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SGI and Sun Cooperate on Graphics Solution
OpenGL and Java Platform to Work Seamlessly Together

Sun and SGI have entered into a new agreement to jointly develop Java technology bindings to the OpenGL application-programming interface (API). OpenGL is a cross-platform graphics API that has support for almost all operating systems. The aim of the cooperation is to enable the OpenGL and Java platforms to work together seamlessly.

Documentum 5 ECM Platform Products Certified for Sun ONE Application Server
Expanding Benefits of Open, Standards-based Infrastructure

Documentum's Webtop and the components provided by the Documentum Web Development Kit (WDK) are now certified for the Sun ONE Application Server (formerly iPlanet Application Server). Availability of Documentum Portlets has been extended for the Sun ONE Portal Server (formerly iPlanet Portal Server). The portlets enable users to easily access content services provided by the Documentum ECM platform.

Sun and Seclutions to Bundle Application Security Gateway Solution
Application-level Security for E-business

For small and mid-sized companies that want to increase the security of their Web applications, Sun and the Swiss application security software company, Seclutions AG, are offering a turnkey Enterprise Security solution. Seclutions will bundle its application security gateway, AirLock, with Sun server hardware and professional services.

Industry Leaders Publish Web Services Specification
Sun and Others Favor Open Development of Imminent Standardization

The Web Services Composite Application Framework -- a collection of the Web Service Context (WS-CTX) specification, Web Service Coordination Framework (WS-CF) specification and Web Service Transaction Management (WS-TXM) specification -- has been published to solve problems that arise when multiple Web services are used in combination to support information sharing and transaction processing.

Sun and Tech Data Expand Relationship to Offer More Sun Products
Two New Partner Categories Created

Sun and Tech Data Corporation are expanding their distribution agreement to allow Tech Data to sell more Sun products and solutions, especially to midsize enterprises. Some of the added products include Sun's entry-level servers like the Sun Fire V60x server and Sun Fire V65x server. Tech Data and Sun have also created two new partner categories: Registered Volume Reseller and Authorized Volume Reseller.

X3D Standard Builds Steam with the Web3D Consortium
W3C and ISO Help Achieve Goal of Standardization

The Extensible 3D (X3D) specification has been successfully reviewed, implemented and evaluated by the Web3D Consortium. The specification also received the necessary approvals for advancement to final-form Draft International Standard by the International Standards Organization (ISO). X3D is a substantial upgrade from the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) 97 standard.

    "Vertical and Horizontal Computing Architectures -- Trends and Attributes"
    Sun Document Examines the Two Computing Architectures

    A document released by Sun takes issue with the recent media reports that medium to large servers are rapidly being replaced by racks and clusters of smaller servers. Sun's "Vertical and Horizontal Computing Architectures -- Trends and Attributes" document is aimed at giving readers information on the appropriate times to select a horizontal computing architecture and a vertical computing architecture.

    BlueStar Solutions Finds Success for Chemicals Company
    SAP Outsourcing on Sun Platform

    IT outsourcing services provider BlueStar Solutions maintains a number of industry certifications, including SunTone certification for high availability, in order to demonstrate its service capabilities to customers. Aware of the value of SunTone certification, BlueStar Solutions recently began a recertification audit to retain the SunTone Certified seal for its fully hosted SAP service.

    Choosing a Multitier Computing Environment
    Sun Highlights Solution Variety, Complexity

    Sun believes that offering customers choice and flexibility is the most realistic way to deal with today's consumer needs. A recent Sun Web site article discusses the depth of choice the company tries to present consumers. Specifically looking at the decisions involved with multitier computing environments.

      Overview of Jini Technology Starter Kit v2.0
      New Components in Programming Model and Infrastructure

      Jini Technology Starter Kit v2.0 contains new components to the programming model and infrastructure categories of the architecture. There is an overview to the starter kit available that discusses these new components and how they fit together and fit within the existing Jini technology infrastructure.

