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Sun Fire V480 Server Offering with 1.05 GHz UltraSPARC III Cu Processor
Better Price-Performance Alternative to HP and Dell Systems
August 4, 2003,
Volume 66, Issue 1

The Sun FireTM V480 server now features 1.05 GHz UltraSPARCR III Cu processors and is able to provide customers with more processing power, offering a 22 percent performance increase and a 26 percent price-performance increase. In recent industry-standard benchmark tests, the server, powered by the new processor and combined with Sybase IQ12.5 and running the SolarisTM 9 Operating System (Solaris OS), outperformed HP by 33 percent. The server also outperformed Dell by eight percent on performance. In all, the newly equipped server proved to be the best price-performance four-way system on the market.

The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) established the TPC-H benchmark as an industry-standard Decision Support test that measures the system's capability to examine large volumes of data, execute queries with a high degree of complexity and provide answers to critical business questions. The benchmark evaluates a composite performance metric (QphH@size) and a price/performance metric ($/QphH@size) that measure the performance of various decision support systems by the execution of sets of queries against a standard database under controlled conditions.

TPC-H 100 GB benchmark submissions among four-way 100 GB systems clearly show the Sun Fire V480 server as offering better price-performance than Dell's PowerEdge 6650 and HP's DL580 servers. The Sun Fire V480 server achieved a QphH @ 100GB result of 2,140.6 with a price-performance of $44 per QphH @ 100GB.

"Our Sun Fire V480 server aims to deliver more than what Dell, HP or any of our competitors offer -- integrated systems with more value," said Souheil Saliba, vice president of marketing, volume systems products group at Sun. "Without compromising on performance, we are sweetening our offering for our customers, providing systems with a balanced architecture, proven, scalable SunTM ONE software and binary-compatibility -- all designed to reduce cost and complexity in the data center."

The Sun Fire V480 system starts at $19,995 with two 1.05 GHz CPUs and 4 GB of memory. The product is currently available. The system is also complementary to the Sun StorEdgeTM 3510 Fibre Channel and 3310 SCSI arrays. The can also be pre-configured and integrated onsite at Sun before shipping through the SunSM Customer Ready Systems (CRS) program.

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