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"Getting Started with Sun ONE"
Sun Technical Specialist Stacy Thurston Writes a "How to" Guide
June 16, 2003,
Volume 64, Issue 3

Sun Microsystems calls "Getting Started with Sun ONE," the new book by Stacy Thurston, a "...step-by-step guide to delivering high-value solutions based on SunTM Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) technologies." Thurston brings his extensive experience as a Sun technical specialist to the task of shedding new light on the best practices for "...planning, designing, configuring, integrating, and implementing Sun ONE Internet infrastructures."

Thurston covers the Web server, the directory server and the application server, providing illustrations and example configurations to convey his points. He includes practical exercises as well that are designed to familiarize the reader with server configurations.

The intended audience for this book is the computer administrator and developer charged with setting up and configuring prototypes, proof of concept and production systems. Business and systems analysts and project managers alike will also find helpful details on sample designs and applications that work on the Internet and on which tools to choose in setting up a Web site infrastructure.

Thurston devotes several chapters to aspects of using the SunTM ONE Directory Server (formerly iPlanetTM Directory Server). These cover working with the directory data and the directory schema, along with instructions for installing and configuring servers that are useful to administrators and developers.

The chapters on the SunTM ONE Application Server (formerly iPlanetTM Application Server) are written to enable readers to begin creating Web applications in minutes after the server is installed. Thurston provides complete details -- software and instructions -- for building a Web site in HTML and then creating an application with JavaTM technology servlets, JavaServer PagesTM (JSPTM) and CGI programs. Similarly, over the course of several chapters, he provides cumulative details on the use of a directory database that include maintaining members in the directory and providing security provisions to restrict access.

The DVD that comes with the book contains the Sun ONE Developer Kit that includes the SunTM ONE Web Server (formerly iPlanetTM Web Server), the Sun ONE Directory Server 5.0, the Sun ONE Application Server 7.0 and the SunTM ONE Studio 4 developer tools (formerly ForteTM for JavaTM).

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