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Executive Review of May 2003
Top News Stories from the Past Month
June 2, 2003,
Volume 64, Issue 1

This section reviews the top articles of the past month, grouped by topic, to recap the most important recent news from Sun and provide a quick glance and resource in one place. The article numbers are hot links to the Web version of each article.

Low-cost Computing

Sun FireTM v60x servers and Sun FireTM v65x servers are the natural progression from the SunTM LX50 1U Pentium III based server. They support larger memory space, SCSI Ultra320, Integrated Gigabit Ethernet, enhanced management features and have up to two 2.8/3.06 GHz Xeon processors. The systems will be configured with SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition) or Red Hat Linux and will be competitively priced with comparable products from other vendors. See articles [9923] and [9911] on the servers and [9913] on Sun and Red Hat [9913].

Also part of Sun's low-cost computing announcement is the expanding relationship between Sun and Oracle [9914]. Support of the low-cost computing strategy is evidenced by the over 10000 applications from more than 600 ISVs currently available on SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition); see [9912].

To offer even better price performance, the workgroup servers Sun FireTM V480 and Sun FireTM V880 servers are being repriced [9859].


Also available at lower list price are certain Sun Fire servers configured with 1.05 GHz and 1.2 GHz Uniboards [9857].

See the value Sun's Enterprise Installation Services (EIS) can bring to you to help with your new system set up [9771].

Savings are also available on the Sun Fire v1280 server [9881].


The N1 Data Platform is the first Network Storage offering to roll out of Sun's N1 architecture roadmap as part of Sun's goal to deliver complete storage solutions designed to simplify management, increase utilization and lower TCO [9883].

Storage services from Sun include the SunSM Storage Migration Service [9963] and the Sun StorEdgeSM Remote Response service [9885].

Consolidate and trade-in Sun StorEdgeTM T3 arrays, Sun StorEdgeTM A3500 series systems, Sun StorEdgeTM A5000 series systems and receive up to a 35 percent trade-in value towards specific Sun StorEdgeTM 6120 or Sun StorEdgeTM 6320 system configurations [9953]. For another trade-in opportunity, see article [9816].

Evaluate the features and benefits of the Sun StorEdgeTM Enterprise Backup software in [9884] and the Sun StorEdgeTM Enterprise Storage Manager software in [9887].

Java CardTM Technology and JiniTM Technology

To lower the cost for licensees of Java CardTM technology to complete security evaluations under Common Criteria, Sun is offering the Java Card System Protection Profile [9843]. Version 2.2 contains enhancements that facilitate design and deployment; see [9895]. To see how the technology is being used increasingly by the Canadian government, see article number [9877].

JiniTM technology is being applied within a JavaTM technology Web Service framework for a travel agency organization [9798]. A reflection of the growing use of Jini technology is the standard ServiceUI API approved by the Jini CommunitySM program [9844]. Security in Jini technology continues to improve with work from the Davis project [9902].

JavaOneSM Conference

For an overview of the conference see [9880] and [9720]. For conference speakers and experts who will be present, see article number [9731]. For some enterprise developers' destinations, see [9879]. See what's offered by the Java UniversitySM program [9891].

Other articles on the many events include: Hands-on-Labs [9889]; Web Services sessions [9729] and [9931]; Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions [9757] and [9832] [9932], [9806]. For the Java coding challenge at the conference see article [9937].

Specialty Sections

Education: Universities can take advantage of a business continuity solution promotion from Sun [9750]. Universities that have chosen Sun technology include University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, [9792] using Sun solutions for its mission-critical financial and student record systems. Philadelphia University chose a centralized server environment using Sun servers and Sun RayTM appliance thin client interconnections [9811]. Sun storage systems are now in place in the University of Amsterdam [9751]. Java3DTM technology enables an immersive graphics-based research environment at the University of Calgary [9842].

Retail: See how the SunTM Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) can improve profit margins and more [9893]. Scan brief highlights of Sun technology at work for retailers such as The Home Depot and Sportsman's Warehouse [9894].

Financial Services: Many banks are using Sun for mainframe rehosting [9826], and the Chicago Board of Trade is using Sun infrastructure and services [9634]. Sun Ray appliances are making inroads in the retail banking space [9698].

Manufacturing: For a quick look at Sun's solutions for this industry, see [9753].

FOSS: For a report on how open source is being used across many industries, see [9840].

Other news topics still worthy of attention:

An installation guide for SunTM Cluster 3.0 software [9804].

Security tools from CERT for detecting intruders [9762] and tools to secure a system [9763].

Scott McNealy commented on Sun's Linux strategy in article [9818].

Sun has a hit a milestone with the 1,000th mainframe rehosting customer installation at Europ Assistance Group. [9906].

To help you evaluate new technologies in the workplace, see the Reference Architectures from Sun and TeamQuest [9791].

UltraSPARCR processors still provide value [9706].

End-of-software support in the Solaris OS [9797].

Grid computing examples [9805].

Changes forthcoming for the Trusted SolarisTM system [9853].

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