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Consulting Services for Grid Computing
Sun Services Program Offers Assessments, Implementation Advice

The Sun Services program has announced three new consulting services for users considering implementation of grid computing environments: Architecture Workshop for Grid Computing, Architecture Assessment for Grid Computing and Architecture and Implementation Service for Grid Computing.

Sun Expands Managed Services
IT Infrastructure Management Solution Now Includes Custom SLAs, Site Support

Sun Managed Services is a customized IT Infrastructure Management solution designed to optimize the customer's data center operations. Sun Managed Services focuses on deploying IT Infrastructure expertise, industry best-practices and the ITIL datacenter management process to help customers achieve operational and Quality of Service goals without requiring an IT asset transfer. The program has been expanded to incorporate Sun Sigma Service Level Agreements and Site Support Agreements (formerly Large Scale Data Center Agreement).

Sun Assembles Infrastructure Solution for Grid Computing
Combines Services, Hardware, Software in One Flexible Package

Sun Microsystems has put together a new Sun Infrastructure Solution for Grid Computing, designed to help IT organizations architect and deploy an appropriate Grid Computing infrastructure that contributes directly to their key business goals. The solution is based on SunTone compliant reference architectures that include hardware, software and services essential to deploying a grid infrastructure.

Sun Launches Software Express Program
Continuing Solaris Operating System Updates to be Available for Monthly Download

Sun is launching its Software Express Program with the first of its continuing, regularly scheduled releases of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (SPARC Platform Edition) and the Solaris OS (x86 Platform Edition). Future releases will typically be on a monthly basis.

N1 CenterRun 4.0
Quick and Easy Service Provisioning

The newest addition to the Sun N1 portfolio is N1 CenterRun, a solution that is designed to offer quick and easy service provisioning. It allows customers to automate the complicated application provisioning process, which makes it quicker and more stable and allows complex services to be deployed in less than one day.

Sun Infrastructure Solution for Grid Computing
Increases Productivity

The Sun Infrastructure Solution for Grid Computing can help many types of companies accelerate compute-intensive projects and maintain the competitive edge necessary in today's market. The Sun Infrastructure Solution for Grid Computing consists of the Sun ONE Grid Engine and Sun ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition 5.3 software and other components. It has an easy to use GUI and management tools.

Linux Expo UK 2003
October 8-9, London, UK

Linux Expo 2003 is the UK's largest Linux exhibition and conference. This free event will run for two days, October 8-9, 2003, in London and features three tracks to help you evaluate, implement and use Linux. Event sponsors include Sun, HP, IBM and others.

Sun Net Talk: B2B Integration in Action: Daimler Chrysler Connects 10,000 Partners
October 15, Online Webinar

The upcoming Sun Net Talk on Wednesday, October 15, 2003, will feature Sun Vice President Joe Keller, and Roger Nolan, Senior Director of Web Services Integration, and Jim Bruneel and Dean Pierson, managers of Daimler Chrysler's e-Business Services group as they discuss how the Daimler Chrysler e-Business Message Exchange (EBMX) allows suppliers and business partners to exchange documents.

    ApacheCon 2003
    November 16-20, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Sun Microsystems will be a platinum sponsor for ApacheCon 2003, the official conference of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The event will focus on uniting open-source users, developers, programmers, system administrators and information architects to expand knowledge and share problem-solving skills with peers from across the globe. The conference will be held November 16-20, in Las Vegas.

    Oxford GlycoSciences Implements Sun StorEdge Utilization Suite Software
    Success Story Reveals How OGS Manages 30 TB of Data at Low TCO

    Oxford GlycoSciences (OGS) is the first user of an innovative type of mass spectrometry that generates up to 100 times the amount of data normally created by this instrumentation. As a result OGS's storage capacity requirements increased in just a few months from four to 12 to 20 terabytes. When keeping all the data on disk proved inadequate, OGS found a more efficient and cost-effective way to meet its data storage requirements in the Sun StorEdge Utilization Suite software featuring Sun StorEdge SAM-FS software.

    Sun's Fast Restore Solution for LANless Backup
    Based on Sun StorEdge SAM-FS Software

    The new Sun Fast Restore Solution for LANless Backup, based on the services of the Sun StorEdge SAM-FS software, is an open archiving solution that is designed for information-demanding environments as well as data life cycle management. Users are able to keep critical business data continuously available, while continuously protected.

    SPARC Storage Array 100 and 200 Series EOSL Date Pushed Back
    SunSpectrum Support Extended

    Sun is extending the scheduled EOSL (End of Service Life) date for the the SPARC Storage Array 100 and 200 products, from the original May 2003, to the new date of March 31, 2006. Regular SunSpectrum service support options will remain available to owners of SPARC Storage Array 100 and 200 products until this later date.

