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New Sun Products Attack Cost and Complexity
New Servers, Sun N1 Technologies and Services

As promised at the SunNetwork Conference in San Francisco, Sun is attacking cost and complexity with new products. The benefits of their R & D budget were unveiled in the form of new servers, a new workstation, new Sun N1 technologies and more.

Java Enterprise System: $100 per Employee per Year
Out-of-the-box Integration

At the SunNetwork Conference 2003, Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president, Software at Sun, announced Sun's Java Enterprise System and its pricing model. The price of the Java Enterprise System (formerly Project Orion) is $100 per employee per year, including support and unlimited right to use (RTU). It seamlessly integrates enterprise network components needed for Web Services.

Java Enterprise System Features New Components
Network Identity Services, Portal Services and More

As part of Sun's initiative to offer customers a complete system that allows for the rapid deployment of services, Sun has introduced new enhanced components with its new Java Enterprise System. New capabilities range from network identity services to portal, communications, security services and an integrated Java Web services platform.

Scott McNealy's SunNetwork Conference 2003 Opening Keynote
Cost and Complexity, Customer Demands and Jalopies

A description and commentary on Sun CEO Scott McNealy's opening keynote speech at the SunNetwork Conference 2003 is provided by Janice Heiss on Sun's Java technology Web page. Some of the main topics McNealy focused included the debut of the Java Desktop System, formerly called project Mad Hatter, and Sun's new mobility with security strategy.

Conference Keynote from Schwartz: Sun's Revolution in Software
Simplified Delivery & Licensing for Less Money

Sun EVP of software, Jonathan Schwartz, in his keynote at the SunNetwork Conference 2003, talked about how Sun will deliver upgrades once a quarter, how its licensing agreement will only be three pages instead of a tome, and how its low price combined with these factors will create a revolution in how people think about, deploy and purchase server software. He demonstrated the Java Enterprise System live on stage.

New Java Desktop System Introduced for Enterprise Customers
Sun Updates StarOffice, Sun Ray Appliance, Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition for New Solution

Users in the market for a desktop solution that features an office productivity suite (StarOffice 7.0 Office Suite), the latest release of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE), an updated Sun Ray appliance, the Mozilla browser, as well as email, calendaring and instant messaging applications will find all of these in the Java Desktop System (formerly known as Mad Hatter).

Java Studio Enterprise Gives Users New Developer Tools and Support
Designed for Creating Applications for the Java Enterprise System

The newly announced Java Studio Enterprise solution gives users the development tools, services and support needed for creating and testing applications for the Java Enterprise System: a fast, full-feature Java IDE, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) tools and wizards, Web service creation and assembly tools, portal channel builder, integration connector builder and one-button deploy tools for application and Web servers.

New Sun Fire Servers Competitively Priced
Low-cost Computing Solutions and Enhancements Announced

As part of the NC 03 Q3 launch, Sun introduced three systems based on the UltraSPARC processor and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) that are priced aggressively and designed to provide leading price-performance over competitive offerings from Dell, HP and IBM. Sun also made enhancements to the Sun Ray Thin Clients and cited benchmarks for performance increases on certain servers.

New Reference Architectures Make Network Computing More Secure, Less Complex
Eight New Solutions Range from Security to Communications

Sun continues its campaign to reduce the complexity of network computing with the introduction of eight new reference architectures and an Infrastructure Solution for Grid Computing.

Sun Pushes Ahead with New N1 Initiatives
Expansion of Partnerships, N1 Center of Excellence

Sun continues to push its N1 initiative forward with the expansion of partnerships, the availability of N1 technologies in iForce Solution Centers worldwide, an N1 Early Deployment Program and the N1 Center of Excellence which provides dedicated N1 consulting expertise. Sun has also added Sun N1 CenterRun to its N1 family.

Papadopoulos & Yen on the New System from Sun
Advances in Chip Design and Software Create Competitive Advantage

Greg Papadopoulos, Sun's chief technology officer, and David Yen, the EVP of Processor and Network products, spoke at the SunNetwork Conference 2003 about advances in chip design and how Sun will create a new system based on them.

Sun Joins Trusted Computing Group
Standards Body Works to Ensure Secure Computing Environments

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has a new member in Sun Microsystems, which has just joined as a Promoter Member. TCG, an open, industry standards body made up of computer and device manufacturers, software vendors and other stakeholders in the effort to enhance the security of interoperable computing environments, will benefit from Sun's commitment to secure computing.

