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Sun Offers Oracle Database 10g Customers Multiple Platform Capability
Available for Solaris Operating System, Linux and Solaris OS (x86 Platform Edition)

Sun now offers Oracle Database 10g customers multiple UNIX-based platforms -- the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and UltraSPARC processor; Linux-based systems; and, for the first time, Solaris OS (x86 Platform Edition) based systems -- to help businesses reduce cost and lay the foundation for the data center of the future.

Ohio's University Hospitals Health System Chooses Oracle, Sun for ERP System
Switching to Sun Rescues Massive Oracle Consolidation Project

University Hospitals Health System (UHHS) is northern Ohio's premier healthcare delivery system, employing 12,000 staff members in its 22 business entities located in more than 150 sites across the northern region of the state. When the growing scale of its business operations dictated a consolidation, UHHS chose 16 modules of the Oracle E-Business Suite 11i as the vehicle to replace its variety of antiquated legacy software and Sun hardware and software to run it on.

Oracle Recognized for Java Technology Leadership
JavaWorld and Java Pro Magazines Award "TopLink"

JavaWorld magazine and Java Pro magazine have both bestowed awards on Oracle for its Oracle9i Application Server TopLink software and its leadership in Java technology software development.

Java Technology
Making Money in the Wireless World
Which Revenue Model Is the One to Choose?

A lot of developers, service providers and aggregators of third-party applications have been disappointed with the results (or lack thereof) of using the old, common sense revenue model that goes something like, "developers develop, service providers value-add and market and everybody makes money." Fortunately, there are alternatives, which this article examines.

An Acceptance-testing Application for Teachers of Object-oriented Language
Say Goodbye to "Hello World"

Daniel H. Steinberg begins his article on the FIT framework with the observation that too little discourse takes place between teachers of and practitioners of object-oriented language. Using FIT and FitNesse, a wiki-based wrapper for FIT that adds functionality, a teacher can now specify an assignment that a student, faculty member or grader can run against the student's efforts throughout the development phase. The spec itself, in other words, can help the student make progress by showing what needs to be done next and which parts have been satisfied at any moment.

Sun and Xiran Hardware Improve Helix Streaming Media Performance
Reduces Cost-per-Stream Metric

The Sun Fire V65x server and Xiran's DPA1200-H streaming media accelerator card are able to substantially improve Helix streaming media performance. The solution also offers improvements to cost efficiency, scalability and performance for Internet and content delivery service providers, as well as corporate enterprises. Xiran is an accelerated content delivery solution provider.

Sun and Topspin Communications Offer InfiniBand-based Data Center Solution
Higher Throughput, Lower Latency and CPU Utilization

As a result of a partnership with Topspin Communications, a systems company that provides the foundation for switched computing, Sun has recently debuted a high-performance data center solution for InfiniBand-based technology. The Oracle Database clustering solution is configured to run the Red Hat Linux operating system and Oracle Database 10g on a Sun Fire V65x server cluster.

Sun Fire Servers Host MasterCard SecureCode
Sun and Arcot Combating Credit Card Fraud

MasterCard International has picked the Sun Fire servers with Java technology and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) to run its MasterCard SecureCode hosted service. The iForce partner Arcot is providing e-payments authentication software, Transfort, which will facilitate implementation of MasterCard SecureCode onto the servers.

Sun and RealNetworks Sign Distribution Agreement for RealPlayer
Supports Sun's New Secure Desktop, Gives Access to the Best Internet Audio and Video

Sun has enhanced the attractiveness and usefulness of its Project Mad Hatter by signing an agreement with RealNetworks Inc. that allows Sun to redistribute RealPlayer. RealPlayer supports a variety of file formats, along with RealAudio and RealVideo, which will give users access to the widest possible variety of desktop offerings. Project Mad Hatter will formally be launched at SunNetwork 2003 in San Francisco.