    Sun StorEdge L700e Tape Library Pass Thru Port
    Connect Libraries for Combined Capacity

    The Sun StorEdge L700e tape library Pass Thru Port (PTP) is a tape library enhancement designed to connect two Sun StorEdge L700e libraries via an electromechanical PTP. This creates a combined capacity of either 1,344 cartridge storage locations and up to 20 tape drives or 1,224 cartridge storage locations and up to 40 tape drives.

    McData Releases Sphereon 4300 12-Port Switch
    Low Cost-per-port Device Connects Up to 10 Servers

    Sun has added a new edge switch to its McData fibre channel switch family. The 12-port McData Sphereon 4300 switch supports SAN 4.2 release rules and has the optional capability of using the switch in a SAN fabric. Short wave small form factor pluggable optics (SFPs) are included with the McData Sphereon 4300. They provide connectivity for up to 10 km; long wave SFPs are not supported.

    End of Sun StorEdge A5200 Array Upgrade Trade-in Allowances
    Sun StorEdge 6000 Family Replacements

    Sun recommends that customers of Sun StorEdge A5200 arrays trade up to the Sun StorEdge 6000 family because the trade-in allowances will end soon. The Sun StorEdge A5200 product line is being transitioned off the Sun price list (see article [10866]). The promotion to trade in legacy Sun StorEdge A5200, A5000, A5100, A3500 and T3 arrays for Sun StorEdge 6120 arrays or a Sun StorEdge 6320 system will end December 19, 2003.

    SNIA Approves Australia and New Zealand Affiliate
    SNIA ANZ Commits to Storage Networking Promotion

    The formation of a regional affiliate of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) has been approved to promote storage networking technologies throughout Australia and New Zealand. SNIA ANZ plans to develop programs for education and marketing that will promote storage networking solutions by bringing together vendors, developers and integrators.

    Two Developer Contests: SIMagine and e-gate
    Using SIM Cards and e-gate Smart Cards

    Two developer contests are being held to help promote small developer technology. SIMagine challenges developers to create wireless applications using SIM cards based on Java technology. e-gate Open 2004 asks contestants to develop innovative solutions using the Java technology/Cyberflex e-gate smart cards.

    OASIS Approves Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) Standard
    For the Consumption of Web Services in Portal Front Ends

    The members of the OASIS standards consortium have approved Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) version 1.0 as an OASIS Standard, which is the highest level of ratification offered by the group. WSRP allows the consumption of Web Services in portal front ends, as well as the way in which content providers write Web Services for portals, to be standardized.

    Motorola A920 Handset Developer Competition
    Categories Include Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition; Symbian and Macromedia Flash

    The 3 UK Development Competition is open to programmers interested in competing to create the most innovative and creative applications. Both individual and creative design companies are invited to compete in developing content or applications suitable for running on the Motorola A920 handset.

    Sun Mainframe Rehosting Reference Architecture
    Make the Most of Existing Investments While Cutting Costs

    The Sun Mainframe Rehosting Reference Architecture (Sun MFRRA) is designed to provide a flexible roadmap for migrating complete mainframe application environments to Sun systems. The architecture is a tested, tuned and completely documented implementation of a rehosted mainframe workload on the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).

    Migration Strategies: From Refronting to Retirement
    Benefits and Risks Outlined

    The chapter "Migrating to the Solaris Operating System: Migration Strategies" by Ken Pepple, Brian Down and David Levy from a forthcoming Sun BluePrints book focuses on rehosting, refronting and rearchitecting strategies.

    OASIS Ratifies SAML 1.1
    Enables Framework for Exchanging Authentication and Authorization Information

    Members of the OASIS standards consortium have approved the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) version 1.1 as an OASIS Standard. SAML provides an XML-based framework for exchanging authentication and authorization information. This enables the ability -- known as single sign-on -- to use an array of Internet resources without the need for repeated log ins.

    Secure Fabric OS for Brocade SAN Fabrics
    Uses Strongest Enterprise-class Security Methods Available

    Secure Fabric OS is a comprehensive security solution for Brocade SAN fabrics. It provides flexible security and policy administration that protects data from unauthorized access and corruption and helps organizations customize SAN security to meet specific policies and requirements. Secure Fabric OS protects the network by using the strongest, enterprise-class security methods available.

    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology to Create a Security Research Center
    Sun and Others to Contribute

    The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), along with Sun, IBM and Credit Suisse, is creating a research center to be based in Zurich with the goal of fortifying data networks against viruses and worms.

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