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Switch from Microsoft Exchange to Oracle Collaboration Suite and Get Improved Security, Reduced Complexity
Oracle, Sun and Allstream Initiative

Oracle Corp. Canada will work with Sun Microsystems of Canada Inc. and communication solutions provider, Allstream (formerly AT&T Canada) to help users improve security and reduce the cost and complexity associated with managing collaborative communications environments by switching from Microsoft Exchange to Oracle Collaboration Suite. Allstream will provide an assessment and produce a report showing actual costs and the potential savings from using Oracle Collaboration Suite.

Sun and Oracle Share Solutions and Success
Linlithgow Manufacturing Facility Enjoys Oracle ERP Solution

Sun and Oracle's commitment to each other runs more than skin deep. Each company actually runs a considerable portion of their critical operations with products from the other. Oracle uses Sun products for many of its own mission-critical applications, while Sun uses Oracle applications while conducting its day-to-day business. An example of this is Sun's manufacturing facility in Linlithgow, Scotland.

Sun & Oracle Build Clearinghouse for NASA's Satellite Data
Extending the Reach of Data to a Broad Scientific Community

To make available to a broader scientific community the Earth Science satellite data NASA has been collecting, NASA launched the ECHO Project. Global Science & Technology (GST) was the project's prime contractor, and Oracle and Sun technologies were used to build the system. ECHO is NASA's Earth Observing System Clearinghouse.

The Genome Sequencing Center Runs Oracle9i RAC, VERITAS to Manage Data
Solutions Run on Sun Fire V880 Servers

The Genome Sequencing Center at the Washington University Medical School implemented Oracle9i RAC (Real Application Clusters) managed with VERITAS Advanced Cluster, Database Edition heterogeneous file system software for the medical school's burgeoning data proliferation problem. The solutions provide a high availability environment that simultaneously cuts costs, boosts performance and enables staff to continue their research without concern for the security and size of the data store, according to a report by Lisa Vaas for eweek.

Sun Poised to Meet Market Demands Among New European Union Members
Open Source Technology Ideally Suited for Emerging Market

Scarlet Pruitt of IDG News Service reports that Sun Microsystems hopes to exploit the market among the ten European Union accession countries planning to join the EU within the next year.

Microsoft May Become Less Litigation-proof in Changing Legal Climate
New California Law Holds Businesses Accountable for Security Vulnerabilities

Cynthia L. Webb, writing for the Washington Post, suggests that Microsoft may be somewhat less litigation-proof in the future than it has been. A law suit, recently filed by a California woman seeking to take advantage of a new state law that calls on businesses to assume greater responsibility for the security of their products, has the potential to become a viable class-action suit if other plaintiffs choose to join it.

Sun VP Names Interconnection, Data Adoption as Focus in Java Technology Handset Market
Strategy Aims to Provide Integrated Mobile Software Stacks

According to Clement Teo, nearly three-quarters of the market in handsets is not enough for Alan Brenner, VP for Consumer and Mobile Systems Group at Sun Microsystems. Brenner would like even more market share, Teo writes in teledotcom, and the Sun VP is attacking the issue from the standpoint of interconnection strategy. Part of Sun's response is Project Orion (now called the new Java Enterprise System).

Java Technology
What's New on the Web Page
Join the Community

The Web site is the realization of a vision of a diverse group of engineers, researchers, technologists and evangelists at Sun Microsystems to provide a common area for interesting conversations and innovative development projects related to Java technology. Currently there is a letter to the editor (Daniel H. Steinberg) posted on the site with suggestions for improving and growing the site. Take a look and join in the conversation.

Java Data Objects (JDO) 1.0.1 Released
Features Include Support of the JDK 1.4

With the recent availability of Java Data Objects (JDO) 1.0.1, author Craig Russel, principal architect at Sun, has written an article detailing the changes in the new JDO version for the email newsletter. The changes include support of the JDK 1.4 release for persistence-capable classes.

