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Sun Services Commits to Larger Market Share for Channel Partners
Four Pilot Programs Aim to Quantify Hardware Capacity

Writing for CRN, Elizabeth Montalbano reported on a new series of utility computing service pilot programs being launched by Sun Services in an effort to foster a more amicable relationship with its solutions providers. Engineers are studying the runtime attributes of the Sun Web site to assess the blade servers which the site is housed on.

    Know Your Benchmarks
    Selecting and Sizing IT Systems

    Cindee Mock, director of competitive intelligence at Sun, has some good advice for IT managers who are in the market for new or upgraded infrastructure. Benchmarks, she suggests, especially vendor benchmarks, often tell you what you want to hear but not necessarily the whole story. Other factors are every bit as telling as benchmarks, she says. These include real-world performance, availability, upgradability and application choice.

    Concept-based Information Retrieval Under Development
    Sun Labs Addresses the "Paraphrase Problem"

    Sun Labs is at work on the Conceptual Indexing Project, an effort to provide Internet users with a search tool with more subtlety than the standard keyword approach that counts the words in a query and matches them against those words in a document.

    Java Technology
    The Web Site: A Place for Collaboration
    Origin of the Site, Vision, Goals and Features

    Sun's new site for developers of Java technology,, has been formed as a central meeting place for developers and Java technology enthusiasts to collaborate on projects, share ideas, and create the next "big thing." There are links for communities such as NetBeans software, Jini technology, Project JXTA, and games, desktop and patterns for Java technology.

    New Pricing Options for Trademark of the Java Verified Program
    Enterprises Can Reference Their Own Tested Application as Approved by the Java Verified Program

    Sun is offering new pricing options for its Java Verified program Trademark, which provides a key market differentiator for developers who have Java Verified applications. Customers who purchase the Java Application Verification Kit for the Enterprise (Java AVK Enterprise) and the Java Verified Trademark License can test applications to provide support to Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) compatible application servers.

    New Features for Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.2
    Bug Fixes, Performance Enhancements and More

    The Java technology Web site describes the Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) 1.2 as an integrated toolkit that allows Java programming language developers to build, test and deploy XML applications, Web Services and Web applications with the latest Web Services technologies and standards implementation.

    "CDC: An Application Framework for Personal Mobile Devices"
    Sun White Paper Examines CDC's Problem Domain, Features and Capabilities

    The Java technology white paper, "CDC: An Application Framework for Personal Mobile Devices," examines how the Connected Device Configuration (CDC) rises to meet the current challenges for software developers to quickly create mobile applications for a variety of different kinds of personal mobile devices.

    JavaServer Faces Technology
    A Structured Programming Model to Easily Build Applications

    JavaServer Faces technology is used to easily create user interfaces for JavaServer product family applications. By providing a structured programming model, developers can quickly and easily build Web applications. The technology allows users to: assemble reusable UI components in a page, connect the components to an application data source and wire client-generated events to server-side event handlers.

    Free and Open Source S/W
    OpenBSD 3.3 New Features
    Improvements to the pthread Library

    Some of the new features and systems included in OpenBSD 3.3 are integration of the ProPolice stack protection technology into the system compiler, reduction in setuid and setgid binaries, and a more complete collection and better tested set of "ports."

    Open Source Study by Statskontoret, Swedish Agency for Public Management
    Evaluation, Case Studies, Recommendations

    A feasibility study by the Swedish Agency for Public Management (Statskontoret) on free and open source software evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of open source; provides examples of successful open software products; examines the support, security, financial and legal aspects open source software use; and describes the current IT situation within public administration in Sweden.

    New Open Source Reference Book Calling for Entries
    Software, Conferences and Other Resources

    The Center of Open Source and Government announces that it will publish "The Open Source Reference Book 2003." The Center is accepting submissions to create a resource list of open source software Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) and to summarize important government and corporate open source policy statements made during the year. The book will also highlight important open source conferences and provide an Open Source Year in Review section, cataloging open source milestones.

