&A on the Sun Web site, Curtis Sasaki, vice president of engineering, Desktop Solutions, Sun, discusses StarOffice software and interoperability on the desktop. Sasaki looks at the current productivity suites available today, StarOffice software's compatibility with Microsoft Office documents and the logistics of making a software switch.

N1 Gives DB Administrators an Alternative to Outsourcing, Adding Hardware
Delivers Provisioning for Infrastructure, Applications, Service-level Automation

There are several approaches a DB administrator can take in complying with the mandate to reduce cost and complexity in the data center. Adding more hardware and/or software is one approach, but problems are always a part of that bargain. Outsourcing IT operations results in loss of enterprise agility, making it difficult to adapt the IT infrastructure as business conditions change. Fortunately, there is an alternative: N1, the enterprise data center architecture from Sun.

    StarOffice 7 Software Features Increased Interoperability
    Small Device Support; License Per User

    The new release of StarOffice 7 software (and StarSuite 7 software) provides enterprise-class office productivity while offering substantial savings to customers. The software adds more interoperability with third-party applications such as PDF export and Flash support, improved MS Office compatibility and Accessibility support.

    Infinite Mailbox for Lotus Performs Automated Email Archiving
    Uses Sun StorEdge Utilization Suite for Policy-based Archiving, Disk Caching

    The Infinite Mailbox for Lotus solution provides real-time data management of Lotus Notes email databases. The solution reduces the cost of storage provisioning and management by automatically archiving older Lotus/Domino email from online storage to alternative/lower cost devices based on customizable policies.

      Top 8 Reasons StarOffice Software Provides Greater ROI than MS Office 2003
      Familiar Look and Feel, Innovation and Mainstream Focus

      A Sun article highlights the top eight reasons that StarOffice software offers a greater return on investment (ROI) than Microsoft Office 2003. Some of the top reasons include: Lower cost, familiar look and feel, more innovation, mainstream focus and compatibility.

      Red Hat Linux Releases Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0
      Designed for Commercial IT Deployments

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 (RHEL) with numerous new and useful features, has just been released. Among these are a Native Posix Threading Library that will greatly increase the performance of multi-threaded applications. Second, the new Logical Volume Manager (LVM) will significantly improve the storage management capabilities of RHEL. Third, RHEL 3 includes a number of NFS performance and stability improvements. Finally, RHEL 3.0 is well suited to High Performance Computing environments.

      Java DataBase Connectivity API Live Chat
      November 11, at 11:00 A.M. PST

      The Sun Developer Network presents a live chat on the Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) API focusing on RowSet implementations and version 4.0 of the API. The chat on November 11 will feature guests Jonathan Bruce and Amit Handa of Sun.

      HPC Consortium
      November 15-17, Phoenix, Arizona

      The HPC Consortium is a Sun Global Education and Research worldwide customer forum which meets to research and discuss high-end scientific and engineering computing issues and trends. The next HPC meeting is set for November 15-16, 2003, in Phoenix AZ, in conjunction with the IEEE SC2003 conference. Scheduled speakers include Shahin Khan, VP of Sun HPTC; Adrian Cockroft, Chief Architect Sun HPTC; Wolfgang Gentzsch, Director of Sun Grid Computing and many others.

      UCISA-MISG Annual Conference on IT and Higher Education in the UK
      November 12-14, Southampton, UK

      The UCISA-MISG Annual Conference will focus on the changes in higher education, the challenges of accommodating a diverse student population and developing new courses to better meet the needs of business and industry. The event will be held at De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton from Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 November, 2003.

      New Hard Disk Drives for the Sun StorEdge 9980 and Sun StorEdge 9970 Systems
      For Improved Data Access Speeds

      New 73 GB 15K RPM hard disk drives (HDD) are now available for the Sun StorEdge 9980 and Sun StorEdge 9970 systems. The new products offer twice the capacity of the 36 GB 15K RPM HDDs and are aimed at customers that need the combination of storage density with high performance when it comes to data access speeds.

      Sun Achieves Storage Market Customer Wins
      Blue Shield, EPL, Howrey, Lodgian and Trader Publishing Included

      Sun has achieved a number of customer wins in a variety of industries, which the company believes is evidence of its momentum in the storage market. The heterogeneous, competitively priced Sun StorEdge family of solutions has attracted companies and organizations including Blue Shield, EPL, Howrey, Lodgian and Trader Publishing.

      Mark Canepa Talks About Data Management and N1
      Focus on Sun Network Storage Support

      Mark Canepa, executive vice president for Sun Network Storage, delivered a keynote speech at the recent Storage Networking World event, discussing the evolution of data management and Sun N1, Sun's architecture for tomorrow's data center. The speech focused on how the Network Storage division is supporting the corporate-wide initiative.

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