      Collaborate Across the Globe with SunForum Software
      Audio and Video Conferencing; Share 3-D Applications

      One of Sun's collaboration tools is SunForum software. This real-time conferencing software uses industry-standard protocols. It can be used for audio and video conferencing and whiteboard sessions, to share applications and transfer files and multimedia information seamlessly among Sun systems, PCs and other computers running standards-based video-conferencing software. There is also a version available for collaborating and sharing of three-dimensional applications.

      Supercomputing Conference 2003
      November 15-21, Phoenix, Arizona

      Supercomputing Conference 2003 (SC2003) will be held from November 15-21, in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference, which has been running for 15 years, aims to highlight the most innovative developments taking place in the high-performance computing and networking sector. Scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and managers all come together to discuss new ideas and industries.

      Sun Tech Days 2003-2004
      Save the Date for this Important Conference

      This year's cycle of Sun Tech Days is about to begin. Every developer will want to attend a session in order to enhance skill levels and absorb information about the latest technology being featured in Sun solutions. The first event is in Seattle during September.

      Sun Net Talk: "Best Practices in Security Architecture: Lessons from the US Department of Defense"
      Thursday, August 14, 9-10 a.m. PT/12-1 p.m. ET

      Sun's vice president of Corporate Software Services, Bill Vass, will discuss the lessons he learned during his years as a CTO and CIO for the Department of Defense (DoD) in a Sun Net Talk on August 14. The online presentation, titled, "Best Practices in Security Architecture: Lessons from the U.S. Department of Defense," will be held from 9-10 a.m.

      Sun Rack 900 Rack Kit and 0.8 Meter FC Cable for Sun StorEdge 6120 Arrays
      Factory or Field Installation

      With the new Sun Rack 900 rack kit, a maximum of ten 3RU trays of Sun StorEdge 6120 arrays can now be installed in the Sun Rack 900. The installation can be a factory or field installation. 0.8 meter LC to LC fibre channel cables are also being introduced with the rack kit.

      Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager Software Version 3.0
      Multipathing, Availability and Data Continuance Applications

      Get load balancing and server-based dynamic path failover with the Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager software. A download is now available for the AIX, HP-UX, HP-UNIX, Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 platforms in English, French, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. The software improves the reliability and availability of business and mission-critical applications by enabling multiple data paths to Sun storage systems and multi-platform operating environments.

      Transition: DLT8000 Drive for Sun StorEdge L180 and L700 Tape Libraries
      Sun StorEdge L7 Tape Autoloader Transitioned

      The DLT8000 drive for the Sun StorEdge L180 and L700 tape libraries is being transitioned off the Sun price list. The last order date is October 17, 2003. The last ship date is January 16, 2004. Sun is also transitioning the Sun StorEdge L7 tape autoloader, Sun StorEdge L7 VERITAS NetBackup and Solstice Backup software bundles, and Sun StorEdge L7 Barcode Reader Option. The last order date is October 17, 2003.

      CoolStuff Program -- Test Emerging Technoloiges
      New Federated Web Site Enlists Developer Help in R & D

      The Sun Developer Network solicits the input of developers by providing them with its CoolStuff program, a Federated site, which gives users access to new technologies not yet released commercially. Interactions with Sun engineers give developers an opportunity to lend their suggestions to the R & D process. There are plans to add mailing lists and forums to the Web site as well.

      Dead Code and Dead Variable Elimination
      Enhancements in the Link-editor in Solaris 9 Operating System 12/02

      The link-editor in the Solaris 9 Operating System (Solaris OS) 12/02 release, contains enhancements that allow it to perform dead code elimination by excluding program data sections which don't contribute to the object being built. These enhancements are included in the linker patches, making them available to earlier releases of the Solaris OS. Andrew Walton provides a how-to for performing dead code and dead variable elimination when creating executables and shared objects.

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