    Unified Testing and Certification Initiative
    From Sun, Motorola, Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson

    Sun and Motorola, Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson plan to unify their application testing and certification programs into a single initiative that will help accelerate the availability of applications and services for Java technology-enabled wireless devices. Sun will provide a Java technology logo under license for applications that have passed certification testing.

    Vodafone To Base its Data Services on Sun Open Net Environment
    Streamlining its Global Software Strategy

    Vodafone will use Sun middleware software, including the Sun ONE Application Server and Sun ONE Directory Server (both were formerly iPlanet products) for a worldwide deployment to streamline its global software strategy. Vodafone will base a majority of its data services on Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) software.

    Real-time HR Solution from ACS and Sun for Motorola
    Improves Response Time by 50 Percent

    ACS and Sun are providing a Web-based HR solution to Motorola that has improved the response time for transactions by 50 percent. The solution is called Enet, Employee Self-Service Network, and it is based on the Sun ONE Application Server (formerly iPlanet Application Server). Enet enables employees and supervisors to update information in real time.

    HP to Distribute Products with Java Technology Support
    Dell, Apple and Others to Ship the Latest Java Runtime Environment

    HP has joined an industry group that will ship Sun's current compatible Java technology on their products, allowing consumers and enterprise users to have immediate access to Java desktop applications. The move demonstrates the growing support for Java technology on the desktop, and underscores developer commitment to the Java platform.

    Sun Distributes Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    Third-party Solution will Replace Sun Linux 5.0 Platform

    Sun Linux 5.0 platform is being replaced by the new distribution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS, WS and ES, which will now ship with new and existing x86 systems from Sun. Sun will also provide support, training and professional services for these products.

    Sun Debuts the Sun Streaming Server 2.1
    High-performance Streaming Over IP-based Networks

    Sun has debuted the Sun Streaming Server 2.1, designed to be a high-performance, open-standards compliant and industrial-strength streaming services platform. The Sun Streaming Server supports MPEG-4, QuickTime and 3GPP's file formats, and streams Live and Video-on-Demand multimedia over IPv4 and IPv6 networks, as well as through firewalls.

    Introducing the Sun Management Center Change Manager 1.0.1
    Increase System Administrator Efficiency and Productivity

    Sun is releasing the Sun Management Center Change Manager 1.0.1 software. The solution aims to provide a quick and simple way to install, configure, upgrade, provision and audit the integrated software application payloads running on a Sun-based system. It also allows enterprises to facilitate the provisioning of Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) software stacks.

    New Sun Management Center 3.5 Software
    With New Enhancements to Help Increase Service Levels and Decrease Administrative Costs

    The new Sun Management Center 3.5 software aims to make it easier to install, deploy and use Sun Management Center software to manage the Sun systems in the enterprise. The software is designed with new enhancements that should help increase service levels and decrease administrative costs in enterprise computing environments.

    Management Briefing Seminars
    August 4-8, Traverse City, Michigan

    The 38th annual Management Briefing Seminars (MBS) will offer sessions for automotive manufacturers, suppliers, the UAW and the media. Participants include the Center for Automotive Research, the University of Michigan's Center for Professional Development and the Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation.

      Going Mobile: Extending the Enterprise -- Securely and Effectively
      Sun Net Talk in Two Parts: June 18-19

      The upcoming Sun Net Talk on June 18 and 19, 2003, will be held in two parts. The first part is titled "Going Mobile: Extending the Enterprise -- Securely and Effectively," and part two is a Sun Inner Circle chat. Discussions will focus on mobility solutions and Java technology-powered solutions from Sun and its partners.

      Sun Fire V60x Server and Sun Fire V65x Server: Intel Xeon Processors
      Technical Details

      The Sun Fire V60x server and Sun Fire V65x server are Sun's next-generation, x86-based, entry-level servers. These second-generation servers contain 1 or 2, 2.8 GHz or 3.06 GHz Intel Xeon processors (note: the 3.06 GHz processor is available only for the Sun Fire V65x server), and support up to 6 hard disks and 12 GB of memory (Sun Fire V65x server) or 3 hard disks and 6 GB of memory (Sun Fire V60x server).

