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Price Reduction on the Sun Fire V65x Server
Servers Meet Mid-market and HPTC Needs
August 4, 2003,
Volume 66, Issue 1

The Sun FireTM V65x server is now available for a lower price. The Sun FireTM V60x server will receive an Intel Xeon processor upgrade to 3.06 GHz. Successful implementations of these entry-level, x86-based servers include the University of Queensland and the University of Namur in Belgium.

Sun Fire V65x servers and Sun Fire V60x server systems have beaten competitive offerings from Dell, HP and IBM by 25 to 28 percent. The Sun Fire servers can run standard Linux distributions, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or the SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS).

Sun Fire V60x systems will run the molecular-scale computations on the largest supercomputer facilities in Australia at the University of Queensland. The low-cost server systems are linked with SunTM ONE Grid Engine software and can deliver high compute power for memory intensive applications.

"The research we conduct requires the simultaneous input of an enormous amount of computations," said Professor Sean Smith, head of the Centre for Computational Molecular Science. "We were therefore looking to develop a cluster facility that delivered superior throughput capacity as well as raw speed on any one processor. The super computer facility Sun will deliver consists of 256 processors linked together to harness multiple compute power and deliver increased throughput of small to moderate size computations."

For more on the computer facility at the University of Queensland, see article [10248] in this news magazine's archive.

The University of Namur has implemented 80 Sun Fire V60x systems to run its High Performance Technical Computing (HPTC) applications to create one of the most powerful and visible computing systems in Belgium, Jean-Pol Vigneron, Director, Science Computing Facility at the University said. "In combination with the software technology, Sun ONE Grid Engine (software), these low-cost systems provide the reliability and availability that are critical to the uptime of the applications that we are running."

Namur is the capital of the Namur province and the political capital of Wallonia, the French-speaking southern part of Belgium.

The Sun Fire V60x and V65x servers are meeting mid-market requirements for low-cost, high performance solutions, according to Joe Serra, vice president of software and systems product marketing of Tech Data. Tech Data recently extended its offerings from Sun to include the servers.

"These price reductions and processor enhancements provide increased customer value while demonstrating Sun's commitment to delivering competitive price/performance x86 platform products," said Souheil Saliba, vice president of marketing for Sun's Volume Systems Products group. "Sun continues to provide Tech Data and other partners with products that will open the door to new markets and an additional revenue stream from standard Linux distributions or Solaris OS (x86 Platform Edition)-based solutions."

Details of the Tech Data and Sun agreement were covered in July, article [10580].

The industry trade publication, eWeek, reviewed the Sun Fire V65x system in its July 21, 2003 issue, giving it an "Excellent" rating for scalability. eWeek also gave Sun the edge in price versus Dell, HP and IBM. To read the review in full, visit:,3959,1200755,00.asp

For the product home pages of the servers, see:

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