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Executive Review of June 2003
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June 30, 2003,
Volume 65, Issue 1

This section reviews the top articles of the past month, grouped by topic, to recap the most important recent news from Sun and provide a quick glance and resource in one place. The article numbers are hot links to the Web version of each article.

JavaOneSM Conference

James Gosling's keynote talk at the JavaOneSM 2003 Developer Conference showcased how the use of JavaTM technology has grown. Highlights included the Mars Rover from the Jet Propulsion Labs, automation uses such as robots, and a cell phone enabled with Java technology and GPS [10136].

Other keynotes were presented by Graham Hamilton, Sun vice president and Sun Fellow, and Tim Lindholm, chief technology officer of Sun's Consumer Mobile Systems Group; they discussed the upcoming improvements to the Java platforms. Richard L. Green, vice president of Sun Developer Tools and Java (technology) Software, and Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president of the Software Group made announcements concerning new agreements with HP and Dell [10137].

Scott McNealy made the final keynote speech at the conference and praised the Java platform over the .NET platform [10151].

Project Rave 1.0 is a new tool for corporate Java technology development [10139] and [10130].

Sun formed a new Gaming Technologies Group, to be headed by Chris Melissinos [10041].

JavaOne Online offers access to conference content 24 hours a day [10152].


The Sun FireTM 15K server recently reached peak performance on the SPEC OMPL2001 benchmark, placing it at the top of the industry [10237]. The Sun FireTM V240 server and Sun FireTM V880 server recently achieved record-setting performance in benchmark testing conducted by the Winter Corp. [10238] and [10239]. Cindee Mock, director of competitive intelligence at Sun, explains different benchmarks, what they do and do not measure, and how to evaluate results [9942].


Results of marketshare reports from IDC and Gartner Dataquest illustrate Sun's lead in the UNIXR server market:

  • Sun gained UNIX system revenue and unit shipment market share in both the U.S. and APAC (Asia/Pacific except Japan), on a sequential quarter basis, compared with Q402 [10016].

  • Sun has increased its leadership in the RISC/UNIX server segment in the ASEAN and Indian region, gaining 8.1 percentage points in the market segment from last quarter, and 7.4 percentage points in the market segment from the same quarter one year ago (Q1 2002) [10227].

  • For the third straight year, Sun is the leader in unit shipments of non-x86 UNIX servers in Hong Kong [10145].


Sun's N1 marketing strategist Brian Korn explains the workings of the N1 Provisioning Server [10236].

The Sun FireTM B10n Content Load Balancing Blade provides traffic and content management [10060]. Sun's standard Enterprise Installation Services (EIS) are now available for the Sun FireTM B1600 Intelligent Shelf and the Sun FireTM B100s Blade Server [10064].

The Sun FireTM V210 server and Sun FireTM V240 server are now supported in the SunPlexTM environment with SunTM Cluster 3.0 and 3.1 software. [9961].

Get technical details on the Sun FireTM V60x server and Sun FireTM V65x server running on dual Intel Xeon processors [9858]. Intel also made news this month with an agreement to optimize Sun's CLDC HotSpotTM Implementation on Intel's XScale technology-based family of processors for mobile devices [10105]. Get faster 1050 MHz processors on the Sun FireTM V880 servers [10058].

Java Technology

On June 26, 2003, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed U.S. District Court Judge J. Frederick Motz's December 2002 ruling granting Sun Microsystems' preliminary injunction request for copyright infringement in Sun v. Microsoft. However, the Java-Must-Carry preliminary injunction was vacated and remanded [10279].

The new Web site was launched to promote collaboration between developers: [10126] and [10132]. Sun also launched the Web site to showcase consumer uses of Java technology [10147]. The JavaDesktop Web site is a new gathering place for members of the Java technology GUI community [10154]. Also see the white paper on Java technology desktop network components [10157]. A Desktop JavaTM technology Initiative was also launched [10114].

Other Java platform news:

New pricing options are available to companies interested in the Java VerifiedTM trademark program [10048]. Macromedia and Oracle have achieved Java Verified program status under Sun's Java technology Verification Program [10131].


Use of Sun ONE software products continues to increase. The SunTM ONE Application Server 7 software (formerly iPlanetTM Application Server) is being adopted by many top ISVs for Web Services [10091]. (For a Sun BluePrintsTM document on using version 7 to enable collaborative B2B transactions, see [10216].) The SunTM ONE Web Server (formerly the iPlanetTM Web Server) currently leads the Fortune 100, according to an ongoing market analysis by Netcraft [10263].

