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Sun's Volume Servers Reaching More Markets: Charities to Healthcare
Demand Increases for Sun Fire V480 Servers, Sun Fire V440 Servers

Some of the customers using the Sun Fire V480 server and Sun Fire V440 server include Texas Instruments and Motorola Ireland, iForce Partners BEA and Kasenna, and the University Hospitals Health Systems (UHHS). A charity organization in the UK used Sun servers and other Sun hardware for a fundraising event that generated over $5 million (USD) during a five-hour period when the event was broadcast by the BBC.

Saving Investments in Designs with Model-driven Architecture Solutions
Sun and ISVs Create MDA Solutions

Sun and a group of independent software vendors (ISVs) are working together to create model-driven architecture (MDA) solutions that reduce cost and complexity. MDA helps an organization protect its investments in software by creating re-usable models.

Sun Scores Wins Over Three Months
One-dozen Highlighted from the Hundreds

Sun has chosen to highlight twelve of the hundreds of customers who have chosen Sun solutions over the past three months. This list includes the global satellite company Hughes Network Systems, the educational institution World Book and the U.S. Government's Federal Aviation Administration, as well as many others.

Shell HomeGenie Based on Sun Java Enterprise System
Offers Remote Access to Homes

Sun's services and technologies have been chosen by Shell for use as a secure network computing platform for Shell's new integrated home management solution: Shell HomeGenie. Through Shell HomeGenie, homeowners gain Web-based remote access to household systems and devices through an OSGi-based residential gateway that uses a broadband Internet connection.

Sun Launches China Alliance to Push Java Technology Adoption
Scott McNealy Attends Inaugural Event with Partners

Sun will try to capitalize on the momentum of Java technology adoption in Greater China by launching a region-wide alliance on Java technology. The new alliance will follow the launch of Sun's Java Center of Excellence (JCOE) program earlier this year with a new alliance aimed at offering the value and skills of Java technology programming and architecting to Sun customers throughout China.

Sun Microsystems of Canada Provides Hardware to Canadian Space Project
Testing and Engineering to Help da Vinci Project

Sun Microsystems of Canada has joined the da Vinci Project, a space project in Canada to launch a manned rocket into space. Sun is one of the project's official technology product partners and will provide hardware and network cluster tools for design simulation and virtual prototyping.

Letter to Stock Holders from Sun Chairman, President and CEO Scott McNealy
Foreword to the Sun Microsystems 2003 Annual Report

Scott McNealy's letter to the stockholders of Sun Microsystems, which was part of the 2003 Sun Annual Report, highlights the year's achievements, notably the company's continued ability -- extending to 35 quarters -- to generate positive cash flow and the 3.9 percentage point improvement in gross margin. The year ended with $5.7 billion in cash and marketable securities following reductions in capital spending of $186 million, the paying down of $200 million in debt and the repurchase of nearly $500 million in stock.

Sun, SAP, Oracle and IBM all Work to Integrate RFID into their Solutions
Walmart's Plan for RFID Drives Suppliers

RFID is right around the corner for Walmart suppliers, who are required to have cartons and palettes tagged with the technology by 2006. Even now, according to a report on, IT vendors such as Sun, Oracle, SAP and IBM are busily integrating RFID data into their enterprise applications.

Sun to Release Solaris Operating System Beta for AMD's 64-bit Opteron
Schwartz Turns Up the Heat on Software Marketing, Rebuffs Naysayers

The Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) will soon be running on AMD's 64-bit Opteron processor, reports Stephen Shankland of CNET A beta version of the Solaris OS is expected to be available for release in the first quarter of 2004, and the final version is expected later in the year.

Using a Liberty-enabled Identity Management Infrastructure
Benefits Result in Savings, Efficiencies, Increased Productivity and More

A number of benefits accrue to an enterprise that implements a Liberty-enabled identity management infrastructure, and increased security is only one of them. There are efficiencies in employee provisioning and password management that can result in operational cost savings of up to 80 percent; there is the ability of a variety of technology providers to support an adopted single standard; and there is the resulting ease in outsourcing employee applications securely and flexibly.

eWeek Labs Reports on StarOffice 7 Software
Office Suite Offers More Bang for the Buck

A recent article from eWEEK Labs examines Sun's new StarOffice 7 productivity suite and finds it a strong cross-platform alternative to Microsoft's Office with a competitive price. In fact, the article's author, Jason Brooks, writes that StarOffice 7 software's price is "too attractive for enterprises to ignore."

