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Celequest 2.0 Business Activity Monitoring Solution
Provides Real-time Metrics and Alerts
August 4, 2003,
Volume 66, Issue 1

Celequest 2.0 is an integrated software suite for building and deploying business activity monitoring (BAM) solutions across the enterprise. The solution consists of a server, modeler, dashboard and a workbench.

Celequest 2.0 offers real-time visibility, action and results to business users across the enterprise. The software focuses on current activities and monitors key business events and relates those events to historical or contextual information from data warehouses or operational systems in real time, alerting users to exception conditions as they occur. Celequest software can alert users of critical business events and real-time metrics so that action can be taken as the events occur, instead of after the fact. Some of the business events it monitors are:

  • An increase in call volume in a call center

  • Changes in investment positions

  • Inventory levels falling below a certain threshold

  • A drop in demand forecast

  • An increase in product returns

"While traditional business intelligence software enables companies to analyze what has happened historically in a business, these technologies are inherently incapable of providing real-time visibility and insight into what is currently happening," said Diaz Nesamoney, founder and CEO of Celequest. "Celequest recognized that existing technologies cannot be retrofitted to solve this problem; therefore a fundamentally new architectural approach to business intelligence was needed to enable the real-time enterprise. We built Celequest 2.0 from the ground up to address the unique challenges of BAM."

The components of Celequest 2.0 include:

  • Celequest 2.0 Activity Server: Delivers patent-pending "streaming" database technology that materializes and caches real-time temporal views of events and integrates historical context data. The Activity Server utilizes an Adaptive Modeling Engine that executes business rules, manages exception conditions, and enables dynamic event modeling, including time-series analysis.

  • Scenario Modeler: Enables business users to model complex analytical scenarios dynamically and evaluate them in real time with a Microsoft Excel-like interface.

  • Activity Dashboard: Provides business users with visibility into real-time metrics and alerts and allows users to acknowledge and initiate action.

  • Application Workbench: Creates baseline business views and data models that provide a real-time representation of business activity; this information is then correlated with contextual information to provide a meaningful picture of the activity.

Brocade Communications Systems Inc. is using Celequest as a prototype for its engineering team who needs to monitor quality and run modeling tests. "The software is designed to allow business users to set up rules to determine when certain metrics have crossed thresholds, thus alerting quality teams to problems before they seriously impact production," said Jim Cates, Chief Information Officer of Brocade Communications Systems Inc. "The efficiencies enabled by these capabilities could provide a sizeable return on investment for Brocade."

Celequest is certified to run on the SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS), Linux, Microsoft Windows 2000, HP-UX and AIX and supports WebLogic, WebSphere and JBoss application servers.

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