The latest release from the SunTM ONE Studio for JavaTM product family is SunTM ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition, geared for developers creating n-tier applications and Web Services [10065].

There are new features for the following:

  • SunTM ONE Directory Server 5.2 (formerly the iPlanetTM Directory Server) [10061].

  • SunTM ONE Portal Server 6.1 and SunTM ONE Portal Server, Secure Remote Access 6.1 (These were formerly iPlanetTM products.) [10063].


The Sun StorEdgeTM L8 Tape Autoloader with the LTO Gen 2 SCSI drive provides 30 MB/sec. native throughput [10049].

McData Sphereon 4500 switch provides a competitively priced switch that supports the Sun StorEdgeTM SAN 4.2 release [10078].

Version 4.1 of the Sun StorEdgeTM 9900 Series Dynamic Link Manager (SDLM) software distributes the load across multiple paths and switches to another path if there is a failure in a path in use [10082].


Sun launched the Developer Network Mobility Program to provide members with resources to create, test and verify JavaTM 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2METM) technology-based applications and market them to consumers and enterprises [10112]. Other Sun resources for developers include audiocasts on a variety of subjects such as Web Services [10180].


A quick list of highlights:

  • SunTM Cluster 3.0 software installation [9995]

  • An administration course on the Sun Cluster 3.1 software [10018]

  • SolarisTM Security Toolkit software [9998]

  • Planning and completing a consolidation project [10162]

  • Software integration challenges [9994]

  • Solving portal integration problems with the Sun ONE Portal Server and Microsoft Exchange, 2000 SP3 [9996]

  • RBAC and Secure Shell of the Solaris OS [10164]

  • More on Secure Shell software [9997]

Partner News

In major Linux news from Sun, the SunTM Linux 5.0 platform is being replaced by the new distribution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS, WS and ES, which will ship with new and existing x86 systems from Sun [10054].

Sun and SAP make affordable solutions for small and mid-sized businesses with turnkey configurations of the mySAP solution on Sun servers [10187]. Other SAP announcements from their show include the Customer Excellence Program for customers running SAP solutions on Sun [10190] and the success of a migration project of SAP and Sun technology for Alcatel [10175].

According to a recent VARBusiness article on distributors, converged multiservice networks are showing strong sales. The Sun Wi-Fi System Delivery Architecture from Sun and Bonsai Networks enables carriers to deploy cost-effective and ubiquitous public Wi-Fi access zones that utilize readily available DSL technology [10027]. will use Liberty Alliance specifications to become a trusted identity provider that will build and develop for partners, developer communities and customers [10166].

Sun and Motorola, Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson plan to unify their application testing and certification programs into a single initiative that will help accelerate the availability of applications and services for Java technology-enabled wireless devices [10113].

Vodafone will base a majority of its data services on SunTM Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) software [10115].

ACS and Sun are providing a Web-based HR solution to Motorola that has improved the response time for transactions by 50 percent [10133].

HP intends to ship the latest JavaTM runtime environment (JRE) on several of its business and consumer desktop and notebook PCs by the third quarter of 2003 [10134].

Specialty Sections

Financial Services:

The SunGard and Sun relationship continues to provide real-world solutions for the financial services sector: An STP solution, IMpower, [10186] and the upgrade of the BRUT ECN [9841]. Some case studies of Sun technology uses include Hong Leong Finance of Singapore [10198]; LG Card of Korea [9999]; online banking system,, in South Africa [10000]; and smart cards at the First National Bank of Omaha [10001].


Retailers are looking to the low-cost computing servers and products from Sun and Oracle to give them freedom of choice and business agility they need to stay competitive [10116]. News from the Retail Systems 2003 conference is covered in article [10117] and [10105].


Adopting Sun technology for the plant floor has reduced cycle times and waste for MACK Technologies [10156]. Global Electric Motorcars they upgraded their infrastructure with Sun [9987]. Learn about how Sun's PLM solutions can increase your time to revenue, lower TCO and reduce risk [9748]. The JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) is being used in ERP [10158].


Article [10006] illustrates how Sun ONE software can provide secure access to online, government services. An example of this is the driver's license renewal program available online in Georgia made possible by Sun ONE software [10003]. Other examples are the portal for New Jersey [10004] and the automation of property records in NYC [10007].

Singapore has harnessed the Sun ONE platform to provide some government [10005] and legal services online [10035]. Thailand manages vital statistics on a Sun infrastructure [10034].

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