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"AspectJ in Action: Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming"
Presents New AspectJ Patterns
August 4, 2003,
Volume 66, Issue 1

"AspectJ in Action: Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming," by Sun Certified Architect of JavaTM Technology, Ramnivas Laddad, is a 512-page book that contains reusable code examples.

The book from Manning Publications introduces Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) and AspectJ, which enables AOP programming in the Java programming language by adding a few new language constructs. By using the Java programming language as the base language and creating a final system that is compatible with Java byte code specification, AspectJ passes on all the benefits of Java programming language. The use of Java programming language as the base language also makes AspectJ a relatively easy language to learn.

AspectJ in Action is aimed at intermediate to advanced Java technology developers.

The book presents examples of everyday situations in which you can use simple and easy AspectJ solutions to implement common system requirements such as logging, policy enforcement, resource pooling, business rules, thread-safety, authentication and authorization, as well as transaction management. Topics in the book include:

  • In-depth coverage of AOP and AspectJ

  • The problems aspect-oriented programming aims to address and how it handles them

  • Design patterns and idioms, new AspectJ patterns

  • Logging and monitoring using AspectJ

  • The modularization of thread safety using AspectJ

  • The use of JavaTM Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) to implement the underlying authentication and authorization functionality and use of AspectJ to achieve modularization

  • AspectJ version 1.1, various language concepts and constructs, concepts of pointcuts, advice, the introduction mechanism

The ebook Edition is also available for purchase and immediate download. The Web site contains a list of links for external tools and packages used in the book. Sample chapters are also available online: Chapter 3 on syntax basics and Chapter 10 on authentication and authorization.

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