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Alcatel Microelectronics Chooses Sun Products and Services
AME Benefits from Sun Servers, Workstations and SunSpectrum Service Support
June 17, 2003,
Volume 64, Issue 3

Alcatel Microelectronics (AME) recently took advantage of the combined power of Sun and SAP's alliance. By minimizing implementation risks, Sun was able to quickly install the necessary equipment and actually finished the whole migration in only 20 days. Today AME takes advantage of even more Sun solutions and services with even better results.

AME first chose Sun and SAP in 1995. In order for the company to move into bigger markets, it needed to find a way to quickly convert from a product focus to an intellectual property focus, which required a significant increase in research and development costs, as well as an evolution towards a global business model.

AME first installed an SAP module on a Windows platform. Unfortunately, that solution quickly proved it would be unable to grow with AME's needs. As a result, AME migrated to a UNIXR system-based architecture.

"AME's R&D requirements and design complexities are growing at a tremendous rate," said Marc Asselberg, CIO, Alcatel Microelectronics. "Since 1999, we've supported jobs requiring everything from 1 CPU up to 12 GBs of memory, with 24-hour consecutive run-time requirements. We selected Sun because their SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS) architecture provided the scalability, expandability and cost-effective solution we needed to drive for new business opportunities."

AME was able to benefit from Sun's support of the Oracle database environment and Web-based applications developed on Silverstream and JavaTM technologies. AME currently supports 30 Sun servers and 350 workstations at 15 different R&D sites of five people. The system has substantially improved AME's total cost of ownership as well as availability.

"When I look at the dramatic increase of Sun systems at AME, I'm amazed at the limited amount of support staff required," says Asselberg. "However, these systems are so reliable that the support we receive from Sun, combined with our own excellent internal competencies, enables us to completely fulfill our support requirements."

Sun also assists AME through the SunSpectrumSM support agreement, which gives AME access to the Sun Online Service Center for 24x7 service availability. The Information Systems (IS) team utilizes the OSC to obtain information from the SunSolve" knowledge database including, patches, documentation, free software, and updates.

Asselberg continues, "Over the last two years, AME has become the world-class leader in ADSL-chipsets and has strengthened its mixed-signal competencies. To support this tremendous growth, we needed the capability to support a complex supply chain that allowed for automation of information exchanged with suppliers and customers, and was based on an architecture that could scale quickly in a heterogeneous environment."

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