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SunRAMP Consolidates 100 Servers, 60 Oracle ERP Applications
Sun Cuts Global IT Costs by Several Millions

SunRAMP is a recently completed, global consolidation project undertaken by Sun. The project resulted in the consolidation of more than 100 servers dispersed across 55 countries and 60 Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications down to a single server running a single instance of Oracle applications.

TradingSports Launches Online Sports Betting Exchange
Oracle, Sun and Verio Power World's First P2P Site

Calling on the services of Oracle, Sun Microsystems and Verio, TradingSports created the world's first person-to-person (P2P) sports betting exchange that allows gamblers worldwide to place bets with one another online through either local bookmakers or sports Web sites.

System Consolidation with Sun Solutions
Companies Lower TCO, Improve Performance

A number of companies worldwide have found the solution to lowering IT infrastructure TCO and improving performance in system consolidation with Sun solutions.

Java Technology
"J2SE 1.4.2: Bug Fixes and Upgrades"
Article Outlines Some of the Changes Available in the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.4.2

A recent article on the Java technology Web site, written by John Zukowski, outlines some of the changes available in the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4.2 release. While one significant change is the inclusion of the Windows Installer, arguably the most important change is the addition of over 2,700 bug fixes.

Problem Diagnosis with java.util.logging
Logging Information on Security Failures, Configuration Errors, Performance Bottlenecks and Bugs

Java Logging APIs, introduced in package java.util.logging, produce log reports suitable for analysis by end users, system administrators, field service engineers and software development teams. The main goal of the logging APIs is to support maintaining and servicing software at customer sites.

Web Services Course for Java Technology Programmers
Work with Web Services From Java Technology Components

A Web Services for Java Technology Programmers course is available to teach students how to develop new Web services from from existing Java technology components, expose legacy applications as Web Services or work with a combination of both new and legacy components.

Siemens Mobile Acceleration and Sun Startup Program
Developer Startup Initiative Offers Pre-Market Companies Capital, R&D, Business Expertise

Sun and Siemens Mobile Acceleration (smac) share a common "Developer Startup Initiative." Together the companies foster wireless application startups who have yet to enter the market. By offering these companies capital, consultant coaching and access to Research and Development facilities, the initiative is able to accelerate startups' time to market entrance.

Enhancements to Sun Cluster 3.1 Software for SunPlex Systems
New HA Agents, Upgrade Features

Sun Cluster 3.1 software introduces new features and new SunPlex system HA agents (such as Samba, BEA and others). Sun Cluster 3.1 software is the key to building highly available SunPlex systems. New features include a versioning framework to enable rolling upgrades, support for the Solaris 8 Operating System (Solaris OS) and Solaris 9 OS and for Solaris IP Multipathing (IPMP).

Proposal on the Java Specification Request 160: Add Host Class
Standardize Jini Technology Entries

Sun is proposing to standardize three Jini (technology) entries under the Jini Community Decision Process (JDP) in order to match the "Lookup Attributes" that have been defined for the other two infrastructures (SLP and LDAP directory). The Jini technology community proposes adding a Host Class.

EEMA 2003 - EEMA's 16th Annual Conference for e-Europe
June 16-18, Prague, Czech Republic

EEMA is the leading European professional association in the electronic marketplace. EEMA hosts conferences to promote the use and advance of electronic commerce and business communications. EEMA's 16th Annual Conference will be in Prague, the Czech Republic, on June 17-18, 2003, with a focus on Web Services. Mark Hapner, Chief Web Services Strategist, Sun, will discuss Sun and Java technology in Web Services and participate in a debate on the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) versus .NET.

New Sun ONE Identity Management User Group
July 8, 2003

The new Sun ONE Identity Management User Group will hold its first meeting Tuesday, July 8, 2003, in San Francisco. The group is open to customers of Sun ONE Directory Server and Sun ONE Identity Server (formerly known as iPlanet Directory Server and iPlanet Directory Server: Access Management Edition, respectively).

Catalyst Conference North America 2003
July 9-11, San Francisco

The Catalyst Conference is an annual three-day event that offers two tracks: One on Directory and Security Strategies and another on Network and Telecom Strategies. The conference brings together vendors, end users and analysts/consultants for an end-user-driven agenda with high-profile speakers from the Burton Group and companies such as Cisco, Critical Path and IBM Tivoli. Sun will demonstrate its network and telecom products.

Executive Retreat on Building an Agile Enterprise
June 30 - July 1, San Francisco

Delphi's Executive Retreat on Building an Agile Enterprise will be held June 30 and July 1, in San Francisco. The event aims to bring together some of the top industry minds to focus on building enterprise agility in business and IT architecture, with an emphasis on reducing total cost of ownership for IT.

World Economic Forum Extraordinary Annual Meeting
June 21-23, Amman, Jordan

The World Economic Forum will hold an Extraordinary Annual Meeting in Jordan from June 21-23. Focusing on the theme of "Visions for a Shared Future," the conference will bring together more than 1,000 business, political, religious, academic and other leaders to discuss issues like transatlantic relations, the future of the Middle East and the improvement of global economic performance.

    Black Hat USA 2003 Briefings and Training
    July 28-29, Las Vegas, Nevada

    This year's Black Hat USA Briefings and Training conference will be held July 28-29, in Las Vegas. The event assembles a group of security professionals to candidly discuss the security problems facing organizations with large networks and mixed operating systems, as well as solutions to these problems.

    Solaris 9 Operating System 4/03 (Solaris OS) Documentation
    New Features in Solaris 9 Operating System Release 4/03

    As part of Sun's documentation of its Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), "What's New in the Solaris 9 4/03 Operating Environment" summarizes the new features of the Solaris 9 9/02 OS Update release, the Solaris 9 12/02 OS Update release and the Solaris 9 4/03 Update release.

    "An Architecture for Creating and Managing Integrated Software Stacks"
    Scalability, Rapid Deployment

    In the Sun BluePrints article, "An Architecture for Creating and Managing Integrated Software Stacks," author John S. Howard, Sun Engineering, discusses the challenging and time-consuming tasks data center managers face when creating and managing complex, integrated system software stacks. The document also provides an architecture for software stack creation and management.

    "Sun Cluster 3.0 Series: Guide to Installation -- Part 2"
    How to Properly Install the Cluster Software onto Each Node, then Configure the Disks

    The Sun BluePrints article, "Sun Cluster 3.0 Series: Guide to Installation -- Part 2," reviews the Sun Cluster 3.0 concepts and components important to the successful installation and construction of a cluster. The documentation outlines how to properly install the cluster software onto each node, then configure the disks.

    "Integrating the Secure Shell Software"
    Sun BluePrints Article Focuses on Scripting Secure Shell, Proxies, RBAC, More

    The new Sun BluePrints article "Integrating the Secure Shell Software," is actually the fifth chapter of Jason Reid's book, "Secure Shell in the Enterprise." The document discusses integrating Secure Shell into various environments, including replacing rsh(1) with ssh(1) in scripts, using proxies to bridge disparate networks, limiting privileges with RBAC and protecting legacy TCP-based applications.

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