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16 Jun 2003
New Singapore Shares Web Site Based on Public eServices Infrastructure
Ecquaria Develops Services-on-Demand Site in Matter of Weeks

The Public eServices Infrastructure (PSi) -- a Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) architecture implementation -- is at the heart of the New Singapore Shares (NSS) Web site developed and deployed for the government of Singapore by Ecquaria, an iForce Solutions partner. The NSS Web site enables Singaporeans to learn online how many shares they are entitled to and to apply for their equivalent in cash.
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16 Jun 2003
Thai Interior Ministry Adopts Sun IT Infrastructure
Sun Open Net Environment Delivers Services-on-demand Countrywide

The Thai Ministry of Interior, responsible for administering the vital statistics information for a country of 62 million, recently implemented a Sun IT infrastructure to manage that task. The Central Population Registration (CPR) initiative centralizes the data collected by provincial, municipal and district offices in a single centralized repository that is accessible by numerous governmental agencies and departments.
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16 Jun 2003
Singapore's LawNet Migrates to Sun Solutions
Web Portal Gives Legal Community Online, Paperless Resources

LawNet is a one-stop portal for the legal profession in Singapore that covers the full range of services lawyers typically provide, ranging from due diligence on real estate matters to multi-million dollar litigations. Originally developed in a Perl/CGI environment, LawNet has migrated to Sun solutions because CrimsonLogic, the application service provider, determined that Sun best met the stability, performance, cost and customer service requirements of the system.
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