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Executive Review of September 2003
SunNetwork Conference 2003 Announcements and More
September 30, 2003,
Volume 68, Issue 1

This section reviews the top articles of the past month, grouped by topic, to provide a quick recap of the news from Sun. The article numbers in brackets are hotlinks to the Web version of the article.

The major announcements from Sun this past month were made at the SunNetworkSM Conference 2003.

  • JavaTM Desktop System (formerly called Mad Hatter): See article [11012] for Jonathan Schwartz's take on it; the system's support of the AMD Athlon 64 processor [11098]; article [11058] delves into the details of the desktop, its open source components and what's included in the JavaTM Runtime Environment (JRE).

  • JavaTM Enterprise System (formerly called Project Orion) is being offered for $100/Employee/Year [11011]; for details on components: [11014]; ISV support [11015]; support in Asia [11129].

  • The JavaTM Studio Enterprise development system combines all the tools necessary to build modern Web-based enterprise applications: [11013].

  • Sun expands its next phase of N1 technology with N1TM CenterRun 4.0 (for news of Sun's acquisition of CenterRun see [10796]); more N1 initiatives [11038].

Some of the other products announced:

  • Sun FireTM V250 server and Sun BladeTM 1500 workstation [11045]

  • Temporary Capacity on Demand [11050]

  • Eight new Reference Architectures: Get an overview of what they offer and how they are developed [11049]; [11037] presents a brief look at some successful implementations; to see a reference architecture in action, read [10971] on the solution from Sun and Infosys for the National Commercial Bank of Jamaica.

Keynotes from the conference are available online; see article [11061] for a brief overview of them and a link to the Webcasts.

More detailed articles are available on certain keynotes: McNealy's [11059], Schwartz [11060], Papadopoulos & Yen [11041].

Sun Corporate News

  • Sun Outperforms Overall UNIXR Server Market Q/Q [11040]

  • Sun's Overall Storage Revenue Grew 22 Percent: IDC's Q2-2003 Worldwide Disk Storage Systems Quarterly Tracker [10947]

  • IDC Reports an End to the Nine-quarter Decline in Server Market Revenues as Sun Regains the Top Spot in the UNIX Segment with 33 Percent Marketshare [10880]

  • Sun Holds the Lead in HPTC Market Growth [10927]

  • Bill Joy retired from Sun in September [10954]

  • Dr. Jim Mitchell will lead the new High Productivity Computing Systems (HPCS) Research and Development program [11080] and Glenn Edens will take over for the departing Mitchell and run the Sun Labs [11079]

How to develop and make a business case for technologies continues to be on the minds of developers and executives. Read about different revenue models for wireless in article [10933]. To identify performance problems in existing implementations of Web Services standards Sun started the Fast Web Services initiative [10722]. Sun continues to support standards-compliant, JavaTM Web Services platforms, [10984].

Partner news from Sun and the following:

  • Oracle [10966] -- The Oracle Database 10g is the first database technology to take advantage of the new data center environment Sun is building with Sun N1TM.

  • Xiran [10938] -- A solution from Xiran combined with the Sun FireTM V65x is are improving the performance of Helix streaming media.

  • Arcot [10949] -- Arcot is providing e-payment authorization software to facilitate the implementation of MasterCard SecureCode on Sun Fire servers.

  • RealNetworks [10965] -- Sun will redistribute RealPlayer with the Java Desktop System.

  • Topspin [10948] -- Topspin now provides Sun and Oracle customers with a complete InfiniBand clustering solution optimized for Oracle.

  • Siebel [10887] -- The SunTM ONE Identity Server 6.0 software (formerly iPlanetTM) has been validated with Siebel 7.5 for better integration and more secure access to Web-based resources.

  • Danger [10926] -- The wireless solution provider, Danger Inc., will become a licensee of the JavaTM 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2METM).

  • Bank One [11018] -- Sun and Bank One are bringing a solution to market that consists of a flexible architecture and offers consumer payment initiation and transaction processing via the Web.

Manufacturing Section

Using technology securely continues to be a concern for companies implementing strategies such as Web Services or portals. Sun proposes a three-step approach to the creation of a network identity-enabled environment in a white paper summarized in article [11053].

A company that turned to Sun for a portal is Philips Semiconductors. They consolidated data and migrated a portal with solutions from Sun and some iForceSM partners. See article [10837]. Sun in Education

Sun has business continuity solutions for every campus need to cope with problems such as the power outage of 2003, natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes, human error, or terrorism/vandalism [11064].

The New Zealand National Library has selected a Sun FireTM 12K server to help them make their archives of images available online [10992].

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