JavaHelp 2.0 Software Now Available
Platform Independent and Extensible

JavaHelp 2.0 software is a full-featured, platform-independent, extensible help system that enables developers and authors to incorporate online help in applets, components, applications, operating systems and devices. JavaHelp software can also be used to deliver online documentation for the Web and corporate Intranet.

Free and Open Source S/W
OpenOffice 1.1 Suite Now Available
With Several New Enhancements and Features is releasing the new version of 1.1 office suite complete with a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and other components. The release aims to provide a revolutionary open, future-proof XML file format. The suite is compatible with Windows, Linux and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (SPARC Platform Edition).

Sun Encourages Open Source Adoption in South Asia
Open Source Evangelist Pushes 'Productisation'

Sun is including South Asia in its focus on open source software initiatives. Danese Cooper, one of Sun's "open source evangelists" recently visited Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, discussing open source possibilities with organizations such as the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (Mampu) and Monash University, as well as open source advocates.

JBoss Group Joins Java Community Process Program
Advancing Compatible Java Technology Implementations

JBoss Group LLC has joined the Java Community Process (JCP). JBoss Group developers can directly contribute to the JCP, the body that determines the specifications governing the advancement of Java technology.

Red Hat Plans to Construct Open Source Architecture
Standards-based Open Source Infrastructure

Red Hat Inc. plans to construct an enterprise architecture that is both flexible, comprehensive and driven by open source technology. The Open Source Architecture is designed to offer value to the customer through an open source infrastructure that is based on standards. The architecture will focus on management and broad applications support across multiple hardware environments.

Java Enterprise System: Components and Pricing
Sun Introduces New Pricing Model with New Enterprise Network Services Software

The Java Enterprise System from Sun is a radically new approach to reducing the cost and complexity of network services. The bundled software addresses such services as network identity, Web and application, portal and collaboration and availability. Pricing and included services are based on number of employees but cost $100 per employee annually.

Java Enterprise System Includes Wide Range of Software Services
Comprehensive Package Includes Support, Installation, Consulting

The new Java Enterprise System business model will radically simplify how software and software services are acquired by offering Sun's entire enterprise infrastructure software (network services), maintenance, support and integration services at a single, affordable, uniform price. This eliminates the complexity of multiproduct pricing structures and makes it easier for customers to get, install and run the exact software they need.

Sun Java Enterprise System: Installation and Administration Course
Gives Overview of Common Architecture, System-level Features

The Sun Java Enterprise System: Installation and Administration course (ECR-2389) provides students an overview of the common architecture and system-level features of Java Enterprise System. The course discusses the installer architecture and the pre- and post-install processes and how to configure the various Java Enterprise System shared components during installation.

Executive Webinar: Building a Resilient Data Center
October 23, 2003

For an executive overview of building an IT infrastructure that is resilient and flexible, join Sun Vice President Steve Campbell and Research Fellow Richard Fichera from Giga Information Group on Thursday, October 23, 2003, at 9:00 a.m. PDT (12:00 p.m. EDT/5:00 p.m. GMT). This event is for IT Executives and Management responsible for planning, architecting and deploying mission-critical IT infrastructures.

LISA '03 Conference for Sys Admins
October 26-31, San Diego, CA

The annual LISA conference provides an opportunity for system and network administrators from around the world to exchange ideas and learn new techniques. LISA is the Localization Standards Industry Association. There will be a Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) on Sun N1, the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and a panel featuring Nancy Mann of Sun as a panelist.

Dutch Java User Group Meeting
November 4, 2003

The Dutch Java User Group Meeting will be held on November 4, 2003, in Reehorst, Ede, The Netherlands. The meeting will discuss Java Technology for Enterprise Application development, Web Services, XML and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). Companies will present their latest Java technology-related developments.

Upgrade to 1.2 GHz Processors on the Sun Fire V880 Server
Trade-in value Also Offered

The Sun Fire V880 server is now available with 1.2 GHz processors. Users have the ability to upgrade existing 750 MHz, 900 MHz and 1050 MHz Sun Fire V880 servers to run at 1.2 GHz.