Sun Creates Auto ID Business Unit, Names Julie Sarbacker Director
Standards-based Technology to Enable Links to EPC Network

Sun has bolstered its commitment to the enterprise Auto-ID initiative by creating an Auto-ID Business Unit and naming Julie Sarbacker its director. A member for over three years of the Auto-ID Center, Sun has the experience to deliver the standards-based technology enterprises will need to link their operations to the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Network.

Sun Outperforms Overall UNIX Server Market Q/Q
Unit and Vendor Revenue Growth

Quarter-to-quarter (Q/Q), Sun outperformed the overall UNIX server market in both unit and vendor revenue growth, and maintained its position as the worldwide leader in both categories, according to the 2Q03 Worldwide Server Database by Gartner Dataquest.

Sun's John Fowler Discusses Digital Rights Management
Microsoft's Recent DRM Move Explained

The CTO of Sun Software, John Fowler, recently answered a few questions on topics relating to digital rights management (DRM) and Microsoft's recent inclusion of DRM capabilities into its Microsoft Office 2003.

Cypress Semiconductor Finds Success with Sun and i2
Customer Satisfaction, Reduced Costs, Better Forecasting and More

Cypress Semiconductor, a broadline semiconductor supplier with a communications focus, recently deployed a planning system from i2 Technologies and Sun to streamline business processes. The system is already returning significant benefits in the form of long range planning and detailed forecasting. Cypress plans to automate the fulfillment of orders in the near future, completing their end-to-end model of the business.

Reality Check -- Choosing an IT Security System: Part I
Consider the Solaris Operating System or Trusted Solaris Operating System

Between them, the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and Trusted Solaris Operating System cover the entire gamut of security requirements for corporate IT systems, ranging from protection against exploitation of vulnerabilities in productivity applications to the need for data separation or for safeguarding privileged information or complying with governmental regulations that mandate extraordinary security provisions.

Free and Open Source S/W
Red Hat Joins the ObjectWeb Consortium
Stiffens Competition for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition-compliant Web Server

Red Hat Inc. has joined the ObjectWeb consortium, an organization founded in 1999 to foster the development of open-source middleware. Red Hat will bring a supporting commercial presence to the consortium's open source middleware development efforts, including Java Open Application Server (JOnAS).

Co-bundle of NetBeans IDE 3.5.1 (ML) and Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.4.2 Now Available
Text Handling Improved to Display Chinese Characters

The co-bundle of NetBeans IDE 3.5.1 (ML) and Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4.2 is now available in English, Chinese and Japanese. The NetBeans IDE 3.5.1 release contains bug fixes that improve the IDE's handling of text when the IDE's default font size is increased. Startup time and general UI responsiveness have been improved.

Sun Net Talk: "N1 in Action: Application Provisioning Takes Center Stage"
September 24, 9-10 a.m. PT (12-1 p.m. ET)

Tune in for the Sun Net Talk "N1 in Action: Application Provisioning Takes Center Stage" to be held Wednesday, September 24, 2003, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PT (12:00 - 1:00 p.m. ET). Host Yael Zheng, Senior Director, N1 Marketing, will lead Ed Turner, Architecture Manager, and Charlie Boyle, N1 Business Development Manager, in a discussion of the next phase in the evolution of N1, Sun's revolutionary architecture for managing entire network computing systems.

Montreal Java Technology User Group
October 15, 2003

The Montreal Java User Group will present an opportunity to discover how LiDO provides easy and efficient access to Enterprise data sources from your Java technology applications. Presenting at the meeting will be Softworx Technology Group, the Canadian distributor of LiBeLIS, Liberty for large Information Systems, which delivers Java technologies focused on highly scalable transactional systems. The meeting is free.

Visualization Technologies and Applications: InfoVis 2003 & PVG 2003
October 19-24, Seattle, WA, in Conjunction with IEEE Symposium

Two events will be held in conjunction with IEEE Visualization 2003 conference: InfoVis 2003, the ninth annual IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization, and PVG 2003, the IEEE Symposium on Parallel and Large-DataVisualization and Graphics (PVG). Sponsors for both these events include Sun, IBM Research, Microsoft Research, SGI, Kitware and others.

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