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Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition Released
Latest Development Environment for Sun Open Net Environment Stack
June 9, 2003,
Volume 64, Issue 2

SunTM ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition, the latest release from the Sun ONE Studio for JavaTM product family, is aimed at the development environment for the SunTM Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) product stack, specifically the SunTM ONE Application Server (formerly iPlanetTM Application Server) and for developers creating n-tier applications and Web Services.

With the release of Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition, all versions of the SunTM ONE Studio, Community Edition are no longer available, and no future versions are planned.

Built on the features and functionality of previous versions of SunTM ONE Studio, Enterprise Edition, (formerly ForteTM for JavaTM, Enterprise Edition), this new release focuses on tighter integration with Sun ONE Application Server 7.0.

Users should be aware that Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition will not directly support fastjavac, CORBA, RMI or Java Naming and Directory InterfaceTM (JNDI) API. Straight Javac is recommended as the alternative for fastjavac. The remaining technologies are freely available on the companion CD and from the Update Center as value-add optional modules.

Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition is intended for larger teams of developers working in a development environment that supports developing for the JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) architecture from design to deployment. Sun ONE Studio software provides excellent support as well for Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJBTM) architecture development and integrated deployment to the Sun ONE Application Server 7, with continued support for the BEA WebLogic Application Server and for development against any J2EE platform-compatible server. Because it is modular and integratable, it supports add-on modules for additional application server support, UML modeling tools, refactoring tools, and many others.

Other new features include:

  • Complete JavaTM API for XML-based RPC (JAX-RPC) support, including: handlers, attachments, stateful sessions and security
  • Improved test client support (based on generated taglib)
  • Improved wireless integration for kSOAP enabled devices
  • Integrated Support Interface Module, to enable effective and efficient problem reporting and resolution

The NetBeansTM software IDE is available at no cost from the URL below. It provides a low-cost development environment that supports a wide variety of standards, including the JavaServer PagesTM (JSPTM) and Servlets specifications in the J2EE platform architecture. The NetBeans IDE supports these developers by giving them, free of charge, a base integratable development environment that has a strong community of support and a large number of low-cost add-on modules for added functionality.

A free 60-day trial of Sun Studio 5, Standard Edition is available for Solaris 8 OS and 9 OS (SPARCR Platform Edition), Red Hat Linux 7.2, Windows 2000, and XP Professional platforms:

For more details on Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition, see:

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