Additional Sun XVR-4000 Graphics Accelerator Added to Sun Fire V880z Visualization Server
Double Memory for 3-D Immersive Environment Market

A new model of the Sun Fire V880z visualization server is now available with 1.2 GHz processors. With faster processors, these servers are capable of handling more complex visualization tasks. The higher end Sun Fire V880z configuration server now has double the amount of system memory and an additional Sun XVR-4000 Graphics Accelerator, thus improving its functionality.

Storage Expansion Option for the Sun Fire V880 Server
Increases Internal Storage Capacity to 1.3 TB

Sun has responded to the demand for additional online storage for the Sun Fire V880 server by offering a second disk backplane with six 146 GB disk drives and necessary cables. Installed in a standard configuration with only six 73 GB disk drives, internal storage capacity increases to 1.3 TB. Individual 146 GB FC-AL disk drives are now available as an X-option. Installation is available from Enterprise Services and is recommended.

Transitioning Sun Fire 15K Capacity on Demand 1.1 Base Cabinet
CPU Can Be Configured Now, Right-to-Use License Paid for Later

Sun is transitioning the Sun Fire 15K server Capacity on Demand (COD) 1.1 Base Cabinet, the Right-to-Use (RTU) license and the RTU Assembly from its price list and replacing it with the COD 2.0 program, which will support existing Sun Fire 15K COD 1.1 customers and their future COD requirements. The last order date is January 2, 2004.

    Sun Releases Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Dynamic Link Manager Software
    Pricing Model Changes to Per-Server Rather Than Per-Controller

    Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Dynamic Link Manager software for Solaris version 5.0 is a high availability path management software product designed for use with the Sun StorEdge 9900 storage array systems newly released by Sun. At the same time, Sun has changed the pricing structure for the solution from a per-controller model to a per-server model.

    Sun Extends Trade-in Terms for Sun StorEdge 6120 Array, Sun StorEdge 6320 System
    Program Now Runs to December 31, 2003

    Sun is extending the life of its Trade-Up, Consolidate and Save: Midrange Storage Installed Base Trade-in Promotion until December 31, 2003. This will enable all users of Sun StorEdge T3 arrays, Sun StorEdge A1000 arrays, Sun StorEdge D1000 arrays, Sun StorEdge D2 arrays, Sun StorEdge A3500 arrays, Sun StorEdge A5000 arrays, Sun StorEdge A5100 arrays and Sun StorEdge A5200 arrays to trade-up to the new Sun StorEdge 6120 array and the Sun StorEdge 6320 system.

    Sun StorEdge Utilization Suite License Instruction Card Simplifies Upgrade
    Add Terabytes of Storage Capacity by Following the Easy Instructions

    Users of the Sun StorEdge Utilization Suite software now have an added convenience in the Sun StorEdge Utilization Suite License Instruction Card available from Sun. When business demands require additional terabytes of storage, customers can follow the instructions on the card for acquiring the necessary licenses for this additional capacity.

      9840C Fibre Channel (FC) Drive: New for Sun StorEdge L180, L700, L5500 and L6000 Tape Libraries
      Provides Faster Access, Higher Data Transfer Rates

      Sun has released the 9840C Fibre Channel (FC) Drive for the Sun StorEdge L180, L700, L5500 and L6000 Tape Libraries. This new addition to the fibre channel drive family provides additional capacity and throughput to be used in high-end data center tape backup environments. The 9840C FC is a fibre channel drive only. No SCSI connectivity is available from the manufacturer.

      Security of the Solaris 9 Operating System Vs. Microsoft Windows Server 2000 and 2003
      Reality Check Comparison

      A new article on Sun's Reality Check Web page evaluates in detail how the Solaris 9 Operating System (Solaris OS) is more secure than the Microsoft Windows Server 2000 and 2003. The Reality Check refers to recent news reports on the costs of the viruses and worms that attacked Microsoft products. Microsoft's approach to security is evaluated, with specifics about the kernel of the Windows Servers.

      Take a Sun Security Course & Get a Free Digital Camera
      Promotion Lasts Through October

      Register for a Sun security course during October and receive a free digital camera. Courses available for this promotion include topics of administering security on the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), network security using SunScreen software, best practices and using Kerberos.

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