Auto-ID Center's EPC Executive Symposium
RFID Technology Event in Chicago, Sept. 15-17, 2003

This Inaugural Event of the Auto-ID Center will be held September 15-17, 2003, at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. Tracks will cover buying, implementing and maintaining the EPC Network and how adoption of EPC technology can make companies more profitable.

LogOn Web Days in Europe, September and October
Java Community Process Program Members Discount Available

A new series of one-day events is aimed at drawing developers, technical leaders and business and government end-users to 11 cities across Europe, beginning September 15 and ending October 30. LogOn Web Days Europe 2003 is a series of pan-European events that will focus Web Services, Java technology and XML. The Java Community Process (JCP) program is an Association Partner of the event.

"Smart Cards in Motion" -- Smart Card Alliance Fall 2003 Conference
October 14-16, 2003, in Florida

The Smart Card Alliance Fall 2003 Conference, titled "Smart Cards in Motion," will be held October 14-16, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The event will focus on mobility and how a range of vertical markets are taking advantage of new chip technologies that offer greater speed, lower cost, larger capacity and a more mobile form.

OSGi 2003 World Congress
October 21-24, Dusseldorf, Germany

The OSGi Alliance's annual event, the OSGi World Congress, is an open forum designed to specify, create, advance and promote an open service platform for the delivery and management of multiple applications and services to all types of networked devices. The event will be held October 21-24 (including pre-conference workshop), in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Utilizing Grid Technology to Optimize the Power and Potential of All Your Technical Computing Resources
Scientific Computing and Instrumentation Magazine's Free Webcast

Scientific Computing & Instrumentation Magazine is offering a free Webcast on the use of Grid Technology. Titled "Utilizing Grid Technology to Optimize the Power and Potential of All Your Technical Computing Resources," the Webcast will feature Wolfgang Gentzsch, director of Grid Computing at Sun. The event will take place on September 24, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Eastern.

    Enterprise Architect Summit
    October 12-14, Palm Springs, California

    The Enterprise Architect Summit aims to be the first and only event that examines how IT professionals are expected to integrate overall IT needs with the demands of business in order to develop usable architectural solutions. The event will be held October 12-14, in Palm Springs, California.

    New Code Camps Announced for the Developer Community
    Offerings Include Network Security, Web Applications, Over-the-air Provisioning

    A number of new code camps have been announced that will be of interest to the developer community. They include offerings on network security, over-the-air provisioning, Web application frameworks and the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).

    Tech Talk Series Offered on Sun ONE Studio 5 Software
    InsiTech Adds XML Tunneling Technology (XTT)

    Sun Educational Services is making a new Tech Talk series on Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition software (formerly Forte for Java) and integrations available to customers as a Web-based course. Also new is a further enhancement of Sun ONE Studio software that comes from InsiTech, whose XML Tunneling Technology (XTT) enables the development of thin-client rich GUI Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.3 (J2EE) applications in shorter time and in a manner similar to developing Java programming applications in Visual Basic.

    Nessus Installation and Scanning
    An Automated Network-based Security Scanner

    In today's IT environment where machines are constantly probed for vulnerabilities, users and administrators are in need of a solid security scanner to audit their own machines. In a Sun BigAdmin article Amy Rich takes a look at Nessus, which she feels is one of the strongest GPL tools currently available.

    How to Build Your Own Solaris Operating System (x86 Platform Edition) System
    From Scratch for Less Than $500

    An article detailing how to build a system that uses the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) for under US$500 has been posted on the Sun BigAdmin Web site. Eric Rinker describes the hardware acquisition, configuration and installation process involved with putting this inexpensive system together from scratch.

    Using the Sun RAS System Analysis with Sun Remote Services Net Connect
    Monitors Server System Health; Staves Off Downtime

    The Sun Reliability, Availability, Serviceability (RAS) System Analysis program, an Internet-based service, uses a combination of technology and expert knowledge to deliver automated, on-demand server configuration assessments, giving users timely information on the health of their systems.

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