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Java Technology Live Chat: Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1
Aug. 26. 11:00 A.M. PDT/6:00 P.M. GMT

An upcoming Java technology live chat focuses on Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1 (EJB) technology. This latest chat in the series that lets you engage experts on a variety of hot topics in the Java programming language is titled, "Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1" and will focus on the EJB Specification v2.1.

Integrate 2003
September 9-10, Boston, Massachusetts

Integrate 2003 aims to teach attendees about corporate asset strategies, measuring the ROI of IT integration projects and working with system integration problems as budgets diminish. IT executives, managers and decision makers are all invited to attend. Integrate 2003 will be held September 9-10, in Boston. Sun's chief technical officer, Greg Papadopoulos, will present a keynote speech.

An Executive Overview on the Mission-critical IT Infrastructure
Building a Resilient DataCenter: Online Event on September 24

Sun's Clark Masters, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Systems Products, will participate in a discussion titled "An Executive Overview on the Mission-critical IT Infrastructure" with Giga Information Group's Richard Fichera. The discussion will be on September 24, and will focus on how you can affect change in the data center.

Sun Fire 4800 Server Six-month Promotion
Price and Configuration Changes

Sun is releasing six new models for the Sun Fire 4800 server on a six-month promotional basis. The new packages aim to simplify Sun's configuration strategy in the mid-range space and are intended to provide existing Sun Fire 4800 server customers with improved price/performance and lower total cost of ownership.

    Sun Alert ID 56000: Frame Manager Service LED
    False Alarm

    Sun recently released Sun Alert ID: 56000 warning users of Sun Fire 3800 servers, Sun Fire 4800 servers, Sun Fire 4810 servers and Sun Fire 6800 servers of a potential Frame Manager Service LED fault. The LED may indicate an error has occurred when no fault actually exists within the frame.

    SunSpectrum Instant Upgrade Part Numbers for Sun Fire 6800 Servers
    For Additional Support of Sun Systems

    Sun has released new SunSpectrum Instant Upgrade (SIU) part numbers for the Sun Fire 6800 server. This new offering benefits customers who need additional support for their Sun systems due to the need for additional services not offered by Sun's standard warranty coverage or the mission critical nature of the customer's IT environment.

      Entry Level Servers
      Sun Fire B1600 Blade Chassis Administration Course
      Learn Installation, Configuration and Maintenance Procedures

      The Sun Fire B1600 Blade Chassis Administration course (ES-485) is currently available for students interested in learning the skills needed to support the installation, configuration and maintenance of the Sun Fire B1600 Blade Chassis and integrated Switch. The course will cover relevant concepts, architecture, key features and configuration techniques.

      Improving Sun Fire V1280 Server and Netra 1280 Server RAS
      Sun BluePrints Document

      Advanced system administrators may be interested in the recent Sun BluePrints Online document which focuses on improving the overall system reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) of Sun Fire V1280 servers and Netra 1280 servers. Console navigation and precautions for using the System Configuration Card (SCC) are also included.

      JNI FibreStar HBAs Now Available for Sun StorEdge Open SAN Environments
      2 Gb PCI-X Single and Dual Port Fibre Channel HBAs Fully Compatible with PCI-X Standard

      JNI Corporation's FibreStar HBAs have completed rigorous compatibility and integration testing at Sun Microsystems. These host bus adapters (HBAs) are now on Sun's pricelist and are available for use in all Sun PCI servers operating in Sun StorEdge Open SAN environments. JNI is offering a competitive brief outlining the advantage of JNI HBAs for Sun Open SANs.

      Audi AG Finds Success with Sun SAM-FS
      Storage and Archive Manager File System

      As a manufacturer of high-tech automobiles Audi AG recently needed a fast, scalable data management solution to handle the approximately six terabytes of data the company generates every day. In order to keep their HSM storage system running in the face of capacity bottlenecks, Audi chose Sun SAM-FS (Storage and Archive Manager File System).

      Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI Array Handles the Toughest Environments
      Optimized for Sun's Low-cost Computing Servers

      Demanding workplace environments require an easy-to-use, simple-to-manage, highly flexible storage array platform. The versatile Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI array is a low-profile, ultra-condensed, modular storage array designed for the diverse needs of fast-growing environments. It includes many enterprise-class features and functions such as remote management service.

      Comparison of Linux and Solaris Operating System
      Best Practices for Advanced System Administrators

      The Sun BluePrints OnLine document (August 2003) by regional system support engineer John Cecere of Sun Services provides a quick overview of the Linux operating system and compares and contrasts it with the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). Topics include the software, hardware, kernel, networking and the system components.

      Introductory Course on Crash Dump Analysis and the SunOS Kernel
      Identify and Resolve Basic Solaris Operating System Problems

      The Introduction to Crash Dump Analysis and the SunOS Kernel course provides students with essential skills to diagnose and resolve system problems, beginning with whether a system problem is due to hardware or software. This course (number ST-375) focuses on identifying and resolving basic Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) problems successfully.

      "A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification: A Comprehensive Primer, Second Edition"
      Passing the Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 Exam

      For help with passing the Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 exam, Khalid Azim Mughal and Rolf W. Rasmussen have written "A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification: A Comprehensive Primer, Second Edition." The 672-page book aims to provide detailed coverage of exam topics and objectives, code examples, exercises, review questions and several full practice exams.

      "Code Generation in Action"
      Abstracting Code Design to Allow Creation of Multiple Outputs

      Jack Herrington's "Code Generation in Action" offers insight into code generation, an engineering technique that abstracts code design, allowing the creation of multiple outputs from a single model of application functionality.

      "Eclipse Modeling Framework"
      Successfully Unifying Java Technology, XML and UML

      The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) successfully unifies Java technology, XML and UML, which allows developers to quickly build solid applications based on simple models. The 720-page "Eclipse Modeling Framework" attempts to delve into every aspect of using EMF for modeling and code generation.

      Financial Services
      FIXEDGE Solution from Sun and B2BITS
      Financial Information eXchange Engine with Sun LX50 Server

      Sun and B2BITS are offering the FIXEDGE bundle, which combines the B2BITS FIX engine with Sun's low-cost, high-performance Sun LX50 server and professional services. The financial services solution facilitates straight-through processing (STP), automates trade routing and integrates with any order management system to automate trading from order to settlement.

      FIX Protocol Aims to be the Industry Standard for Electronic Trading
      Shortened Settlement Times, Automated Straight-through Processing

      The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol has become recognized as the leading open-messaging standard for electronic trading throughout the industry. Sun offers a number of FIX-based solutions, and remains active in the marketplace in the hopes that firms make a strategic investment in their commercial relationship with Sun.

        Smart Banking Architecture
        Reducing Costs with Sun and Wincor Nixdorf

        The new Smart Banking Architecture, offered by Sun and Wincor Nixdorf, offers bank branches a solution that can meet the industry's technology demands while providing the potential for significantly reducing client administration expenses and solving existing software version problems.

        New Product Marketplace
        CambridgeDocs' PDF-XML Publishing Server
        Dynamically Assemble and Serve PDF Files

        PDF-XML Publishing Server, from CambridgeDocs, facilitates the creation of PDF documents from dynamically changing data. The new server product allows for the embedding of dynamic PDF generation within a custom application or for the generation of PDFs via Web Services requests. PDF-XML Publishing Server generates PDF files from XML using XSL:FO, and the API allows companies to manipulate the generated PDFs using industry standard XML and XSL.

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