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16 Jun 2003
Jonathan Schwartz on the Sun Microsystems Software Strategy
Co-evolution with Developers Is the Key

Jonathan Schwartz, executive VP for Software at Sun, recently shared his thoughts on the company's software strategy with Janice J. Heiss and Paul Pangaro. Schwartz was enthusiastic about the benefits for developers that stem from the consolidation of Sun's software R&D, design and development efforts. This has made it possible for Sun and the developer community to "co-evolve," as he put it. In fact, he said, there is a Sun group devoted entirely to the interests of the individual developer.
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17 Jun 2003
Developer Audiocasts Available
Web Services, Web Application Frameworks and More

Several audiocasts are available on topics of interest to developers. The audiocasts focus on interests such as JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology, Web Services performance and the ebXML Business Process Specification Schema (BPSS). Each is available in either a RealPlayer or MP3 format, with accompanying PDF files available as well.
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17 Jun 2003
XFree86 Video Drivers and Porting Kit
For the Solaris Operating System

Two editions of the porting kit for XFree86 Video Drivers for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) are available: The source edition with source code for developers, and the binary edition with binary files from Sun for users. The porting kit expands the number of video devices that work with Solaris OS on x86 platforms.
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