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On-chip Performance Advances from Sun Labs
New Approach Increases Speed of Transmitting Data

Research has been ongoing at Sun Labs to increase the speed of systems that are made of hundreds of chips. The results were presented recently at the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference. Ivan E. Sutherland, a Sun vice president and research fellow, Robert J. Drost and Robert D. Hopkins authored a paper on their results of sending data between chips.

Sun's Advantages in Chip Multithreading Technology
Sun Has All the Ingrediants to Make it Work, Says David Yen

David Yen, Sun executive VP of processor and network products, talked at a meeting in South Africa about Sun's advantages in chip multithreading (CMT) technology.

PCI Adapter Replacements
Get Higher Performance and Lower TCO

The Sun FastEthernet PCI Adapter has been EOL'd. The replacement is Sun's GigaSwift UTP adapter, which has higher performance and more features. With the EOL of the SunSwift PCI Adapter, the replacement option is the Sun Dual Fast Ethernet and Dual SCSI II ((X)2222A), which has four ports on a single, full-size PCI card.

    Boundaryless Information Flow and Enterprise Architecture
    October 20-24, Washington DC

    The conference on Boundaryless Information Flow and Enterprise Architecture -- of which Sun is a sponsor -- is scheduled to take place in Washington, DC on October 20-24, 2003. The conference is designed to help organizations break down the stovepipes in their IT systems, allowing for the secure, reliable and timely acquisition of integrated information across the enterprise.

    Storage Networking World Fall 2003
    October 27-30, Orlando, FL

    Storage Networking World (SNW) is the only conference where IT managers and professionals get a Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)-endorsed education and a hands-on view of the world's only SNIA-sanctioned Interoperability and Solutions Demo. Speakers from Sun include Mark Canepa, EVP, Network Storage Products Group. The event will be held October 27-30, 2003, in Orlando, Florida.

    RSA Conference 2003
    November 3-5, Amsterdam

    The RSA Conference, now in its fourth year, will bring together over 1500 participants concerned with e-security on November 3-5, 2003 in Amsterdam. Sun Microsystems is one of the sponsors of this three-day intensive program of conference sessions, tutorials, seminars and technology demonstrations.

    American Medical Informatics Association 2003 Annual Symposium
    November 8-12, Washington DC

    The annual symposium on biomedical and health informatics conducted by the American Medical Informatics Association is scheduled for November 8-12, 2003 in Washington, DC. The program will consist of tutorials, workshops, demonstrations, contributed papers and panels.

    Momentum 03 New Orleans
    November 9-12, New Orleans

    Users of enterprise content management (ECM) will want to reserve November 9-12, 2003, for the Momentum 03 conference set for the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, LA. Momentum is the premier ECM user conference, offering customers and partners an opportunity to exchange ideas and explore the latest advancements driving the ECM market. Sun Microsystems is a sponsor.

    November 16-20, Las Vegas

    COMDEX, scheduled for November 16-20 in Las Vegas, will focus on how to put new technologies and innovations to work to improve business processes, to connect in a more meaningful way with customers and to produce and deliver the best products and services. Scott McNealy, Sun CEO, will make a keynote. Topics of sessions will include Web Services, open source software, wireless, Linux and more.

    Entry Level Servers
    How the Sun Fire V440 Server Fulfills Sun's Low-cost Strategy
    Reduce Complexity with ALOM and Binary Compatibility

    The features of the Sun Fire V440 server position it at the core of Sun's commitment to low-cost network computing and reducing customer cost and complexity. This server can leverage the binary compatibility of UltraSPARC processors and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). Other cost-saving features include its dense form factor and relatively low power and cooling requirements.

    Sun Fire V250 Server Office Essentials
    The Combination of Hardware and Software Offers Cost Savings

    The Sun Fire V250 server offers cost savings not only from the hardware but also from its pre-loaded suite of Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) office and communications productivity tools with right to use (RTU) licenses that also offer significant cost savings over competitive alternatives.