Sun Offers Media-less Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1
Solution Provides Greater Choice, Flexibility

Aiming to offer increased flexibility to customers, Sun is introducing four new part numbers that allow enterprises, ISVs and OEMs to purchase Red Hat Enterprise Linux with the one year service subscription, but without media. This should allow customers to meet their individual requirements when purchasing Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Plumtree Introduces Enterprise Web Suite for the Solaris Operating System and Sun Java System
Part of Plumtree's Radical Openness Strategy

Plumtree Software is developing a version of the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and Sun Java System solutions. Plumtree also announced plans for the Plumtree Corporate Portal 5.0J, which will be designed to run completely within the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE).

Sun Java System Instant Messaging 6.1
For IM, Conferences, Alerts, News, Polls and File Sharing

Anticipating the near-term need for Instant Messaging, Sun has introduced the Sun Java System Instant Messaging (formerly Sun ONE Instant Messaging) 6.1 software. The solution is designed to combine presence awareness and management with IM, offering extended, real-time messaging capabilities. These include IM, conferences, alerts, news, polls and file sharing.

October 26-30, Anaheim, California

To see the future of object technology, attend OOPSLA to be held on October 26-30, in Anaheim, California. This year's conference features over 50 tutorials and workshops. There will be a Java Community Process (JCP) reception hosted by Sun Microsystems on Tuesday, October 28.

Webinar on SWIFT and FIX
November 6, 2003

Join Sun and premier solutions partners for an informative 60-minute Webcast Thursday, November 6, 2003, at 2:00 p.m. (EST) discussing Core Financial Messaging and Market Connectivity, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions on today's emerging capabilities.

    Sun Net Talk on Grid Computing
    Tuesday, November 4, 2003

    Tune in Tuesday, November 4, 2003, from 9-10 a.m. PT/12-1 p.m. ET for a Sun Net Talk on Grid Computing: Put All of Your IT Infrastructure to Work.

      EDUCAUSE 2003 Conference
      November 4-7, Anaheim, CA

      At the EDUCAUSE conference vendors showcase their technology solutions for educators. This year's event takes place on November 4-7, in Anaheim, CA, and features a Party in the Park, at Disney's California Adventure park. Sun is a silver sponsor and will make a presentation titled "Infrastructure Middleware for Web Services in Higher Education."

      Reduced Prices on Sun StorEdge 9980 and 9970 Systems
      Virtualization Features Enable Hyper-consolidation

      Prices have been reduced by about nine percent on the Sun StorEdge 9980 system and Sun StorEdge 9970 system, providing improved price/performance. These storage systems are well suited to environments that typically include multiple heterogeneous hosts.

      Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Dynamic Link Manager Software Available
      License Pricing Structure Changes to Server-based Model

      Sun Microsystems is introducing its Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Dynamic Link Manager Software (SDLM) for Win2K/NT and AIX v5.1. Sun is also moving from a controller-based to a server-based pricing structure. The Sun StorEdge 9900 SDLM is intended for use with the Sun StorEdge 9900 storage array, for which it provides functions for load distribution across multiple paths and switching to different paths in case of a failover.

      Sun StorEdge 9970 Controller Available with High Performance Disk Adapter
      Simplified Ordering Process for Customers

      Sun is creating a new part number that will include a high performance disk adapter with the Sun StorEdge 9970 integrated disk controller and array frame. Previously the two had been sold separately. The goal of this new combination is to simplify the ordering process for customers.

      Sun StorEdge Enterprise Storage Manager 2.0 Software for Effective SAN Management
      Software Kit Simplifies Installation

      Sun StorEdge Enterprise Storage Manager 2.0 software and the Sun StorEdge Management Software Kit effectively manages open SAN environments and provides immediate feedback reports on problems and recommended courses of action. The kit gives customers the core storage management tools on one media kit. The software is available in two packages: As a full-function product, and as a sub-set of the full-function product. Sun is also transitioning certain RTU licenses and offering others that scale better as storage needs grow.

      Sun's Integrity Assurance Reference Architecture
      Layers on Top of Other Security Mechanisms

      Sun's Integrity Assurance Reference Architecture is designed to give system administrators a heads-up on any unintended changes in data and system files. The solution delivers information on the performance implications of monitoring a system and is able to provide a thorough defense against security breaches by layering on top of other security mechanisms.

      Sun Anti-Virus Reference Architecture Builds on Solaris Operating System
      Trend Micro and Sun Collaborate on Low Cost, Low Risk Security Tool

      Users accustomed to the security provisions designed into the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) -- encryption of sensitive sessions, improved access control and the ability to deter unauthorized use of the network -- will be pleased to find these features developed even further in the newly released Sun Anti-Virus Reference Architecture.

      Authenticating, Preserving and Analyzing Incident Data
      Responding to a Security Incident

      The Sun BluePrints document, "Responding to a Customer's Security Incidents -- Part 4: Processing Incident Data" by Vijay Masurkar covers authenticating, preserving and analyzing the incident data. The document provides tips, best practices and figures to illustrate the processes described.

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