      Promotion: Sun Ray Server Appliance Building Block Bundle
      Fifteen Server Appliances, 20 Smart Cards and Software Media Kit

      The "Sun Ray (server appliance) Building Blocks" promotion bundles the Sun Fire V210 server, fifteen (15) Sun Ray 1 server appliances or Sun Ray 150 thin clients, 20 smart cards and Sun Ray Server Software 2.0 media kit. Also included are sizing guidelines with configuration information and the third-party software trial version of secure, remote access application broker software from Tarantella. This promotion will run until December 31, 2003.

      Get Increased Price/Performance with Sun Fire V880 Servers at 1050 MHz
      Support More Complex Applications

      Sun Fire V880 servers are being offered with 1050 MHz processors, increasing the price/performance advantage of these systems. With faster processors, these servers are capable of supporting more complex applications and larger user communities. Customers can also receive trade-in value towards the purchase of a new 1050 MHz CPU/Memory board by trading in their 750 MHz or 900 MHz CPU/Memory board.

      Sun Expands Sun StorEdge L8 Platform Autoloader Tape Drive Line
      More Capacity, Faster Throughput Now Available

      Release of the Sun StorEdge L8 Tape Autoloader with the LTO Gen 2 SCSI drive augments the Sun StorEdge L8 autoloader platform product family, increasing overall capacity to 1.6 TB native and providing 30 MB/sec. native throughput.

      McData Sphereon 4500 Fibre Channel Switch Added to Sun Price List
      Device Centralizes Enterprise-wide Management of SANs

      Sun has just price listed the McData Sphereon 4500 switch, which supports the Sun StorEdge SAN 4.2 release and provides a price-competitive edge switch to complement Sun's growing portfolio of fibre channel switch products. Occupying only 1U of rack space, the McData Sphereon 4500 switch provides a very high port density.

      Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Dynamic Link Manager Software for Solaris Operating System Version 4.1
      Automates Path Failover, Failback and Health Checking Operations

      With the announcement of Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Dynamic Link Manager (SDLM) Software for Solaris Version 4.1, Sun is transitioning its predecessor releases, SDLM for Solaris OS versions 3.0, 3.2 and 4.0, from the price list.

      Hardware Compatibility Lists for Solaris Operating System (x86 Platform Edition)
      New Web Site

      The BigAdmin Web site offers a new Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCL) section. It provides compatibility information on resources for Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition). The site provides a way to submit a component or system, HCL tier definitions and HCL lists for Solaris 8 OS and Solaris 9 OS.

      Solving Portal Integration Problems: Sun ONE Portal Server and Microsoft Exchange
      Cookbook-style Sun BluePrints Document

      Portal administrators and Sun Professional Services personnel are working to solve portal server integration problems with Microsoft Exchange, 2000 SP3, and the Sun ONE Portal Server software, versions 3 and 6, (formerly iPlanet Portal Server). The author of the Sun BluePrints document, Rob Baker of the Sun ONE Portal Server Group, outlines the integration requirements and best practices of advanced rewriting techniques and content pitfalls.

      Architecture Workshop for Web Services
      Assess Your Readiness to Deploy Web Services

      To help customers understand what Web Services can do for their business, Sun Services is offering the Architecture Workshop for Web Services, a two-day service to create a plan to implement Web Services. The workshop goals include reviewing the current state of your Web Services infrastructure and identifying technology options.

      Sun Cluster 3.1 Systems Administration Course
      Configuration and System Operation

      The Sun Cluster 3.1 software administration course covers the essential information and skills needed to install and administer Sun Cluster 3.1 software systems. Topics in the course include an introduction to the Sun Cluster product features, hardware configuration and software installation, data service configuration and system operation.

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