    How to Upgrade from MSJVM to the Latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
    A New Site with Resources

    To help developers transition applets and applications over to the official Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Sun has put together a Java technology Upgrade Site to make this process easy. The site lists steps to upgrade and a link to a guide to see if you have dependencies on the MSJVM.

    An Overview of Available MIDP Emulators
    Designed for Developers to Test Applications

    In an article that appeared on Sun's Java technology Web site recently, Jonathan Knudsen takes a look at the current batch of MIDP emulators that are specifically designed for developers to test applications. Knudsen groups the emulators by the respective packages or kits they come in.

    Singapore Partners with OASIS for Web Services Standards
    "OASIS Framework for Web Services Implementation (FWSI) Technical Committee"

    Singapore is partnering with the international standards consortium OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) to create international Web Services standards. Initial work on the standards will be carried out by a 15-member body called the "OASIS Framework for Web Services Implementation (FWSI) Technical Committee."

      Constructing a Bootable Solaris Security Toolkit Software CD
      Sun BluePrints OnLine Document

      In a Sun BluePrints OnLine document, author Steven Spadaccini describes how to build a bootable CD with the Solaris Security Toolkit software, based on Sun's JumpStart framework, to build and configure new systems.

      The Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities (Updated)
      The Short List is Responsible for the Majority of Successful Attacks

      A recent Web article from highlights twenty of the most critical Internet security vulnerabilities found today. The updated list -- Version 4.0 -- details the 10 most commonly exploited vulnerable services in Windows, and in UNIX/Linux. This short list is actually responsible for the majority of successful attacks perpetrated each year.

      Sun's Mark Tolliver Discusses Network Security
      Situational Awareness, Social Engineering and More

      In a recent COMPUTERWORLD article, Sun's chief strategy officer, Mark Tolliver, describes how a company can defend itself in the network security space. Tolliver mentions the threats that Trojan horse programs, viruses, spoofing, session hacking, denial-of-service attacks, buffer overflows and social engineering all pose to today's enterprises, as well as some steps that can be taken to defend against these threats.

      Sun Telco Solutions Showcased at ITU 2003
      Billing Solutions, Telematics & More

      The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Telecom World 2003 Conference was held in Switzerland from October 12-18, 2003. Sun demonstrated many solutions at its pavilion such as Sun's N1 infrastructure and service provisioning products, a billing solution from Sun and Convergys, a telematics vehicle solution and more.

      iForce Solution for Location Enablement
      Privacy Management and Other Features for Consumer and Enterprise Subscribers

      The Location Enablement solution from Sun and LocatioNet Inc. addresses telecom business needs such as capturing non-traditional revenue streams to offset declines in average revenue per user and providing state-of-the-art privacy management features to address privacy concerns, which can inhibit location application usage. It enables wireless carriers to rapidly deploy new applications for their consumer and enterprise subscribers alike.

      Wi-Fi Service Delivery Platform from Pronto Networks & Sun
      Enables Flexible Pre-paid and Post-paid Pricing Plans

      Sun and Pronto Networks will offer carriers and service providers a cost-effective Wi-Fi Service Delivery Architecture for provisioning, deploying and managing large scale, public WLAN networks. The Wi-Fi Services Delivery Architecture is built using Java technology, Netra server systems, Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and Java System Application Server.

      Sun Microsystems Teams with tekVizion
      Offering the iForce Telecommunications Services Delivery Solution

      Sun and the Packet Voice Specialists, tekVizion, are teaming up to offer integration and interoperability support for Sun's new iForce Telecommunications Services Delivery Solution. The new solution represents the cornerstone of Sun's telecom strategy, and is a network operations architecture that helps service providers take advantage of existing resources (for more information see article [11282]).

      New Product Marketplace
      Mediasurface v4.7 Content Management Software
      Includes Java Management Extensions, Compound Documents and More

      The enterprise content management software provider Mediasurface is releasing the latest version of its content management software, Mediasurface v4.7. The latest version includes more knowledge management features, content summary capabilities, a Java Management Extension (JMX) Interface, support for compound documents and Image Manipulation 4.7.

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